UPDATED: Storm Recovery Continues

Early this morning, Suddenlink crews began surveying storm damage in the company’s Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia service areas. Those crews stood ready to start needed repairs as soon as they were cleared to do so by local power-company authorities.

Commercial power is being restored gradually in the hardest-hit areas. All of Suddenlink’s main technical facilities continue to operate and virtually all of our customers have continued receiving service in their homes throughout the snow storm and its immediate aftermath.

If your home has electrical power but not other services, please contact us at 800-972-5757. Lines or equipment connected to your home may have been damaged by downed trees, tree limbs, or other storm-related factors, and we are diligently and steadily working to address those situations.


  1. Bren Pomponio says

    we never lost power, but have no cable/telephone/internet service. I call the number you suggested but the recording says service is out and that’s it.

    • Pete says

      Bren — I sent you an email asking for name and address on the account. Per your reply, I’ll gladly get someone to follow up with you.

  2. Natnael Ume says

    We have been out of service for the last two days going on third! Anybody know when we will get cable and Internet back? Down town Charleston area WV.

    • Pete says

      I tried to email you earlier at the address you provided and it bounced back as undeliverable. If you wish, please email me — pete.abel@suddenlink.com — with the name and address on your account, and we’ll get someone to follow up ASAP.