Original Disney Movie, Series Premiere Tonight

The original movie “Cloud 9” debuts tonight on Disney Channel at 7 p.m. CT. The premiere of comedy series “I Didn’t Do It” will follow at 8:40.

“Cloud 9” tells the story of a prima donna snowboarder who is kicked off her team and forced to train with a former champion who struggles after a career-ending wipe-out and the subsequent viral video brand him an “epic failure.”  Dove Cameron and Luke Benward lead the teen cast.

The new series “I Didn’t Do It,” features ultra-competitive twins Lindy (Olivia Holt) and Logan (Austin North) and their three best friends, each recollecting their crazy antics from very different points of view. On tonight’s episode, the twins try to explain to their parents what happened to their babysitter, why a goat is in their living room, the house is covered in foam, and pizza is falling from the ceiling.

Disney Channel is available to all Suddenlink customers who have what is commonly known as Expanded Basic TV service.