Finding a Good Laptop for College

With school in full-swing, some college students may already be calling home to report they do, after all, need a laptop computer (or a replacement for an outdated one).  PCWorld offers advice on choosing a laptop for college, including which features students need and don’t need.

Time-Tested Computing Advice

While technology is constantly evolving, some computing maxims stand the test of time.  PC World shares some classic advice for computer users that still holds true today.

Laptop, Refurbished Tablet, HDTV Prices Tumble

According to PC World, June is a good month for finding high definition television, laptop computer and refurbished tablet-style computer bargains.  Check out the best deals, including name-brand 46-inch LCD HDTVs for less than $500 and virtually new iPad2s coming in under $325.

Is That Link Safe? Check Before Clicking

Don’t click so fast. Unsafe links are often disguised as tempting shortcuts to videos, news stories, or impossible-to-resist bargains. PC World offers four fast, free solutions for checking out suspicious links before clicking.

That Old Laptop May Still Have Some Life Left

Think your laptop is ready to drop off at the nearest recycling center? PC World offers Six Ways to Revitalize an Older Notebook. Some are free, and most are under $100.