Suddenlink Reaches Agreement with AMC Networks

Suddenlink is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement in principle on a long-term contract with AMC Networks. As a result, there will be no disruption or change to our customers’ current service.

The new agreement covers all of the channels covered under the prior agreement, including AMC, IFC, Sundance, and WE tv. Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Suddenlink thanks its customers for their patience and support during the negotiations leading up to this agreement.


  1. Kenney says

    I thought AMC was an abbreviation for “American Movie Classics”. I believe it is far from that now! Thank You!

    • Chema says

      I agree – prime-time viewing on AMC has switched over to such high-quality airings as comic book men, and made for TV movies, not classics. If you gotta drop something to manage price, let me opt out of ESPN or any of the other sports options, or Fox News

  2. frances shofner says

    Drop AMC. Who needs them. If you go up on our rates because of them, we’ll have to drop

  3. Pat Brothen says

    We don’t watch any of these stations and would not like to be charged for them if the price goes up for you.

  4. Jason Priesmeyer says

    There are some critically acclaimed and amazing programs coming out of AMC these days. It’s interesting to me the timing of all this — right when one of these shows is about to have its season finale and right before another one returns after a long hiatus.
    I’d like to know what the agreement was they reached. Suddenlink had no problem airing the price that AMC was ‘demanding’ to continue carrying the channels — if you accoplished a lower amount, why not tell us what that is? And if you’re not raising our monthly subscription rates, it would be interesting for us to know what exactly this is costing.

  5. Christy says

    Thank you very much Suddenlink for taking our views into consideration and doing everything you could to keep AMC in the Sudden Link line up. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Kari Spence says

    Woohoo ! You can thank Josh Crum and I for sending in massive amounts of emails to both companies !

  7. Jamie Bates says

    Glad y’all reached a deal. I would also like to know what it was. We were gonna drop Suddenlink too after 18 years of service as well.

  8. Chelle says

    I WANT to Know & DESERVE TO KNOW the Contract Details ! I wrote them an email protesting the rate hike. I’ll drop Suddenlink if The Details arn’t made public, b/c it makes it makes it looks like your hiding something ??

    • Pete says

      The agreement, like others, includes a confidentiality provision. We are obligated to respect that. However, as noted, there will be no change to your current service as a result of this agreement.

  9. Vicky Arriaga says

    Thank you for working it out !!! I really did not want to switch providers, but I would have to keep one of my favorite channels.
    Thanks again

  10. Peter Thomas says

    I do watch these shows and would drop suddenlink if AMC were no longer on the roster. In searching the news for these hikes I have not seen other cable companies protest their rates or claim them as unreasonable. Yes it is an increase but from a channel that is growing because of their success. I would expect my cable company to be able to negotiate with them WITHOUT excessive cost to the customer. I feel the push to make it seem like it is AMC’s fault is only partially true and I do hold suddenlink responsible as well. I’m glad they worked it out but making them seem like the bad guys and that suddenlink was “helpless” in their shadow is very suspicious of their practices. In the future, don’t make the customer responsible, by asking us to email them, for doing what we pay you to do. This is another black mark on how this company operates.

    • Josh says

      The reason that there hasn’t been other companies that had a campaign about AMC is mainly due to each individual companies contracts with AMC. All of the contracts have different expiration dates. It just so happens that in this case Suddenlink’s contract has ended before the other cable companies.

      Also another thing to keep in mind Suddenlink is a mid-sized operator. They can’t offset some costs like Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV and Dish can. The companies I mentioned has 15-25 million customers. Suddenlink is in the 1-2 million range.

      Also AMC is most likely bundling IFC, WE TV, Sundance along with it and probably wants more money for those channels as well. Unlike AMC its sibling channels are not performing like AMC to justify an increase.

      Now while an increase for just AMC isn’t that bad you have to take in how much does AMC want for its sibling channels. Now here is where consumer bills come into play.

