For Many, Social Media is a Primary News Source


Recent findings from The Pew Research Center indicate that people are turning to social media for more than connecting with friends. According to an article from Fast Company, “63% of users consider Facebook and Twitter a source of news.”

The research center surveyed 2,035 adults age 18 and above for the report. Resulting data shows people across all demographic groups now use social media to stay updated on current events, in addition to more traditional news sources.

The full report is available online.

Why Some People Still Don’t Use Internet

CNN today discussed results published in a new Pew report that reveal one in five U.S. adults still do not take advantage of Internet service. Almost half claim they haven’t cyber-connected because they simply aren’t interested:

“Among current non-Internet users, 48 percent say the main reason they don’t go online now is because they don’t think the Internet is relevant to them.”