AMC Refuses Suddenlink Requests

AMC Networks refused two recent Suddenlink requests, both of which would have kept the affected cable channels available to our customers.

First, AMC Networks rejected our request to extend Wednesday night’s contract deadline by 30 days. That extension would have given both companies additional time to establish a new contract with more reasonable terms and conditions — and importantly, it would have allowed “Walking Dead” fans to see that series’ season finale.

Second, AMC Networks refused our request to negotiate separate contracts; one for just the AMC cable channel; and one for the others (IFC, Sundance, and WE tv). We asked for separate contracts so that both companies could focus on the programming in which our customers are most interested.

Please know that it is AMC — not Suddenlink — that is threatening to take these channels away from our customers. We remain willing to carry AMC programming during our negotiations, but we cannot legally do so without AMC’s permission after Wednesday night, March 14.