Opinions Vary on Best Way to Watch


With several series available on a variety of online platforms, viewers have taken to watching multiple episodes in one sitting. This phenomenon, known as “binge-watching,” has struck up a debate about the best way to view today’s top programs.

One New York Post reporter strongly opposes binge-watching. In a recent article, he said, “there is no shared experience, which, let’s face it, is one of the great pleasures of watching television.”

Where do you stand on the binge-watching debate?


  1. Wesley says

    Binge watching is good for catching up on a show quickly. However there are several drawbacks.
    1. I find that I retain very little information. Even 6 months or a year later I’ll have to watch the show over again to remember everything I forgot.
    2. I miss out on time to reflect on the show. When I have to wait a week or more between episodes, I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what I watched and the parts that I enjoyed or I am curious about. Doing this helps reduce problem 1 also.
    3. Watching the show feel like a chore when I have many episodes to watch at once. If the show is good enough, I have to watch them all ASAP reguardless of everything else in life and that can be difficult. When I have time between episodes, each one is a gift that I anticipate each week and look forward to fondly.
    4. There is no time to discuss the episode with friends. The show comes and goes in a few days or a week of binge watching and then it’s back to waiting for another season that may or may not come in a year or two.