Three Customers Win Free VOD Movies

Yesterday we revealed “Parental Guidance” as the April Movie Madness 2013 champion.  But there is more than one winner in this competition. Customers who (a) participated in our survey and (b) correctly predicted both the championship-round movies and the ultimate victor were entered into a random drawing for three prizes.

The grand-prize winner of 24 free Suddenlink VOD movies is Arkansas-customer Steve LaVergne. The two runner-ups — each winning two free VOD movies — are Louisiana-customer Jacqueline Lightfoot and Arizona-customer Thomas Clute.

Congratulations to all of them.

Pick the April Movie Madness Wildcard

With the NCAA men’s basketball tournament wrapping up Monday, we’re going to keep “bracket fever” burning a little while longer with a competition of our own called April Movie Madness. Here’s out it works: 

  • We’ve crafted a 16-movie bracket from March’s most-purchased Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) movies and “seeded” them according to popularity. 
  • The competition will start Tuesday, April 9.  Before then, there’s an open wildcard slot — and you get to choose which of two movies will take that final position in the tournament.  Use the poll below to register your vote.
  • We’ll announce the wildcard winner on Tuesday, and the first round of April Movie Madness will officially begin.
Each week thereafter, we’ll ask the official counters to tell us which movie from each pairing was purchased the most through Suddenlink VOD during the preceding week.  The best performers will advance to the next round until a champion is crowned.