AMC Refuses Suddenlink Requests

AMC Networks refused two recent Suddenlink requests, both of which would have kept the affected cable channels available to our customers.

First, AMC Networks rejected our request to extend Wednesday night’s contract deadline by 30 days. That extension would have given both companies additional time to establish a new contract with more reasonable terms and conditions — and importantly, it would have allowed “Walking Dead” fans to see that series’ season finale.

Second, AMC Networks refused our request to negotiate separate contracts; one for just the AMC cable channel; and one for the others (IFC, Sundance, and WE tv). We asked for separate contracts so that both companies could focus on the programming in which our customers are most interested.

Please know that it is AMC — not Suddenlink — that is threatening to take these channels away from our customers. We remain willing to carry AMC programming during our negotiations, but we cannot legally do so without AMC’s permission after Wednesday night, March 14.


  1. Kari Spence says

    If AMC is refusing to make a deal, why don’t we hear about this refusal with other cable/satellite providers?

    • Pete says

      I can’t say. Perhaps they didn’t make offers like these or didn’t share that information with customers. We’re just trying to do what we can to keep this programming for our customers at a reasonable price.

    • Syd says

      That is a great point We should not be hearing of any of this. It has nada to do with us I call Shenanigans on Suddenlink and AMC

  2. Belinda Watkins says

    Drop them. AMC used to air movies without commercials. Then they said they had to go to commercials because they couldn’t stay on the air without them. Now their programming 15 minutes of commercials for every 5 minutes of the program you are trying to watch. It’s annoying.

  3. John says

    AMC just shows the same programs over and over. I can live without
    AMC if it in any way might raise my Suddenlink bill.

  4. Pam Wilson says

    Charge me the same, keep AMC, and drop a bunch of the crappy channels that no one watches. If you don’t reach a compromise and retain AMC, I’ll have to find a way to get it even if it means switching providers.

    • MPR says

      I completely agree with you Pam! Couldn’t have said it better! Suddenlink needs to stop acting so juvenile and act like the corporation that they are … Also, some people seem to not care for AMC…that is fine, but some do and I would like to see Suddenlink maintain the diversity AMC offers.

      • Mordrid says

        Quit whining about what AMC is charging and pay the darn fee, stop cluttering up my inbox with your notification letters. You don’t go Disney World or a mechanic and try to negotiate prices for services, keep my channel and pay em. If that means losing crappy channels like IFC or others with low raitings so be it. Another thing, ” The owners of AMC Network want a nearly 50% increase over what they were paid last year, and a greater than 100% increase in annual payments by the end of their new proposed contract.” How much is that exactly? Exact dollar amount! If I have to pay an extra $5-$10 a month for my AMC shows, so be it. Give us ALL the details and keep our channels. Those that dont want AMC offer them a package without it. And don’t pull a contract change fee, this crap isn’t our fault. If I pulled this at my job i’d have no customers. Quit whining and do your job that I and others PAY YOU for: keep our channel on the air.

  5. Mike says

    I will be gravely disappointed with suddenlink if they drop AMC. Perhaps they are asking more and hopefully this is part of the whole negotiation process, however, just as always you pay for what you get and AMC is delivering prime quality series (ratings can’t be ignored) …

    • Ralph Howell says



  6. Brian says

    It will be more effective if customers contact the sponsors and express to them that they will not be buying their products if this is not resolved. You have to hit them where it matters… the pocket.

  7. Roger Stewart says

    For goodness sake, work it out! please. It’s us customers that suffer. Suddenlink, you’re not innocent in this mess either …

  8. Bob says

    AMC is one of the few channels that have anything worth watching. If you drop them I will have to look at how to get them somewhere else. Cable TV is mostly worthless. Don’t lose one channel that has something a little different.

  9. Greg says

    I watch The Walking Dead on AMC and I guess I won’t get to see the Season Finale because of Suddenlink. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for the cable provider here. People pay a provider monthly for consistent service and I don’t care about negotiations at a higher level, the bottom line is Suddenlink’s service is about to change without changing the cost to me …

    For Suddenlink to point a finger at any television network when they are supposedly “providing” these networks to people who pay them $ every month is ridiculous. The reason Suddenlink is the only provider refusing to pay is because they are the only provider that thinks they can get away with this. I may like AMC, but where do we draw the line here? How many channels get dropped before you drop Suddenlink?

  10. crystal says

    We love AMC. I would be willing to pay extra for the channel if I had to to keep it. If I switched providers I would be paying more anyways, but I do agree that they are being unreasonable and greedy.

