Tips for Keeping Your Online Info Private

Tech Columnist Kim Komando offers some fresh and time-honored advice for keeping hackers, scammers, marketers, spies and identity thieves from tracking your online activity. Learn how to browse in private mode, clean up unwanted cookies, set up a virtual private network (VPN), and more.

Tips to Dodge Snoopers, Search Faster, More

Tech advisor and radio host Kim Komando shares several helpful tips this week for identifying encrypted websites, quickly tracking flights and package shipments, choosing the best gaming console and tablet computer for your family, and taking better photos with your phone.

Tech Tips for Avoiding Added Holiday Stress

In “Four Holiday Tech Mistakes to Avoid,” radio host and USA Today contributor Kim Komando offers a few timely reminders to minimize tech-related stress. The number one no-no?  Using unsecured Wi-Fi.

Five Tips for Computer Users

We can’t all be IT experts, so tech writer Kim Komando offers five tricks every computer user should know, such as taking screenshots, using private browsers, and retrieving photos from a damaged memory card.

Repair or Replace a Slow Computer ?

When laptop or PC performance becomes unbearably slow, the big question is often “Should I have it fixed or replace it?”

USA Today contributor Kim Komando suggests some inexpensive steps that may detect and repair software issues. Komando’s advice if hardware fixes are needed: “Compare the estimated cost to fix it with the price of a new system. If it’s more than 50 percent or your computer is older than four years, replace it.”