AMC Refuses Another Suddenlink Proposal

We offered to accept the contract terms that AMC previously agreed to with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), which has nearly 1,000 member companies, including Suddenlink. AMC said “No.”

For details on the other two Suddenlink requests AMC rejected, please see the information we posted late yesterday.

Suddenlink remains willing to make AMC programming available to our customers while we continue to negotiate.


  1. Jon says

    What do you mean “Only AMC can take this programming away from you. “?? Suddenlink has enough profit to abosrb these cost and not have to pass this onto customers. The Walking Dead is the one of if not the highest rated drama currently on television, and this is to be cut off just before the finale? How convienent. Just ball up and accept the agreements all ready.

    • Pete says

      We do not want this programming to go away — and we are more than willing to keep it on as long as AMC allows us to do so.

      • Barnet says

        BS. This is 100% about money. AMC wants it and Suddenlink wants it. Do you really think you’re fooling us by saying “if AMC “allows” us to do so?” Sometimes in business you have to “eat it” to keep customers happy. I do it every day in my business. So shut up and eat it or lose thousands of customers!!!!!

    • Richard Duncan says

      ratings??? when does ratings make a show worth adding to my cable bill. I guess you can afford to pay more but I can not. If I really want to watch AMC shows if they are dropped, I can always find them online. As for Suddenlink dropping their prices, dream on!!! Like gas prices, they always go higher but nevem ever go back to where they were. Yes Suddenlink is part at fault but the AMC newtork of shows is more guilty for asking for so much more in this economy. I say go to Al La cart programing so each of us can pay for what we want to watch, not what we are force to pay for but have no interest in….

    • Pete says

      Unfortuantely, I don’t have that information at this time. Our first goal is to keep these channels under a reasonably priced agreement. Failing that, we would either replace the lost channels with similar programming or reduce the price of the affected services.

      • Mordrid says

        Yah, riiiiighhht. Replace the channel with similar programing according to whom? HBO and EPIX are similar but EPIX is not worth keeping. EPIX dosent update their movie selection (I have had EPIX for 4 months and the same movies are still there, nothing new). Same situation here. I don’t want someone saying “X channel” is just as good. I want to be the one to make the choice for the services I PAY FOR. Get exact data before we loose our service and we the customers start droping you for other providers …

      • Richard Duncan says

        Pete, we do not need to replace the lost channels with similar programming but we do need to reduce the price of the affected services. What most want is a choice of what we pay for and watch, not what we are told to pay for and not watch. Al La Cart single channels is what I want. And yes, Suddenlink can do this if they wanted to. You don’t really have to buy blocks of programing and then force me to pay for them. The cable and sat systems just have to refuse to deal with the owners of the shows. Hard, yes, but keeping those of us that are now being priced out of the market, a WIN. It is better to keep most of your customers than lose them. I believe the first group that offers true Al La carte single programing will win the Cable/Sat wars. Also this will force the content owners to stop offering garbage programing…Why should I pay extra to watch AMC but never watch the other channels they own? Think about it. I can drop every service Suddenlink offers but internet and still find every show I watch for free online. So the question is… does Suddenlink want to be a full service company offering Phone, Cable, Internet and security or a company that people just use your internet? Sorry for the long winded, rambling comment, but this madness has got to stop…..

      • Barnet says

        You CANNOT replace Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead. Come on man.There are 3 of the top 5 best shows on TV. Suck it up and PAY THE MAN.

  2. kay says

    Was the agreement made before AMC’s original programming took off? If so, it would make sense that they would raise prices as thier “value” as a network goes up. I’m pleased with my Suddenlink service. I wish they would cover FitTV and TVOne. But if AMC goes, I’ll be making the move …

  3. Richard Duncan says

    Suddenlink should tell AMC NO!!! Then eat the bullet and offer Al La cart pricing on channels and I do not mean blocks of channels but each channel. Just because I like maybe NBC for example, I may not like what else is offered in a NBC block which owns many channels for those no in the know. Out of the many channels you force me to pay for I watch only about 12 channels. I do not need so many news, sports and reality show channels. I do not need channels that offer more commericals than programing. I am paying for channels with less or no commericals, programing I enjoy notthose I will never watch (example, MTV, Lifetime, OW, Spanish language, news programs of both parties.)

