UPDATED: Meredith TV Stations


We have reached an agreement in principle with Meredith. Please click here for more.


Suddenlink is involved in good-faith negotiations to renew its contract with Meredith, which owns several TV stations, including KPHO, KCTV, KSMO, and WSMV. To date, we have completed contracts with other broadcast owners, covering more than 100 local TV stations. As with those others, we are seeking contract terms from Meredith that are reasonable, at a price we hope our customers can afford. And if we can’t establish a new contract by Dec. 31, we will ask Meredith for an extension of the current contract, until a new one is in place. An extension would keep these stations available to our customers, which is our number-one goal.


  1. josh says

    I hope this doesn’t add to the bill and I hope you all get your stuff together and quit trying to get more and more money out of us.

  2. Gwen Wyant says

    It’s really to bad that the customers/people at home are always effected. This should not even be a question. KCTV5 should always remain as a option for our viewing. It is part of our family on a daily basis for years. We enjoy their regular programing. I am really disappointed and saddened by the message I seen at the bottom of my screen while watching the Chiefs game. I do not find one group responsible but both parties involved are responsible for this disapointment. It takes more then one group to come up with a solution. I hope that the two groups come to a solution and let us people/family at hope keep enjoying this chanel KCTV5.

  3. Dave gorman says

    KCTV is an important part of why I have cable, but more important is having a CBS affiliate on the cable system … Please address these concerns.

    • Pete says

      Dave and everyone else — please know that we have no intention of dropping KCTV. The only company that can remove that station from your lineup is its owner, Meredith. We will gladly keep this and other Meredith stations as long as Meredith allows us to do so.

  4. Terri says

    When will we know whether your negotiations with Meredith stations are successful? Is December 31st the deadline? Will service be interrupted during the negotiations?

    • Pete says

      The current contract expires at midnight on Dec. 31. If we suspect a new one will not be in place by that time, we will ask for an extension. There is no reason why this channel should be taken away from you and we hope Meredith agrees.

  5. muthalove says

    I spoke with the GM of KPHO and apparently this “70% increase” amounts to roughly three cents per customer. That’s really not unreasonable, considering the quality of the content. I’d suggest you settle.

    • Pete says

      It’s much, much more than three cents per month. If it was only that much, we could reach a deal easily. He’s using the confidentiality clauses of the current contract to cover his misleading statements. What’s more, if KPHO secures their unreasonable demands, other stations will want the same treatment — at which point we’re talking several extra dollars per month per customer. We just can’t raise rates that much — not with the cost of other channels increasing every year by 8% or more. We agree that the cost of basic cable is already too high. The current path is not sustainable.

  6. Mike says

    It would seem that both sides need to negotiate. I’m tired of hearing its someone elses fault. It takes both sides to fail.

  7. Matt says

    You [Suddenlink] don’t pass the channels thru to the customer at cost anyway, there’s a profit margin in the mix for both parties and THAT is what’s being argued. Suddenlink wants the channel at a price where they can maintain current margin, KCTV wants more margin and the customers are going to pay by either losing a channel in their lineup or paying more for the channel.

    … KCTV and Suddenlink are forgetting the power of the consumer.

    This is ridiculous behavior that kills the country. Two wealthy parties fighting over MY MONEY. Both parties are as ridiculous as the NFL/NBA lockouts over the CBA.

      • Matt says

        Pete –

        It takes a compromise – and I can understand that Suddenlink doesn’t want KCTV to run away with the cookie jar.

        While Suddenlink has chosen to pass thru surcharges to compensate for increases to Suddenlink broadcast costs without a profit margin (which is respectable), the margin lies in the premium paid for the service; not in the surcharge, but the fee for cable iteself. I’m no dummy and Suddenlink is most certainly a for-profit organization.

        The two organizations cannot hide the underlying issue they’re arguing about – cost, which translates into margin in the grand scheme of things. Neither party wants less than the other and in many cases, neither party will settle for the same.

        Either way, both parties are wrong for coming to this because you’re fighting over my dollars and I can chose where they go …

  8. Cindy says

    Please work something out with Meredith. We don’t want to lose KCTV5 and have to look for alternatives for cable coverage.

  9. melisha says

    I think it is horrible that we are going to lose our because no one wants to be reasonable about the talks between suddenlink and meredith stations. I think that at this period and time that you would be more than happy to have any income available. I know that those of us that our actually blessed to have jobs really cannot afford any more rate hikes!!!! What a disappointment! SHAME ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. christy watson says

    I live in a senior community where we have no choice as to the cable company we use. Suddenlink is it. The local CBS stations in the Kansas city area are watched by hundreds of people who have no choice in cable companies. We do NOT want to lose KCTV5 …

  11. Dennis says

    I hope you don’t force me to change … I have cable because I want cable. All the shows I like are on KPHO (cbs), If you can’t make a deal, I will change, as I’m sure many others will too!

  12. Paula says

    If KCTV is asking for too much money, then perhaps Suddenlink should save money elsewhere. They could save by not offering some of the cable channels that are not watched as much as CBS. There are a lot of channels that I don’t pay any attention to, but I watch CBS all of the time.

  13. Mary Lou Polley says

    I saw on KCTV5’s news cast last night that your company & KCTV5 have not reached a contract agreement and that if his contract is not settled by December 31, Suddenlink will no longer be carrying KCTV in their line up. I, as a KCTV5 viewer, hope this can be settled by the deadline. I know it is a money issue and that both sides may have to “give” a little in the negotiations. I can’t imagine that your company will drop one of the main network stations without offering another CBS station. Most of my favorite shows are on CBS as well as KCTV5 being my favorite news station. I know I’m only one small viewer but felt I should at least let you know my feelings about this matter.

  14. Shirley Grace says

    P L E A S E don’t remove channel 4 WSMV from the Russellville, KY cable lineup. We rely on their competent broadcasting for up to date news and weather.

  15. MJ says

    How ridiculous! While the fat cats fight, the little guys (Suddenlink subscribers) suffer. Get on with it and get this mess settled! CBS is an important network to us and we will find a way to keep receiving it.

  16. Phil King says

    You Loose channel 5 and you will loose me (I have packaged phone,t.v., and internet with your cable system). I am quite sure that I won’t be the only customer you will loose. DON’T BLOW THIS Sudden Link !!!!!!!!!!!!! No local and you already know that you will loose many customers….

  17. Pamela says

    Suddenlink!! What’s wrong with you. I feel both sides need to consider what they are doing. If we no longer have KPHO/Channel 5 we will be without several popular programs…Today it seems to be only about the dollars one can make…And it also seems the costs are added to the customer some way or another. Please step up to the table and keep channel 5/KPHO…

    • Pete says

      The availability of CBS-5 is not up to us (Suddenlink); it’s up to Meredith. They make the ultimate decision. That’s why we’ve asked for an extension to the current contract — so these stations continue to be available to our customers.