Poll: Rate ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

In her review of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” USA Today critic Claudia Puig wrote, “It’s not strictly a reboot or even a prequel to the first Spider-Man, out in 2002. This version adds illuminating plot points, improving on what has gone before.”

Rotten Tomatoes audience reviewers gave the movie four out of five stars.

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Spidey Has Been Spinning Webs Since ’62

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Spider-Man character. To mark the milestone, USA Today detailed 10 ways Spidey has amazed the world over the last 50 years.

See how the adventure continues with “The Amazing Spider-Man,” which comes to Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) this Friday.

More ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Facts

Last week we shared some fun facts about Andrew Garfield’s physical preparation for his starring role in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” which debuts on Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD)this Friday, Nov. 9.Below is a little more trivia from the 25 Fun Facts About “The Amazing Spider-Man” article; specifically about Spidey’s costume design:

Costume designer Kym Barrett collaborated with director Marc Webb to realize his vision for Spider-Man’s suit to reflect a more lean and athletic, less muscular silhouette. For inspiration, Barrett imagined what would happen if a spider web was being blown by the wind and wrapped itself around the body …

In all, 56 Spider-Man suits were created for the film, including 17 suits for Garfield and multiples for each stunt person. The suits varied from pristine condition to various stages of distress, as dictated by the story.

In the video above, Garfield and co-star Emma Stone discuss the “Amazing” costume.

Fun ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Facts

ComicBookMovie.com fan site contributor Josh Wilding has compiled 25 Fun Facts About “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  Here is a sampling of what Wilding writes about star Andrew Garfield’s preparation for the physically demanding role:

Andrew Garfield worked with personal trainer Armando Alarcon six days a week for six months to prepare for the role of Spider-Man. Garfield also worked with stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong and his team, doing trampoline work, power core moves, basketball skills, martial arts, gymnastic and parkour work, as well as skateboard skills.

Armstrong and his stunt team maintained a training camp in a warehouse near Sony Pictures Studios, where Garfield worked with top instructors in each of several disciplines. The warehouse featured several elements of buildings, walls and other environments from the film, which the team used to recreate, rehearse and perfect the action sequences.

See Garfield in action when “The Amazing Spider-Man” comes to Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) one week from today!

Spider-Man Sports Many Looks Over the Years

Since making his debut in 1962, Spider-Man has worn so many different Spidey Suits that Marvel Comics has devoted an entire web page to the web-slinger’s wardrobe. Click on any photo on the Marvel web page to see a slideshow featuring 13 Spider-Man looks.

Remember: “The Amazing Spider-Man” premieres on Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) Friday, Nov.9.

Chances Are You’ll See Spider-Man Tonight

“The Amazing Spider-Man” premieres on Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) in just 9 days!

According to a Cincinnati Business Courier article this week, Spider-Man is the third most popular Halloween costume for children this year.  If you or someone you know has donned a Spidey suit for Halloween – this year or in prior years – we’d love to hear about it. Share the story and/or link to the photos using our comments section.