    Bite the bullet and add Al La cart programing not the block type which is what we have now. Let me pay for the channels I want, not whatyou or others want me to pay for….

  4. Augustus Jones says

    Dito Mr Duncan. Need a bill that reflects both Suddenlick cost to deliver and providers cost for programing. If we knew the cost of the junk we are getting – we can better decide if we want to pay for it. Might force providers too produce a better product.

  5. Richard Duncan says

    Pete, since you seem to be the Suddenlink rep, I am hoping someone beside you are reading all the comments on this issue and that they all are being forward to the powers that be and ARE READ!!!! As you can see, the issue is pretty much split with the main subject beside people wanting to watch certain show, being the price we pay for your service. In the end the only real loser will be us, the customer.

    Enough from me til the next update….

    On the lighter side, if Suddenlink ever needs a customer on their board, I am avail. Heck, I will even do it for free. Someone has to serve the customers needs and not the profit margin..

  6. Royce says

    Drop ALL of AMC’s Services and find other services that are just as entertaining and have more reasonable pricing. Personally, I certainly cannot afford any more hikes in my enterainment services from costs that are passed down to me the consumer. I’m afraid that I may have to drop my enterainment costs altogether, if this sort of thing keeps happening. SO, if they will not negotiate, then drop them, find another provider.

    • Philip Jansen says

      That’s my opinion too, find another channel. That shouldn’t be so hard, there’s hundreds of them. You would think that would be an option already!

  7. matthew says

    you drop amc and all of thier movies like the walking dead me and most of your customers are going to drop you so save amc and we wont drop you

  8. Gary Budd says

    Hold the line. I am not willing to suffer any increase whatsoever to keep the AMC channels.

  9. Emerson B Evans says

    Drop AMC and tell them to have a nice day. Replace them with another channel or drop our rates

  10. Jamie says

    All of this ranks right up there with the gas prices. Really? I think AMC gets paid enough with the hit shows they have. Who killed who in The Killing? Mad Men is a rather strange show that I have learned to really like. Honestly, Suddenlink and AMC, you’re acting like children. I think the cable bills should now go down.

  11. Linda Clarke says

    I think that AMC’s worth has increased. After all, they have the won “best drama” awards for the past 4 years for Mad Men, and Walking Dead is the highest-rated program. It will be a lot of trouble, but if Suddenlink drops AMC, I will have to change providers. And I REALLY don’t want to do that.

  12. Jamie says

    One more thing, it seems that everytime Suddenlink drops a channel, like the TV Guide channel, they replace it with some kind of religious show! Go to church….

  13. William Palmer says

    JUST A NOTE ….IF I LOOSE AMC , YOU LOOSE ME….MY BILL IS OVER 100.00 a month & if cant give me AMC instead of 15…shopping networks I WILL GO TO DISH !!!

  14. Daniel Mcbride says

    I remember when AMC had no commercials during their “Classic” movies. I was so dissapointed when that changed but still watched. Then they started playing the same movies over and over. How many times do we want to watch “Rio Bravo” every year. I love the movie but come on. And the other night “Braveheart” twice back to back absoulutely crammed with commercials. I don’t think they care about their air product and am astounded they find sponsors. Bottom line, I think they should have dropped their price when they began to use said sponsors and they are now extorting all of us with their timing. How dare they just screw their viewers and walk away. I say…let them go. By the way, “The Rifleman” is NOT an Amercian Movie Classic, it is classic 60’s corn. And if you like corn, you can find that anywhere. I’m with Suddenlink, I don’t like paying tribute to pirates.

  15. Nancy Burleson says

    I wrote to them, for what it is worth. But as retired people, we are unwilling to absorb any more price increases, and we never watch 80% of the channels you have anyway… we’re forced to pay for them for the one or two channels per tier that we do watch …

    • Richard Duncan says

      You are so right, Nancy. Why not give us a AL LA CARTE option, so we pay for only channels we want to watch instead.

      • Philip Jansen says

        That would be GREAT. Let the CUSTOMER pay for what they want to watch, not what cable tv wants to charge you.

