New Ladders Step Up to Safety, Workforce Diversity

In its introduction of the new Lunar™ extension ladder this week, Little Giant Ladder Systems also announced its partnership with Suddenlink in helping develop the lighter-weight equipment.

In a Little Giant press release, Mary E. Meduski, Suddenlink Executive Vice President and CFO, and Executive Board Member for Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), said, “Our hard-working technicians, including many capable women, have difficult work assignments that often require them to carry industrial-weight equipment. By partnering with Little Giant Ladder Systems in developing these new products, Suddenlink can now reduce the current job weight-carrying requirement to help encourage the recruitment of a more diverse workforce in our technical operations group.”

“The lower weight requirement gives more people opportunities to be a part of our technical workforce,” added Suddenlink Vice President of Technical Operations Andrew Parrott. “Suddenlink and Little Giant Ladder Systems are innovative leaders in our respective industries. Working together helps Suddenlink keep its commitment to find new ways to open doors for a more diverse workforce and to provide better service, while helping our employees do so with ease and maximum safety.”

A video of the Lunar™ ladder can be viewed on YouTube.