Opinions Vary on Best Way to Watch


With several series available on a variety of online platforms, viewers have taken to watching multiple episodes in one sitting. This phenomenon, known as “binge-watching,” has struck up a debate about the best way to view today’s top programs.

One New York Post reporter strongly opposes binge-watching. In a recent article, he said, “there is no shared experience, which, let’s face it, is one of the great pleasures of watching television.”

Where do you stand on the binge-watching debate?

Expert Explains TV Binging Phenomenon

The Daily Beast asked a cultural anthropologist to explain why, in an age when society has “the attention span of a house fly sipping Red Bull in a room lit by a strobe light while dubstep plays,” we are compelled to sit for hours watching back-to-back espisodes of our favorite TV series.

The answer in part, he says, may simply be that TV programming has gotten so much better. Check out his other theories in “Why We Binge-Watch Television.”