  16. Steve S says

    I can not afford any of the high priced extra movie channels. AMC has proved an opportunity for us to see some movies we would see without it. Your cable assocation needs to use some hard bargaining tactics with them to see if they will crack. 1000 companies should carry some bargaining weight. I do not want to give up AMC and you already charge a high price for what I get. I am tired off channels being removed or suddenly having to pay extra to get them.

  17. scottqmarcus says

    I think we are being presented with a “straw man” argument that it’s either/or and that’s not the key.

    A couple of notes:

    1) First of all, the increase by AMC as near as I can figure, is probably about 25 cents per subscriber.
    2) The solution is simple. Move AMC to a premier tier and charge those of us who want to pay for it $1 a month more.

    Not only does this increase Suddenlink’s profits, it gives AMC the ability to continue to produce the quality programming they’ve been doing and get their rate up so they can do more. Finally, for those who don’t want to pay more, no problem – they don’t have to. However, for us avid AMC enthusiasts, I think we’d all gladly pay $1, It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

    I am an avid AMC viewer (I also like IFC & Sundance) and I have been with Suddenlink since it was Cox. However, I can assure you that if AMC goes, so do i – as well as several thousand others. I have already checked out the competition (who, as it turns out, is lower in price for the same service). And I think Suddenlink needs to realize that if we switch providers, we might also take our phone & internet with us because the competition is also bundled.

    Bottom line – figure it out NOW! The damage will irreparable.

    Scott “Q” Marcus

    • Richard Duncan says

      Good idea, Scott, but a dollar is too much, especially since in my area we do not get The Sundance channel. Maybe like with EPIC, it should be free for those that bundle and let those that just want cable TV pay 25 or 50 cents more for it. I would not pay for EPIC but because I bundle, I get it for free, which to me saves me $8 dollars a month I believe. There are ways to save AMC and the other channels it has but I will not pay more for them….

    • Melissa says

      I totally agree with the tier idea, I already have three additional tiers and would gladly get rid of one I have for one containing AMC.

  18. Richard Duncan says

    lets see…
    Suddenlink -month to month contract
    sat – need a 2 year contract
    Suddenlink – offers cable tv, high speed internet, phone and security
    Sat – Offers sat TV, DSL internet (much slower speeds), phone.
    Suddenlink- you can drop any of their services with no problem
    Sat – A heck of a fine for dropping before contract is over.

    To those that say they will quit Suddenlink, I think not. Have you even checked the others that supply TV , be it another cable company or Sat service…if anything, you will do what I will do if my bill increases anymore. Drop all services except for high speed internet and find the missing shows I WANT to watch online. and yes, if you look or know a younger person, they will tell you how to get all the shows you want for free.. Something I will not do at this time, I like my HD but can and will if Suddenlink becomes more expensive…

    Suddenlink should drop AMC and their other channels if it means my bill will increase. If they can keep the price the same or even better, lower it, then keep AMC.

    Like everyone else involved, Suddenlink, AMC and us customers…it’s all about the money!!!!!!

  19. Noreen Lambert says

    It would seem to me that you are the ones who don’t want to fork over the money for decent programming. With as much as I pay every month, almost $400.00, I think that you would be more forthcoming with the ability to give us what we want. By telling us that it is AMC’s fault is just a cop out. You can do what you want. They asked for more money and now you need to give it too them. How long ago did you raise our rates? And you continue to tell us that you may raise them again. We don’t have the luxury of going to another provider because you corner the market in our area. Give us what we want, and while you are at it, get rid of some of the superfluous unnecessary programming that you have in the line-up to pad it and make it look good.

    • Richard Duncan says

      WOW!!!! Noreen, what do you have??? I have the full bundle for my area except security, but only 10 mgs of internet. Are you in the Texas area where Suddenlink has that super high speed internet? Do they offer more in other parts of the country? I am in North Carolina. Just wondering what you get for that much money. For me, they better come out and do windows, dishes and cook for me for that amount, laughs. But serious. what all do you have, if you don’t mind?

      Also I agree with you on most parts of your post… The kids need to go to their rooms and think about what they are doing….

  20. Sherry says

    Don’t cave. I hate being held over a barrel. Yes I watch several of their series but none I can’t live without. I mean ABC cancels tons of my favs and I haven’t died yet. Not happy but no death.