  11. Barbara Reineck says

    Drop AMC and even more important…Please Drop The Boring And Insulting Commercials implying that Suddenlink makes decisions based on what is good for and desired by their customers. Suddenlink is a business and makes decisions based on profit. If enough customers protest an action and leave or threaten to leave Suddenlink will decide in accordance with customers desires but only to preserve their profits.

  12. Kevin Piland says

    AMC needs to realize that customers come first so therefore if they’re going to tell SuddenLink that we can’t watch their content even though we bought it because of profits think again.

  13. Richard Duncan says

    I say drop them!! I can not afford another increase in my Suddenlink bill. I will miss Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels but the Walking Dead I am about to stop watching as it is. Plus, if I really need to see one of their shows, there are other means to do it… Their greed is the problem and for once I feel Suddenlink is looking out for me and my bil. if I may say, a AL LA Cart type packages would be a great way to please those of us that are tired of all the extra channels we are being charged for that we never watch. As the old joke goes, I get 300 channels and I watch maybe 9 of them. Which really I only watch about 12 channels…. As it is one more rate increase and I will have to drop part of my Suddenlink bundle to maybe only internet…. Thanks for trying to keep my bill down and if dropping the AMC network of shows helps, then drop them….

  14. Rob says

    The walking dead is my favorite show, but if Amc is dropped by suddenlink then i will just have to find the show else where like online. I don’t blame suddenlink for this and i don’t blame amc. I think everyone should stop complaining and remember that having cable is a want not a need. How can we complain about something that we all choose to have.

  15. Cecil C. says

    I understand how yall feel about protecting your customers and trying to give them the best prices. AMC company is not being fair and everyone posting should be calling or emailing AMC for the problem. If there is no choice but to pay their out rages prices then drop all the infomercials and other programs that people don’t like in order to keep AMC. Take a poll on what people really wants on their line-up and go with the majority votes. Most people wants their movie channels and things for their kids. We don’t need all them news channels, infomercials, online purchasing programs and such.

  16. Gary says

    Well, I like and watch AMC. They have very good programming. So very unlike the stations that seem like a year long basketball game, or one constant WWE or Raw or cage fight … But in the case of AMC, I guess quality just costs a little extra. After all, just how much of an increase, per subscriber, would this be. I don’t really think it’ll be all that. One way or another, I’ll be watching AMC.

  17. Nicolas says

    Hasn’t suddenlink done this before with 2 other stations? One of those stations was FOX. I’ll probably get some copied and pasted reply to this but I don’t really care. Hopefully it gets posted and maybe we can get some real work done. If suddenlink were to pay twice the price for a network they would have slightly lighter pockets. However since suddenlink makes up 2% of the walking deads ratings which are what? 5 or 6 million people? Imagine how light those pockets will be if a few thousand people switched providers. This world is all about money now. Not just making people happy. Not sure what the real story is or who’s fault it is but I’m on my side. I want walking dead or as soon as I get my AMC channel turned off I’ll have no choice but to switch providers. I know a very old woman in a nursing home. All she does is watch AMC. Every single night. She has no family or friends or pets. She does have suddenlink though. But she does not like any other channel. Just AMC. I wonder who is thinking about people like her instead of a fat wallet. Who will stand up for her? Let’s see who gives. AMC or suddenlink. The person who gives cares about customers. The other cares about money. I bet no one cares about customers for anything other than money though. Let’s see if my voice gets heard by this getting posted. By the way I’ll be waiting on my copied and pasted reply.

  18. Darrell K. says

    This high increase is NOT justified AMC!! Ok you have a few good shows BUT you are by far NOT one of the heavyweights in the industry! AMC does NOT rank among the likes of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc. They have the audacity to want to stomp with the big dogs! Most people didn’t know or care about AMC until they delivered Breaking Bad, Mad Men & The Walking Dead. Then to rub it in that Suddenlink customers will miss the season finale of The Walking Dead if no deal is made…just to follow up with an advertisement that the episode can be viewed via iTunes…smh. Drop’ em like it’s hot!!!

    • Nicolas says

      Just so you know channels like FOX, ABC, and NBC are not the same class as AMC. You can watch FOX pretty much free with an antenna. AMC is actually cable. AMC is a big dog breaking basic cable records.

      • Darrell K. says

        Exactly! AMC is not in the same class as the other networks. IMO, it’s inferior whether it’s free or for cost. I like AMC but I would give them up before I would give up any of the major networks.
        Breaking records doesn’t justify sticking it to your customers by threatening to not show the season finale of a very popular show. That’s just wrong.

