UPDATE: Longhorn Network

In Suddenlink’s ongoing efforts to make the Longhorn Network available on fair and reasonable terms to customers who want it, we sent a new offer on Aug. 31 to ESPN, which is negotiating on behalf of Longhorn. In fact, we sent the offer twice — by fax and overnight delivery — and have confirmations of receipt for both.

This new offer would give ESPN its own digital channel for Longhorn, widely available to Suddenlink’s customers who want it. We told ESPN they could make this channel available for free or set whatever price they like — and keep all revenues, including all advertising revenues. Under this offer, Suddenlink would have made no money.

So far — a week later and counting — the response from ESPN has been … chirping crickets. Not a single word.

We remain ready and willing to negotiate.


  1. Drew B says

    Thank you for recognizing the demand for this Network. I’m sure most people know by now that it’s ESPN that is causing the delay in picking up carriers.

    • FYI Publisher says

      We will provide an update as soon as we hear back from ESPN. I would expect my colleagues will be contacting ESPN again, in the next week or two, if we don’t hear from them in that time.