    Everyone I know that has changed to some sort of satellite service is unhappy and will be changing back to cable soon if they haven’t already. Just wait until it rains and see how happy you are.

  21. Scott says

    You’ve heard everyone above. We want to watch what we want to watch and pay for those services. So “A La Carte” channels based on our desires is what will eventually have to happen. Google, Apple, Netflix, etc. see the future. If you are not willing to change you will be wondering about your financials and what happened. In 5 to 10 years the Y generation must have selection or you will not survive. This generation is larger than the baby boomer generation. So you know they are going to get what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Offer selections, get fair on price, or lose to internet like so many before you.

  22. Peters says

    Like was pointed out earlier, in reality, the cost would be so small per subscriber that, unless you literally count every penny, you’d probably never even notice the difference by the time the cost gets filtered down to all of us….Unless Suddenlink just uses this as an excuse to jack up our bills. If it’s that big a deal, just do like Scott “Q” suggested, add it to my already higher tier for 50 cents or even a dollar more and keep on chugging along. No harm, no foul and those of us who think its worth it can keep it.

  23. Doug says

    How about moving to a-la-carte pricing? Then you can charge us for what we actually want and pass these price increases directly to those who want the channel. The opinion of the end consumer should be all that matters, and you don’t get that when you filter it through your entire customer base.

    Is it true that AMC wants 75 cents per subscriber? Maybe you should give a clearer breakdown of the $60.15 I pay for limited+expanded service I pay a month so I can see where it all goes.

  24. Todd says

    If AMC stays and prices go up, then I will be dropping Suddenlink. I have no use for AMC. Suddenlink should drop all these packaged deals on tv programming and let us pay for what we watch. I watch very little tv, but have to get extended cable to get the one channel I do like to watch. I would prefer to just pay for internet access, but the price almost doubles if you don’t get tv with it.

  25. Led Belly says

    As for me, I want AMC to stay as well. I am however, getting tired of the battle being waged while my program is on. The banner rolling by at the bottom of the screen, warning me of the impending DOOM! When AMC rips our favorite progams away from us because of their unfair demands.
    I don’t have any idea how networks are compensated by the carriers – if they are infact being treatd “unfair” or if the demands are “unfair”.
    It sounds like someone needs to break these two children up on the playground and see if they can’t play nice. I don’t know who’s ball it is, but they need to quit threatening to take it away.
    The viewers and advertisers will be the first to lose. AMC will cash in on DVD sales of the series that viewers miss out on, but the advertisers will not be impressed with that. Especially the ones that bought time for spots during the Walking Dead, Mad Men and the like. The future programing will suffer as a result.
    Suddenlink will not come out of this unaffected either. Dealing with complaints, losing subscriptions and so on. Just does not seem to be a winner going at it that way.
    Hopefully, both AMC and Suddenlink can reach an agreement that will work for both of them and all of us.

  26. Rick says

    Breaking Bad, Walking Dead. Mad Men. If you lose AMC, you lose me. Of course if you raise rates any higher, you may also lose me. I also would love a la carte choices.

  27. Roxie says

    I agree with many of the people on here who have stated that they like AMC and think they have some great shows. Suddenlink needs to stop trying to convince us that we need to get involved. AMC has increased the quality of their shows and are now increasing the cost of their programs. Suddenlink needs to step up and pay AMC what they are worth. If Suddenlink does not make the right decision (to keep AMC) then I think the viewers will not be the only ones losing something – Suddenlink will be losing many customers. Suddenlink – what is going to hurt the bottom line the most? Paying more for AMC or losing money from paying customers?

  28. Darrell K. says

    AMC dropped = Fewer viewers, lower ratings & shows downloaded from the internet for FREE! So who is AMC hurting?

  29. DBR says

    I am incredibly irritated at the way Suddenlink has approached this and other customer service issues.

    I mean this in all sincerity when I say that SL as a company seems to be incapable of simply delivering desired services to customers willing to pay for them.

    I honestly cannot comprehend this mindset from a company that – I assume – is oriented toward profit.

    1. Your recent bandwidth limitations give large families no real option to simply pay for the bandwidth they want to use. If you want to say that I don’t pay enough to have more than 350GB per month then fine – but give me an option to buy more. (CAN YOU HEAR ME? LET ME PAY YOU MORE MONEY!!!!!!)

