Who Will Make the Movie Madness Finale?

It’s anyone’s guess whether comedy or fantasy will prevail in the April Movie Madness match-up of “This is 40” v. “The Hobbit.” Want to make a prediction, and possibly win free VOD movies in the process? Enter our April Movie Madness competition.  Read the contest announcement for details, and complete the entry survey before 11:59 p.m. CT, Monday, April 29.

By the way, we’ll be posting “Hobbit” and “This is 40″ trivia today on Facebook and Twitter.

Which Movies Survived April Madness Round One?

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The closest contest in the first round of April Movie Madness was between “Red Dawn” and “Pitch Perfect,” with the former taking 56% of the total orders between these two films. 

The biggest blow out went to “Zero Dark Thirty,” which took 90% of the total orders between it and “Playing for Keeps.”  (Never bet against the U.S. Navy SEALs.) 

And thus we move on to the second round, featuring these match-ups. 

Can a Hobbit beat a tiger?  Who will win the battle of the “Dawns”?  Watch your favorites to help them advance to round three.

For those just joining the fun, our 16-movie bracket was created using March’s most-purchased Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD) movies, “seeded” according to popularity. Each Tuesday, we’ll announce which movie from each pairing was purchased the most through Suddenlink VOD during the preceding week.  The best performers will advance to the championship round.


Do You Know a Hit Movie When You See One?

Round one of our April Movie Madness contains some unusual match-ups.  It should be interesting, for example, to see which film prevails in “Lincoln” versus “Rise of the Guardians.”  We invite you to make your best predictions for all the showdowns on our 16-movie bracket. 

Do you see any underdogs that might surprise us?  Watch your favorites on Suddenlink VOD this weekend to help them survive the cut. (Click on the image above to enlarge it or download it here.)

Where Suddenlink VOD is available, check out this and other titles by going to Channel 1. A Suddenlink digital receiver is required to access the VOD menu.