Time to Edit Your Social Networking History?


As technology continues to rise in popularity, users sometimes find themselves regretting social media faux pas of the past. From deleting inappropriate photos to removing regretful comments, an occasional cyber trail check-up is important for everyone with an online presence, especially those looking to apply for schools and jobs.

A blog by SocialControl.com offers four tips for cleaning up your social media profiles and managing your online reputation going forward.

Research: Parents are Positive about Technology


Recent research from the Family Online Safety Institute explores opinions about the evolving role technology plays in the lives of children today. According to the study, “the large majority of parents believe technology has a positive effect on their child’s future, career and life skills, and creativity.”

The “Parents, Privacy & Technology Use” report also provides insight into feelings about online privacy, social media use, and general positives and negatives kids face today. While the majority of adults believe access to research and knowledge is a benefit, privacy and health concerns remain.

Drone Technology is Changing the Sports World


As technology expands, the way we watch TV will also continue to advance. This year, professional sports coverage began incorporating drones to cover major events. From the Kentucky Derby to the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the unmanned aircrafts provide coverage not accessible before.

An article from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) notes, however, that we will have to wait until after more flexible regulations are passed before we see drones at larger sporting events.

Older Adults Learn New Tech Tricks


The world of technology is an intimidating place for people of all ages, but older adults can find it particularly challenging. According to a recent post from The Connectivist, only 34 percent of adults 76 and older use the Internet.

The post offers in-depth suggestions for bridging the digital divide. Organizations such as Older Adults Technology Services and resources like SeniorNet provide training and support to seniors looking to learn about cable, Internet and other evolving technologies.

Survey: Technology’s Grip is Hard to Break

Technology can be addictive, reports TechNewsDaily’s Samantha Murphy. She cites a study that suggests going without social networking, emailing, texting or watching a favorite TV show – even for just 24 hours – can be as difficult as giving up smoking or drinking. One survey participant called forgoing technology for a day “my biggest nightmare.”