Laptop Care Tips for Travelers asks, “When did we stop treating laptops like important technological tools, and start regarding them as replaceable toys we throw in the seatback pocket or use as placemats for meal service?”

With proper care, even the cheapest portable computer can survive years of heavy use, according to the site’s recent post, “The Road Warrior’s Guide to Laptop Maintenance.”

Are These Sale Items Worth Your Time, Money?

If you plan to spend hard-earned money on seemingly too-good-to-be-true post-Thanksgiving bargains, suggests you steer clear of these five Black Friday doorbuster deals. But before you decide, you may want to check out the article’s comments section for a variety of opinions on these promotions.

Review Site Rates 2013 Camcorders

If a new family camcorder is on your holiday wish list, it may be worth first checking out’s “2013 Best of the Year Camcorder Awards.”  The site has been reviewing camcorders for more than 15 years. This new list includes 16 cameras from several brands, ranging in price from $380 to $3,000.