      Remember the Viacom-Time Warner battle? Same thing, Viacom wanted increases for their 19+ channels while only five at the most warranted increases. But another thing to remember despite Bright House Networks also being involved in the dispute Time Warner Cable owns a minority stake in this cable company. Part of Time Warner’s duties for Bright House is to negotiate on their behalf. So technically this was one provider as well.

      A lot of broadcast networks and cable channels are starting to lose money mainly due to the rise of streaming media (legal and illegal). Their ratings overall for live broadcasts are down compared to previous years. This also means the money are getting from advertisers are less as well. (Less ratings = less advertising money).

      They see that getting cable & satellite companies to pay outrageous prices per subscriber makes up for their lack of advertising money. Companies that have a virtual monopoly like:

      *Comcast/NBCUniversal (NBC, USA, SyFy, NBC Sports, Comcast Sports Net)

      *The Walt Disney Company (ABC, Disney, ESPN)

      *News Corporation (Fox, MyNetworkTV, FX, Various regional sports networks)

      *CBS Corporation (CBS, CBS Sports Network, Showtime)

      *Viacom through MTV Networks (MTV, Nick, Comedy Central, TV Land) and BET Networks (BET, Centric)

      *A+E Networks [jointly owned by Hearst Corporation, Disney & Comcast through NBCUniversal] (A&E, Lifetime)

      *Discovery Communications (Discovery, TLC, BBC America [distribution only])

      *AMC Networks (AMC, IFC, WE, Sundance)

      *Time Warner [not the cable company] (TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, TruTV, TCM)

      *Companies that own local affilates like Sinclar & Hearst Coporation that are affliated with the Big Six Networks (CBS & The CW/Fox & MyNetwork TV/ ABC / NBC)

      *National Footbal League (NFL Network/NFL RedZone)

      These are the main companies that contribute 99% to the basic lineups of all providers. All of these companies have at some point wanted an outrageous increase or is very popular and wanted outrageous demands.

      If all the cable & satellite companies would have given in at their first offer I honestly believe that our bills (don’t matter if you had cable or satellite) would be 10x more than they are now.

      When you see both cable and satellite companies battling the above companies due to their outrageous increases/demands then you know there is a problem when you got DirecTV and Cablevision battling News Corporation.

      DirecTV and Cablevision serve the New York market where News Corporation owns the Fox/MyNetworkTV affiliates and threatened to pull not only the cable channels but the local affiliate as well.

      I expect that if AMC Networks try this again with another provider like Time Warner Cable or DirecTV you will see another battle. Generally if one provider stands up and speaks out against the outrageous demands they tend not to try it again.

      So if Suddenlink happened to drop AMC Networks I would just watch their shows online or go to my relative’s house that has Dish. I wouldn’t cancel my service with Suddenlink over it because they could try this with Dish and then threaten Dish as well. See my News Corporation reference above since this scenario did happen.

      Eventually the owners of the TV channels will break down and reach an agreement on favorable terms. Why? Because even losing Suddenlink (which is 1.5 million subscribers) would hurt their advertising money. So if ratings go down due to a disagreement with a TV provider their advertising money goes down as well.

      There is my fifty cents and more.

  11. Mick D. says

    My subscription, as far as I know, also does not include the AMC channels. I agree w/the individual posting that those of us who do not have should not see an increase in OUR monthly rate: over the period of time SuddenLink has owned what used to be Cox Communications (LONG time customer), I’ve seen several rate increases with no additional benefits.

    That said: AMC’s demands are totally out of line & beyond unreasonable, they’re draconian. Perhaps they are so concerned about their “Wall Street interests” that they can’t see what the cost of groceries, fuel, and utilities are costing REAL AMERICAN families. From the demands, like they’d care if they could. I have after 40 years’ of both private & public sector work, NEVER seen ANY entity demanding even 50% increase, much less over 100%. With respect to the post regarding SuddenLink’s “agreement” today (i.e. no information on costs yet to subscribers).

    Just my fifty cents’ worth.

