All-Digital Conversion Finished in Arizona Cities

Today, Suddenlink completed an upgrade to the superior picture and sound quality of all-digital TV in Payson, Pine and Strawberry, Ariz., added more than 100 TV channels, including high-definition (HD) channels, and introduced faster Internet speed options in Pine and Strawberry.

The lineup in Payson now features more than 75 new HD channels and more than 45 new standard-definition (SD) digital channels. In Pine and Strawberry, the new lineup includes more than 90 new HD channels and more than 135 new SD channels. With these additions, the Pine and Strawberry TV lineups are the same as in Payson.

Among the new HD channels are: ESPN HD, Fox Sports Arizona HD, TNT HD, TBS HD,  USA HD, Lifetime HD, Discovery HD, TLC HD, Animal Planet HD, History HD, AMC HD, ABC Family HD, Disney HD, Nickelodeon HD, FX HD, Spike TV HD, Syfy HD, CNN HD and MTV HD.

Suddenlink also introduced two new high-speed Internet options for residential customers in Pine and Strawberry, with download speeds of up to 10 and 15 Megabits per second (Mbps). The new speed options are believed to be the fastest residential Internet service in the area. These services were introduced earlier in Payson.

The service enhancements are the latest elements of a $10 million capital investment program in Arizona. That program already has brought faster Internet speeds and many new TV channels to Kingman and Bullhead City, Flagstaff and other Arizona communities.


    • Pete says

      Thanks for the questions. An all-digital TV lineup is available in Jacksonville today. And while we have not yet introduced an up to 50 meg Internet service there, we have introduced an up to 20 meg service.