New on VOD: ‘Jack and Jill,’ ‘Immortals’

The comedy “Jack and Jill” and action-fantasy film “Immortals” are now available through Suddenlink Video on Demand.

Adam Sandler stars as both “Jack and Jill,” a successful L.A. advertising exec and the needy, passive-aggressive twin sister who visits for Thanksgiving. Katie Holmes stars as Jack’s wife. Al Pacino, David Spade, Norm McDonald, Tim Meadows and Dana Carvey are among the stars who add to the madness.

In “Immortals,” Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to fight the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity. Mickey Rourke stars as Hyperion. The film also stars Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto and John Hurt.

Where Suddenlink VOD is available, check out these and other titles by going to Channel 1. A Suddenlink digital receiver is required to access the VOD menu.