How to Avoid Facebook Scams

To avoid being scammed, be skeptical of Facebook offers for free products, advises tech writer Rob Pegoraro in a USA Today article. He recommends going on a “social media diet” by changing notification options.

TNT Launches New ‘Dallas’ Series Facebook Page

In preparation for its new Dallas” cable TV series, set to premiere this June, TNT today launched a Facebook page to bring viewers up to date with the Ewing clan.

Using Facebook’s Timeline, the page features photos, videos, check-ins and comments to chronicle all 14 seasons of the original series. It also reveals what has happened in the characters’ lives over the 20 years since they were last seen on TV, as envisioned by the new show’s writers.

TNT is available to all Suddenlink customers who have what is commonly known as Expanded Basic TV service.

Interest in Pinterest Soars

The fastest-growing craze in social networking is Pinterest. It lets users create “virtual pinboards” for sharing photos and links of interesting things they find on the Web. In January, the site hit 11.7 million unique monthly visitors, crossing the 10 million mark faster than any independent site in the history of the Internet. The New York Times examines why Pinterest has caught fire.

Prepare for Facebook’s Timeline Feature

Many Facebook users are concerned with the social network’s new, mandatory Timeline feature, which will display all the photos, links and posts they’ve ever shared on their Facebook page.  According to Facebook, over the next few weeks, every user will get the Timeline feature. They will have seven days to preview it and edit what content the feature will show.

Rob Pegoraro, in a USA Today article, offers suggestions on how to edit your history before it becomes visible.

Nielsen: Facebook, Blogs Dominate Time Online

Social networks and blogs dominate Americans’ time online, accounting for nearly a quarter of total time spent on the Internet, according to the latest Nielsen Social Media Report.

Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site – 53 billion minutes in May – far more than runners-up Yahoo and Google.

Use Connected Time to Improve Vacation

Vacations are often a time to get away from technology. But if you can’t completely disconnect, Mashable’s Erica Swallow offers tips for using social media to enhance the family’s vacation experience.

Internet Lights Up with bin Laden News

Social media blog Mashable is asking its tech-savvy readers how they learned of Osama bin Laden’s death. At the time of this writing, Mashable readers reported finding out through: Twitter (33 percent), Facebook (20 percent), TV (16 percent), phone/text (12 percent), and other sources (19 percent).

You can take the poll here.

Moms Turn to Internet for Health Advice

Mothers throughout history have turned to other mothers for health-related information, but according to a Lucid Marketing report, today’s moms prefer email and Facebook when seeking peer advice.

The report states that among moms who frequently share health information, 84 percent report doing so most often via email and 69 percent named Facebook as a frequent source for swapping advice. Television was listed as a primary source by 65 percent of respondents.

Program Rewards TV Viewing Check-Ins

Viewers of NBCU’s cable networks, including USA Network, Syfy and MSNBC, can now earn rewards for alerting friends on Facebook and Twitter whenever they are watching shows on the networks. Reuters explains how the program works via a partnership with social entertainment check-in service GetGlue.

LinkedIn Tops 100 Million Members

LinkedIn, the world’s largest social network for business professionals, has crossed a major milestone by registering 100 million members. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn lets users worldwide connect with trusted business contacts to exchange knowledge, ideas and opportunities. It is adding about one million new members a week.