HD Channels Added in Branson, Mo.

Suddenlink today launched more high-definition (HD) TV channels in Branson, Mo. The new HD channels include: MSNBC HD, Headline News HD, BET HD, ESPNews HD, Fox Soccer HD, G4 HD, GOL HD, Fuse HD, Independent Film Channel HD, Biography Channel HD, H2 HD, Planet Green HD, Science Channel HD, Investigation Discovery HD, Fox Business Channel HD, Oxygen HD, WE tv HD, Disney XD HD. HBO2 HD, HBO Family HD, HBO Comedy HD and Starz Comedy HD.

HDTV offers a widescreen format, similar to a movie theater, with distinctly sharper images and better sound quality than standard TV.

The noted channel additions are part of Project Imagine. We will continue to announce launches of new and enhanced services as they are confirmed.


    • Pete says

      Yours is the first request for this network that I recall. Let me do some checking. I’ll respond with more, as soon as I can.

    • Pete says

      Due to your inquiry, I’m told the relevant managers are looking into Boomerang. The decision to add or not add it will depend, in large part, on the extent of local interest in this channel and the contractual terms (such as cost) that the owners of the channel seek.