Vote Now for ‘Sharknado’ Character’s Fate


After a third installment of the “Sharknado” franchise took social media by storm this month, Syfy announced viewers will have a say in the next film. Fans can vote now if Tara Reid, who plays April Shepard, will return.

Voting takes place on Twitter. To participate, send a tweet with #AprilLives or #AprilDies, to determine the character’s fate.

Like its predecessors, “Sharknado 4” is slated for a July premiere. Ian Ziering has already agreed to reprise his role as Fin.

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For Many, Social Media is a Primary News Source


Recent findings from The Pew Research Center indicate that people are turning to social media for more than connecting with friends. According to an article from Fast Company, “63% of users consider Facebook and Twitter a source of news.”

The research center surveyed 2,035 adults age 18 and above for the report. Resulting data shows people across all demographic groups now use social media to stay updated on current events, in addition to more traditional news sources.

The full report is available online.

Tweeters Move the Nielsen Needle

According to a recent Washington Post article, the tweet-while-you-watch-TV craze is making a small but measurable impact on Nielsen ratings. Competitive reality shows appear to benefit most from Twitter chatter, followed (in order) by comedies, sporting events, and dramas.

Live Tweet Planned for ‘Major Crimes’ Tonight

Creator-writer-executive producer James Duff and several cast members from the TNT series “Major Crimes” will be tweeting during tonight’s episode (8 p.m. CT). Fans will be able to ask questions and engage with the cast members about the episode and the series. To join in, use #Majorcrimes.  Watch for these Twitter handles: @KearranGiovanni; @therealtonydenison; @grahampmartin; @nadinevelazquez; @phillipkeene; @jonathandelarco; @JamesADuff.

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Teens are Turning to Twitter, Tumblr

As more adults take to Facebook, their teenagers are less inclined to hang out on the world’s most popular social network.  Instead, the younger crowd is taking to sites like Twitter and Tumblr, where fewer parents have ventured and using real names is optional. The Los Angeles Times takes a look at this and other teen social networking trends.

Facebook Challenges Twitter


Facebook may have decided to be more like Twitter

… Several [Facebook] users were notified yesterday that they were being given access to the project site as testers for a new concept that was basically a slimmed down version of Facebook that had its focus on friend updates — kind of like the tweets on a Twitter profile page.

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