Suddenlink and Viacom Negotiations

Please visit for information about our negotiations with Viacom for channels like MTV, VH-1, and others.


  1. John Willifurd says

    Just made an appointment with DirecTV for Oct 3rd to be ready for this disaster. I’ve been a loyal customer for 8 years and I know the game. I’m willing to pay an extra dollar a month if I had to keep Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Vh1 and Palladia. I shouldn’t have to though. Suddenlink’s pockets are full.

  2. James Dodson says

    I hate this Comedy Central is one of my main channels that I watch. I could care less about some of the other Viacom channels though I do watch MTV and MTV2 on occasion. The only upside to this is that we will have FXX on basic expanded now so I can finally start watching The league and Always sunny again but I LOVE southpark and will now have to find alternate sources to watch that.

  3. James Dodson says

    Thank GOD that does not include Cartoon Network my tv is on that pretty much all night from 10pm until 7 or 8 am EVERY DAY.

  4. William says

    This ticks me off … Im sure there are quite a few other suddenlink customers that feel the same way. I have a real hard time believing that your customers would rather have the Oprah Winfrey network and Hallmark over comedy central and spike, my kids love Nick I like T.V land Spike and comedy central and if they get rid of those channels im History!

  5. mike says

    I say drop them because MTV and the other channels that vicacom has are junk and its not Worth the 20% higher prices

  6. C says

    The new stations are terrible offerings. I hate it when the end customer suffers because of big business (or should I say greed). These stations are the 1’s I watch the most other than Discovery and Bravo.

    Suddenlink, Please do what you can to keep the current offerings. I too will now explore other options (satellite) as bad as I hate to say it. I have been a cable customer for almost 15+years, never late with a bill payment, and it seems that every year the cable bill gets higher and higher; now this. I have talked with family who live out of town and they are not having this issue with their cable provider! What does that say? :-( I truly hate this!!!!!

  7. Jerry Hudson says

    If comedy central goes dark tonight I will have dish tomorrow. I’m not missing South Park tomorrow night.

    • William Riviere says

      Your right and they know it. But, they want money in there pockets, bonuses, you name it!! They don’t care about our viewing pleasure at all, or this would not even be an issue.

  8. Patricia says

    We are so disappointed you are dropping so many channels including MTV, VH1 and Nick that we watch all the time. We will be changing to Dish or Direct TV.

  9. John Morris says

    Agree with the decision to drop Viacom assuming the stated facts of them demanding a rate increase in an environment of declining viewiership. Disagree that the replacement channels are a suitable substitute. Lower our rates to pass through the savings; no way you are paying anywhere as much for these barrel scrapings as Viacom was getting.

    If you really want to make your point, when (not if) the Viacom channels go back up, dump them in tiered packages instead of giving them back their basic cable channel assignments.

  10. Tim and Genny Lutrick says

    While I understand that this is financially motivated, I still find it difficult to understand why we, as the consumer, were not given the chance to pay an increase if needed to keep some if not all of these channels. There are many channels that are offered, but not watched. Rather than remove certain channels due to the increase, I would think the packages offered by Suddenlink should be reevaluated, and each customer could pick their own packages based on the channels they watch. Losing Nick. is probably the hardest for our house, because the kids watch it constantly. You say these new (replacement) channels have been requested by Suddenlink customers, I would like to see a copy of that Marketing research, as I have never even heard of some of these channels.

    • Lisa says

      Unfortunately, Viacom won’t allow us to sell their channels on a stand-alone or small-package basis to just the customers who want them.

  11. Confused says

    The people saying “drop Viacom” must not have children or grandchildren. The new channels are not adequate replacements. I find it insulting you are trying to make your customers believe that they are. Very glad that direct tv will be here tomorrow to install.

  12. KC says

    So basically I lost all of the shows that I regularly watch… I have zero interest in anything these new channels have to offer, and I can just pay for Hulu if I want to watch? Also with no bill decrease.. This seems fair. Giving this a week before I switch to a company that actually cares and gives me the shows I want.

  13. Dean says

    It amazes me that a major corporation like Suddenlink, which claims to make everything easy and that they’re here to help, would actually believe that the crap channels we’ve been given as of today are actually decent replacements for the channels they ripped out from under us. No one in their right mind would consider to be in the same league as Comedy Central. It’s an obvious example of Suddenlink pinching those pennies while refusing to reduce our bills by even the smallest amount. Apparently, the management of Suddenlink hasn’t heard the old phrase “penny-wise, but pound-foolish.” By cheaping out on the channels you provide, you’re making more off of the customers that stay, but losing far more from the ones that are jumping ship to decent television providers, such as DirectTV or Dish.

  14. Ruth Compton says

    What exactly are the channels you are dropping? I watch several of the ones listed but I cannot find a list of ALL the channels we are losing. If I will no longer have AMC then you no longer have my household!

  15. royce says

    Bring back my channels. I will be forced to look into different cable providers. My 4 kids, wife and I are highly disappointed.

  16. Robert Bishop says

    I for one agree with Suddenlinks decision to drop Viacom. Most of the Viacom lineup will not be missed in my house, MTV has not had good programming in decades, I personally don’t want my children watching shows like “12 and pregnant”…the only thing my family would miss is possibly nickelodeon, but since you gave us Netflix and you tube on my Tivo…I can pull those shows right up when my son wants to watch. I applaud you for not being bullied by the greedy bastards at Viacom. If more programmers stand up to them then maybe they will re-think their negotiation tactics. I thank the management team at Suddenlink for looking out for their customers and not allowing Viacom to reach into our wallets. I’m going to assume if you increased all of your customers bills by the 50% the Viacom was asking for from you, then a whole lot more people would complain. For all of the people jumping ship to switch to the Dish… don’t call your friends with cable to watch the big football game during bad weather,( and oh yeah, enjoy talking to some guy in Pakistan when your upset about your service not working when there is a little bit of wind and rain), your friends with cable wont want to hear it because we will be enjoying our cable tv with a smile.