Suddenlink Honors ‘Service Heroes’

Nine Suddenlink employees recently earned the distinction of “Service Heroes,” based on their extraordinary commitment to serving customers, communities, and colleagues with excellence. Eight others earned honorable mentions. Read on to learn about the honorees.

Alex Branning
Broadband Technician Alex Branning, Many, La., for assisting a collapsed elderly man on the side of the road by calling for an ambulance and staying by his side.

Kaylee Cauforek Angela Caldwell
Facilities Coordinator Kaylee Cafourek and Receptionist Angela Caldwell, Tyler, Texas, for assisting a blind man lost in the street. They brought him inside, explained where he was and made arrangements to get him home.

Shawn Davis
Direct Sales Representative Shawn Davis, Parkersburg, W. Va., for joining a search party to find a child who had wandered away from a nearby Vacation Bible School event. Shawn remained calm, and was able to locate the child.

Field Auditor Don Hancock, Scott Depot, W. Va., for demonstrating outstanding service. Don is always willing to go the extra mile to assist coworkers and customers, while demonstrating both creativity and kindness.

Austin Sanders
Broadband Technician Austin Sanders, Bryan, Texas, for consistently treating customers with the utmost respect, and demonstrating a polite and patient demeanor. Austin has been complimented for the effort, care and knowledge he exemplifies during his service.

Dustin Snyder
Broadband Technician Dustin Snyder, Flint, Texas, for assisting a family alongside a highway when he noticed their car was on fire. Dustin pulled over his work truck to safely extinguish the flames.

Joni Tayler

Customer Care Representative Coach Joni Taylor, Tyler, Texas, for responding to a customer on the phone having a heart attack. The call meant for 911 was accidently routed to Joni, who sent an ambulance and stayed on the phone with the customer until it arrived.

Mike Vanderberg
Broadband Technician Mike Vanderberg, Truckee, Calif., for his technical maintenance excellence and superior customer service. Mike is known for his skill and positive attitude.

Honorable mentions included: Brian Belcher, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Mark Carpenter, Bryan, Texas; Heather Jarvis, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Jim May, Amarillo, Texas; Robert Milbourne, St. Joseph, Mo.; Lori Perrin, Tyler, Texas; Steve Ronsonet, College Station, Texas; and Marke Shook, Amarillo, Texas.