Viacom is Blocking Shows Online

Viacom is blocking full episodes of its own shows on its own websites. Viacom has done the same thing to other companies. But don’t take our word for it.

In doing this, Viacom is violating the principles of an open Internet. If you agree, please consider contacting the FCC.  Specifically, you can visit this page on the FCC website and click the proceeding number 14-28 next to “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.”  That should take you to any easy form you can fill out and submit. (Note: While the public comment period on this proceeding officially ended Sept. 15, the form to submit a comment was still available as of the date of this post. Also, we’ve been told it may take a while for the FCC to publish the comments it receives.)

In the meantime, the shows you like may be available through other, non-Viacom Internet sources.  Thank you for your patience.  We hope Viacom will reconsider and stop this action.


  1. Richard aka tick22 says

    Just drop them, you have too many channels i don’t watch as it is. Losing more that I don’t watch will not hurt me. Plus as you say for those that need their Viacom fix, there are other ways to see them or get them.
    They are causing us to do this while saying we should not. to heck with them!!!

    One more price increase and I am dropping Suddenlink, there are really other ways to watch my shows…

  2. Shelby says

    I’m really confused on what is going on. But I love vh1 and MTV and SUDDENLINK is what our whole dorm has, so I can’t watch them now. I’m really sad.. But I just want to know who to blame. Last night I complained to SUDDENLINK like Viacom told me to, so if SUDDENLINK isn’t in the wrong, I apologize.

  3. Eric says

    Who really cares? Drop them and lower the cable price in reinvest in other channels. Companies can only charge what they want as long as others are willing to pay (in this case, SL).

    As it is, cable tv is truely just an extra in our lives.

  4. Jessica says

    Internet restriction, Viacom? Really? I would say most people haven’t done their research. Just listening to Viacom. Viacom has actually forced it’s way out of several providers lineups. Because they want to be greedy. They are trying to play hardball and up their price, thinking that people can’t live without them. I, for one, find that I’m doing just fine. (Minus Comedy Central…). One channel, that I promise you, I will live without. Maybe even gain a couple of brain cells back. Viacom will either wiggle out of everyone’s pocket and shut themselves down, or they will screw over the other company’s, by charging them more (raising THEIR customers bills). Do business, Viacom, maybe stop being a child about it, and a bully. YOU are the one disappointing people. You’re just hiding and pointing fingers.

  5. David says

    Drop the channels and move on as you did due to rates. Give us “a la carte” programming options so we can buy only the channels we wish to have. This should be the way the cable industry goes. The world of watching 10 channels and paying for 100 because the fluff of adding the 90 channels we don’t watch needs to end. Increase your bandwidth on your broadband connections. Give us faster internet with larger 1 TB data caps so we can stream whatever we want without getting charged more!

    • Lisa says

      David — Thanks for your comment. First, we’re constantly evaluating our monthly data allowance plan and appreciate your perspective on that subject. Second, with respect to your comments about selling channels on a stand-alone or smaller-package basis: We agree. And we’ve suggested to companies like Viacom, which have sought significant increases, that they let us do just that. So far, none of them have agreed to do so. If we don’t buy all of their channels and pay a significant increase for them, we get none of them. We’re as frustrated by that situation as you are.

  6. Danny says

    I don’t care for any of the substitutes that you have provided for the missing channels. I think it’s pretty much trash. The only channel that I will miss is Epics . They showed 1st run movies and I was told this was provided to me as a VIP customer since I have my telephone, internet and television thru you. Epics was taken and not replaced with anything. I believe that if you truly cared for your customers you would provide a replacement. If you fail to consider this, I might have to give DirecTV another chance.

    • LJ says

      I agree with Danny. I hate the new channel selections. However, I love BET which was part of the dropped networks. I would like to know what the networks owned by Viacom are saying. Are they under a contract which prevents them from negotiating on their own? Please respond.

      • Lisa says

        We’ve suggested to companies like Viacom that they allow us to sell their main channels on a stand-alone or small-package basis. So far, all of them have rejected this suggestion, insisting on all-or-nothing deals.

    • Richard Duncan aka tick22 says

      The only channel I cared about was Epic but I can live without it, but as Danny said, I got it as a freebie for being a VIP member and having all your options. I do think You should replace Epic with something as good as a bonus for us VIP customers. As it is, the next rate increase, you will lose me as a member and most of your services. I am finding, that my choice channels and/or shows can be watched by other means.
      I am another a la carte wanting person…. really, I only watch maybe 10 to 15 channels you offer…
      Thank you for your time….

  7. Donna says

    I agree to not accepting viacom’s terms. A 50% increase is not something I am willing to negotiate, however, I dont watch very many channels or much cable tv anymore anyway. Now I will watch even less. Truly disappointing. And it would be nice for Suddenlink to offer a discounted monthy rate, because unfortunately without viacom’s channels the Suddenlink product isnt as nice either. Also, I received a nice flyer in the mail stating that we would be gaining all these amazing channels, the flyer did however fail to mention these would be replacement channels.

  8. Robin says

    I really liked Disney, Spike & CMT ! I don’t like the replacements for Spike & CMT and there isn’t one for Disney . Viacom you reek.

    • Lisa says

      Just to clarify, Disney is not a Viacom network. It is available to all Suddenlink customers with expanded basic service.

  9. Richard Hatfield says

    I have watched the new channels and with only one exception, I find them better than the Viacom trash, I personally do not miss any of the Viacom channels. I have always wondered why we had to pay for the things I never view . As I have stated in the past,I have lived in several places across the country and I’ve had several different cable and satellite carriers and I state without hesitation, that not one has matched Suddenlink for its customer service, technical excellence, programming diversity or pricing structure. For my part I say let Viacom with its strong arm techniques, lies and outrageous pricing just go away. Good riddance! Thank you very much.

    • Teresa Kight says

      I miss CMT because of Dog and Beth but its worth losing all the others and love the new shows they are great family channels and we don’t have all the sex and language that the other ones have thank you Suddenlink for some GOOD clean family shows on now

  10. Krista says

    I completely understand the dropping of Viacom, I would have done the same thing in that situation. I was wondering if we are ever going to get TruTV? Some Suddenlink regions get the channel but I do not. I honestly watch only 5 channels and I have the largest package. The kids really miss NickJr but they are really enjoying the replacement channel for now. Although the content of the learning channels on Nick Jr is not the same with the replacements. I didn’t even get a flyer about the channels. I should have been informed …

    • Lisa says

      Thanks for your comment, Krista. We’ll pass along your interest in TruTV, and we’re sorry you missed the information we provided online, through newspaper notices, and other means about the channel channges. We’ll strive to do better.