Two Good Samaritans

Phone calls and emails of gratitude were recently received at Suddenlink offices in Eastland, Texas, and Idabel, Okla. In both cases, a broadband technician was being thanked for stopping during a busy, sweltering workday to help someone in need.

Joe Lozano discovered a 96-year-old man who had fallen while taking out his trash. Joe called 911 and waited with the man until help arrived. He then went on with his workday, not mentioning his kind deed to co-workers. He later learned the man had suffered a heart attack and had been lying on the ground for 90 minutes before Joe arrived. The man’s family reports he is now doing well.

When Virgil Owen saw a motorist and her small child stranded on the highway in Idabel, he turned his truck around and went back to change the car’s flat tire. The grateful driver noted that the temperature had been more than 100 degrees and many other drivers had passed her by. She promised, if she ever moved to the area, she would become a Suddenlink customer.