More ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Facts

Last week we shared some fun facts about Andrew Garfield’s physical preparation for his starring role in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” which debuts on Suddenlink Video on Demand (VOD)this Friday, Nov. 9.Below is a little more trivia from the 25 Fun Facts About “The Amazing Spider-Man” article; specifically about Spidey’s costume design:

Costume designer Kym Barrett collaborated with director Marc Webb to realize his vision for Spider-Man’s suit to reflect a more lean and athletic, less muscular silhouette. For inspiration, Barrett imagined what would happen if a spider web was being blown by the wind and wrapped itself around the body …

In all, 56 Spider-Man suits were created for the film, including 17 suits for Garfield and multiples for each stunt person. The suits varied from pristine condition to various stages of distress, as dictated by the story.

In the video above, Garfield and co-star Emma Stone discuss the “Amazing” costume.