    2. It’s the same thing with AMC. We know you don’t make the shows and we know you don’t set the price – but why do you insist on acting like AMC has no right to increase their prices when they have some of the best shows on television? You act like you are running your business in a vacuum and it makes no sense at all.

    I realize that a lot of people don’t want to see their bill go up – especially people that don’t watch AMC.

    Don’t make the mistake that all of your customers think this way. Let me put it very simply – you never tell your customer “no”. NEVER.

    You can come and tell me that I now have to pay $10 a month more for AMC. I would actually pay that. I would probably pay more.

    I want that station – just like I want to use a lot of bandwidth, but for some unfathomable reason, you can’t conceive of giving me an option – even an unreasonable option (because reasonable to that nice retired couple is not the same as reasonable to people like me).

    So at this point, I am honestly rooting against you Suddenlink. You are making terrible business decisions, you are unreasonably curtailing my ability as a customer to purchase services that you could easily deliver and make more money while doing so and my only conclusion is that your business leaders are incapable of operating the company at a profit in this environment.

    If that is the case, then you deserve what I think is about to happen to you.

    I challenge you to prove me wrong.

    Stop blaming AMC – it’s their product and they know we all want the finale – you can’t blame them for hiring people who understand business.

  30. Jeff says

    AMC is garbage. There is nothing “classic” about a channel that creates its own programming. They used to actually show classic movies. Now they don’t. Get rid if them!

  31. Barnet says

    I do not believe for one second that you cannot absorb the price of AMC into your current pricing scheme. AMC has 2 of the VERY BEST programs on all of tv. Just because others haven’t discovered it and don’t think there is value in AMC doesn’t mean there isn’t. AMC deserves to charge more as they are one of the few channels actually creating new content instead of constant reruns of other junk. They deserve to charge more. I lay this SQUARELY at Suddenlink’s feet. I have paid almost $200 a month for Suddenlink services since they were Cox, but I will not stand for this propaganda that you are putting out against AMC. Just PAY THE DAMN PRICE.

  32. Brett says

    To those complaining about your cable bill going up 25 cents to $1 is a moron. If you are that strapped for cash you need to drop cable immediately and watch whatever is available over the air for free.

    If AMC goes I’m gone and everybody I talked to about this is as well. The vast majority of people doesn’t know this is going on, but when their show isn’t on they will bounce too.

  33. C. Cogar says

    My family does not watch AMC so dropping it will not bother us. However, I do have a few concerns. Will our rates go down if you drop this station or will you replace it with another station(s)? Will we get a rebate considering some have already paid for a station that will not be availible a whole month?

  34. Cindy Coston says

    When AMC started it had no commericials and great old movies. Now I can find the same movies on many different channels that suddenlink offers. Drop them and offer another channel that we might be new and interesting.

  35. Carly Grimes says

    Drop AMC and lower our rates. AMC isn’t worth current cost. We already have a lot of channels that are not worth watching.

  36. Dwyane says

    AMC is being greedy and I hope you drop them like a brick. I don’t want my bill to increase for a channel I don’t watch. Stay strong, Suddenlink.

  37. Robbie says

    DROP AMC, I will be very happy. We are more into Internet programs including Facebook than AMC activities. The world has moved on…

  38. Shelly says

    Suddenlink, you should pay up. I realize this would increase my monthly billing. It’s worth it. This programming has a huge audience. Lose it and we’ll look for it in other services, which we’ll probably have to pay more for.

    If it goes to a premium channel, I will pay. So be smart, pay up and use this hugely pleased audience to sell additional channels, services, etc.

    Get smart and keep AMC in your basic lineup.

  39. CAL says

    I would love to see a la carte pricing if it is a channel by channel option.

    I personally feel that 50% increase is a bit much to expect in one year’s time and would have no problem if Suddenlink dropped AMC. I am not sure about it being replaced by similar programming as the TV Guide channel has been gone for a good long while and there is still no replacement that I can find. However, my spouse is a Walking Dead fan and will be disappointed to miss the finale.

    I would be especially happy if Suddenlink added Disney Junior to the channel lineup.