  12. Brandon says

    Perfect example of a company listening to it’s customers. Way to go Suddenlink, you are a good company

  13. lewis harvey says

    I am so thankful that an agreement was reached with AMC. i would have really missed seeing toe old movies plus some of their other programs. i am an old movie/history buff and yes i sent them an e-mail via the link you provided. thanks again suddenlink for keeping my cable service and internet service the best.sincerely, lewis harvey

  14. Frank T. says

    As far as I’m concerned you can replace my AMC with TCM (Turner Classic Movies). In Houston (not Suddenlink) my Extended Basic included TCM.

  15. Jennifer S. says

    Like many subscribers, I make financial sacrifices to enjoy cable and my favorite programming which happens to be on AMC and IFC. I realize AMC is capitalizing on their growing success, but it is nice to know I can depend on Suddenlink to NEGOTIATE through AMCs unbelievable attempt at such a shameful increase and leaving Walking Dead fans without a season finale.

  16. peggy says

    amc was once my favorite channel I may watch it once a month or so … i wouldn’t pay more to keep it …

  17. Alan Starks says

    For all those that want to whine about their cable bill going up:

    The “unreasonable & unfair demands by AMC” of an increase of 50% (and 100% over the term of the contract) really doesn’t amount to that much. “50% MORE” translates to ABOUT 25 cents ($00.25) per customer, per month. If you can’t afford THAT, then you shouldn’t be paying to have cable t.v. in the first place. You should have much more pressing financial concerns. Suddenlink actually tried to hold out on agreeing to AMC’s terms over a matter of an average additional cost per customer of about a QUARTER A MONTH. That is as ridiculous & unreasonable to Suddenlink’s AMC viewers as Suddenlink cried about AMC being to them.

    Furthermore, Suddenlink wasn’t trying to do something as noble as save their customers money. Suddenlink wants to protect Suddenlink, not YOU. A higher cost to them equates to less profit FOR them. Suddenlink has a company revenue of OVER 1.5 BILLION dollars a year. Your cable bill doesn’t HAVE to be impacted significantly. A company that profitable could afford it, and without passing on the cost to its subscribers, if they choose to do so. They could simply just eat the new contract cost as an expense of doing business. Alternatively, they could raise your bill ONLY by the additional average 25 cents per customer cost. When they raise your rates more than that, you should know that it’s because of their own profit-motivated greed — not AMC’s.

    After all, AMC does have some great programming that justifies this extortion, and everybody has bills to pay, even them. Broadcaster rates go up and contracts get renewed all the time. Suddenlink just didn’t want to play ball. They would rather have told their paying customers “No, you can’t watch AMC on our service”, than to just suck it up and give AMC what they wanted.

    You should all learn something from this. From a business standpoint, you never tell your customers “No”. That’s just bad business. And here’s some food for thought: This time it was AMC, and admittedly you might not care about AMC anyway. But how about the next time, when it’s a channel you actually DO want? For example, what if you’re a sports fan, and Suddenlink (or whoever your provider is) wants to argue over nickels & dimes with ESPN? Or suppose it’s tornado season, and you can’t get the Weather Channel because of your cable provider’s unwillingness to cooperate with them. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

  18. says

    I disagree with most and (mostly) side with AMC on this. Their programming has gotten exponentially better over the last few years and I’m betting they were getting paid an archaic amount for it. I also sure AMC pushed it to the limit to make up for the years a bad, low paying contract they were in. Suddenlink / National Cable Television Cooperative had to give in to their elevated demands now that AMC has desired programing. AMC had just better keep producing quality programming and not cut production costs on their show, like they did last season with the Walking Dead.
    With that said though, If my bill goes up anymore I will be dropping cable and going with an alternative service. If suddenlink wants to save some money get rid of all the worthless “filler” channels that they have or better yet let me subscribe per channel and pay for the ones that I want.

  19. Rebecca M. McGinley says

    How rude!Television and books are the only form of entertainment I have.I have been a faithful customer and have a right to my opinion.Cable has gone up too much already.There was just a rate hike earlier this year.That’s enough.

  20. Rebecca M. McGinley says

    I don’t care much for AMC anymore either.Not seeing many “classic movies” there.