      • Vicky Arriaga says

        Well I have to disagree with you. I have yet to see any of the major channels that have ranked in ratings above AMC on a show other than a reality type program.
        Also, AMC is NOT sticking it to its viewers and not showing a finale episode. The episode will be on the air. Suddenlink just doesn’t want to pay their new contract fees.
        I imagine that Suddenlink will try and use this for a raise in our monthly fees.
        For me, they could drop a lot of other networks(and all the local networks) and keep AMC.

  19. Kate gilcrist says

    … I love amc and think they should get their heads out of their butts and realize poor people like us who can’t even spare the few dollars to rent the walking dead. (Because that’s why we have cable) are the ones they are hurting. Every one of my friends has suddenlink and we all watch that channel. Its a bunch of crap that they would cut it off right before the last episode of season 2 of the walking dead…. why not just wait another week instead of making so very many fans mad because you couldn’t wait 1 week.

  20. Jorge Cuza says

    I just don’t understand why Suddenlink would be the only cable network having trouble with these so-called “outrageous” demands. If they are so ridiculous, why haven’t any of the other cable providers complained about it?

  21. Michelle says

    I really hope they can resolve this instead of making the customers suffer. AMC is one of the few channels I regularly watch and I will be extremely disappointed if it gets taken away …

  22. Penny says

    KEEP AMC!!! We love Mad Men, Walking Dead and the other original programs. Work it out.

  23. Vicky Arriaga says

    AMC is one of the top rated cable channels out there. They have won awards for their shows/originality.
    It is one of the few channels that I watch. Mad Men, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and most of the westerns that they have.
    All their original shows do cost money. I understand why they need to increase their contracts.
    And Suddenlink doesn’t want to give up their profits. I think that they are just using this to stick another price increase to their customers. Blaming it all on AMC, how childish.
    I could care less about dancing contests, or any type of reality shows. I very seldom watch ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox.
    And if Suddenlink drops AMC, I will find another provider.

  24. Stuart says

    I would like suddenlink to keep AMC, as a matter of fact I would like to see suddenlink offer it’s programming a la carte I pay for a lot of channels I don’t want or watch just to get the programing I want.

  25. Jill says

    I’m a concerned Suddenlink customer. They say AMC is wanting to charge a much larger fee in order to keep AMC as a listed channel with Suddenlink. This may or may not be true. I am aware of how business like Suddenlink work with TV stations such as AMC and pretend to be at odds with each other over the cost just so they can pass along the increase to us customers. I honestly only watch a few TV shows on AMC and would rather do without than to pay extra. It’s just not worth it to me. Having money to pay for gasoline is more important than watching a few shows on AMC. It would be nice to keep AMC, but I will not be bullied into paying a higher rate just to keep the channel. It would be nice if everyone could just be reasonable and not be so damn greedy. Greed is ruining this country.

  26. Ricky Bobby says

    It doesn’t matter, everyone else accepted the deal. Do it too. You’re going to end up hurting yourself. The customers will drop your service for another provider. Never underestimate the customer. We pay your bills and your salaries. We want AMC. Stop fighting them and give in.

  27. littleladyally says

    I wonder why Suddenlink won’t pay these increases when their revenue exceeded 1.5 BILLION dollars in 2010 … These are two big boy companies that need to work it out without involving their customer base. That being said, AMC original programming is on par with HBO and Showtime, and I’ll switch, pay more to indulge in this First World problem.

  28. Shelley says

    I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. If Suddenlink drops AMC or AMC drops Suddenlink, whichever, I’ll just plan on watching the season finale on AMC’s website. According to the AMC website you CAN watch the finale online after it airs on tv. So you may have to wait an hour but still be able to watch it online. Also, Amazon has all the episodes for $1.99 each. Amazon seems to get the latest episodes on their website pretty quick too. Season 2, Ep. 12 “Better Angels” is already on Amazon’s website. I don’t know when it was uploaded by Amazon but today is 3/13 and that episode aired on 3/11. So there are ways to watch the finale even if AMC pulls out of Suddenlink or vice versa. DON’T PANIC people.

  29. Dana Normand says

    I don’t care what AMC demands. If the channel is not available, I will seek an alternative to Suddenlink.

    • Shelley says

      Seriously, .25 cents? I’m okay with a .25 cent increase. Really? I know in the grand scheme of things it is the overall but really Suddenlink, give people the option to keep AMC for a .25 increase or opt out and not have AMC in their line up. Why is this so complicated? And how crappy of AMC to not extend the deadline until Sunday at mid-night? The season finale for The Walking Dead is Sunday and they want to drop off Suddenlink tomorrow. Does AMC not realize how many Suddenlink customers watch The Walking Dead? I haven’t done the research but according to a couple of websites The Walking Dead is their highest watched show. Wonder how many Suddenlink customers that includes?