TV-related Injuries Up, Tips to Prevent

According to a report published in the journal Pediatrics, between 1990 and 2011 injuries attributed to falling televisions increased by 95% in the United States.

Possible causes the researchers cited included the increase of TV ownership, the popularity of new flat panel styles, which tip more easily than heavier CRT displays, and placing televisions on unstable furniture.

Steps to minimize the risk of such injuries include anchoring or wall-mounting TVs, and avoiding the top of the television as a storage spot for remote controls, toys or items that might entice a child to climb.

In earthquake-prone regions, consider securing TVs, even in kid-free areas.

Childproof Your Home Theater

An article in USA Today reminds parents and caregivers that thousands of children are treated annually for injuries related to television and furniture tip-overs.

 “They also like to stick food into Blu-ray player drawers and haphazardly press buttons,” says the article’s author Suzanne Kantra. She offers some basic measures to safeguard your children and your home theater gear.