Look Out for New Online Ad Scam

Beware of online messages claiming they’re from Suddenlink and requesting you call an 800 number in order to have a computer virus removed.  Such messages are commonly known as “phishing.” They can come in the form of online messages, like pop-up ads or emails directed to the customers of many different companies and organizations by anonymous parties. These messages are typically designed to steal your personal information. We’ve warned about phishing before, but the information is worth repeating.

Suddenlink will not ask you to provide information like your username, password, social security number or credit card via an email message.

If you see these types of messages online in any form, please do not reply and please do not click on any embedded links.

A Tidy Inbox is a Happy Inbox

Skip the pricey programs and time-consuming classes that promise to help organize your email. “How to Unclutter Your Inbox” offers a few simple guidelines for taming the email beast. The first? Replace complicated color coding, file tabs and alphabetizing with good subject lines.