Suddenlink2GO Questions & Answers


Following are answers to some anticipated questions about Suddenlink2GOTM

1. You say Suddenlink2GO content can be viewed on “any computer.” What about smartphones and the iPad?

    Currently, HBO GO content is available on the iPad, iPhone, and select Android phones. We are working to make additional content available on such devices and will update customers when those steps are completed.

2. You say Suddenlink2GO requires a high-speed Internet connection. Is there a minimum recommended download speed?

    A download speed of up to 3 megabits per second (Mbps) is recommeneded as a minimum. Faster download speeds (e.g., up to 10 Mbps) should produce better results.

3. How do I adjust the parental control settings?

    Go to and log in with your username and password. Select “My Account,” which can be found near the upper right corner or under “Tools” (to the left). Next to the account holder’s name, click on “Edit Profile,” then choose your rating preferences and click “Submit.”

4. Not all of my favorite shows are available. What’s up?

    We make available all the content that is made available to us and are actively working with our current suppliers and others to increase the quantity and diversity of that content.

5. What’s the difference between a “clip” and an “episode”?

    An episode is a full-length TV show. A clip is a shorter (typically one- to two-minute) segment. Some customers sample clips to hear commentary by the stars of a TV show or movie about their roles or to get an idea of what type of content a particular show or movie offers. Note that — in addition to the “clip” and “episode” designations — the length of a video is often indicated. Numbers separated by a colon indicate minutes and seconds (e.g., 1:41 means one minute, 41 seconds), whereas words are used for longer, full-episode or full-length moview content (e.g., 44 minutes, 109 minutes, etc.)

6. Why is some content only available for a limited period?

    In some though not all cases, content is available for a designated period of time (e.g., “Available until 7/3/11″). These time limits are not determined by Suddenlink but by the producers/owners of the show, movie, or network; they frequently refresh their content, rotating various movies and TV episodes in and out of their lineups.

7. Generally, the movies seem to be only available through HBO or Cinemax, but I don’t subscribe to those networks. What can I do?

    Our contract with HBO requires that viewers of HBO and Cinemax on Suddenlink2GO also subscribe to these premium networks as part of their cable TV service. Please contact us at 877-694-9474, if you wish to upgrade your services.

8. To view the Turner content (TNT, etc.), you say I have to subscribe to the corresponding Suddenlink TV services that feature this programming. What does that mean?

    Much like our contract with HBO, our contract with Turner requires that Suddenlink customers who want to watch content from Turner networks on Suddenlink2GO must also subscribe to those networks as part of their cable TV service. In most areas, the Turner networks on Suddenlink2GO are also carried on Suddenlink’s Expanded Basic level of TV service, to which the majority of our customers already subscribe. Customers who don’t have Expanded Basic are those who subscribe to only Basic or Limited Basic TV service. Please contact us at 877-694-9474, if you wish to upgrade your services.