Be On Lookout for New ‘Phishing’ Email

Beware of email messages claiming they’re from Suddenlink and requesting personal information.  Such messages are commonly known as “phishing” emails. They’re sent to the customers of many different companies and organizations by anonymous parties and are typically designed to steal your personal information.

We’ve warned about these e-mails before, but the message is worth repeating.

Suddenlink will not ask you to provide information like your username, password, social security number or credit card via an email message.

The latest email attempting to mislead Suddenlink customers reads as follows:

 Dear Suddenlink User

Your two incoming mails were placed on pending status due to the recent upgrade to our database,
In order to recieve the messages Click here to login and wait for responds from Suddenlink.

Suddenlink Customer Care Team

 If you receive that email or a similar one, please do not reply and please do not click on any imbedded links.   

Instead, forward such emails to — and then immediately delete the forwarded email.