Beware ‘Solutions’ to Non-Existent Problems

Recently, a number of websites and blogs have published false warnings about two of Suddenlink’s online services and offered fixes or remedies for problems that don’t exist.

The potential danger is that these remedies could be back-door attempts to launch malicious software (commonly known as “malware”) — which, once it’s downloaded, could compromise your computer, Internet experience, and/or private information.

In other words, certain sites make false claims about Suddenlink; offer a “fix” (e.g., virus scan software) to a non-existent problem; and then potentially use that “fix” (if you click on it or download it) to infect your computer.

These sites might also try to engage you in a chat or other form of direct communication in order to capture your personal information.

So be careful out there, and please — if you read warnings about Suddenlink — give us a chance to address any concerns you might have by contacting us directly, through email, chat, or phone.

Additional information follows about two Suddenlink services that are a common subject of the false reports, namely: (1) a Suddenlink toolbar and (2) a search service that helps customers find the websites for which they’re looking, if they accidently type an invalid domain name or Web address. Both services are common practice across the Internet, and we’ve been offering them for several years now. Importantly, if customers don’t want to use these services, they don’t have to.

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