Longhorn Network

To the best of our knowledge, of the five-largest TV service providers in Texas — Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, and Suddenlink — none have reached an agreement with the Longhorn Network.

Suddenlink would very much like to make this network available on fair and reasonable terms to our customers who want it. In fact, we have told ESPN, which is negotiating carriage on behalf of the Longhorn Network, that we would be delighted to sign an agreement with them like the one we signed with the NFL Network last year. So far, ESPN has refused that offer.

In the meantime, virtually all Longhorn football games will be on channels that Suddenlink already carries, such as ABC, ESPN, and FOX.


  1. Greg says

    Yes, Longhorn football games are carried on ABC, ESPN, and FOX. BUT, the premise behind THE LONGHORN NETWORK was to show other sports, academics, and news coverage concerning THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. We are just lucky the network is going to show one maybe two football games this year.

    I suppose the outcry from the public wouldn’t be as great if LHN wasn’t showing the RICE game tomorrow, but this is total !@#$.

  2. Drew B says

    I’m glad that Suddenlink has addressed this issue. ESPN probably wants too much money. I don’t know how they expect to get their investment returned when they’re shutting the doors on potential customers.

  3. Don Parsons says

    I am a happy Suddenlink customer that lives with the shadow of Texas A&M University. If the Longhorn fans around here want to see the Longhorn Network, let ‘em pay for it themselves.

    • Drew Bizzell says

      We ARE willing to pay for it, we don’t have anyone who will take our money. In aggieland all we have are Suddenlink, Dish, DirectTV and whatever “Pavlov” is. None of those carriers have an agreement with ESPN yet…..like we thought we were getting it for free…

  4. Russell Smith says

    Suddenlink is back on the clock. Texas vs Kansas will be televised by LHN. It’s not just the games as someone else mention I would prefer watching the LHN content than reruns of storage wars/auction hunters/ bow hunting or cupcake whatever…

  5. Kristi says

    Both sides need to figure out how to come to an agreement so that the fans are not held hostage again.

  6. Kristi says

    Offer it in a package, whatever is needed to be done. This is so much like the local network channel that was yanked and then here in Austin we got Waco news for a couple of months. Now, the network and Suddenlink got it all worked out. The same needs to happen for ESPN and Suddenlink. Both sides need to bend to come to an agreement.

    Listening to the game is just not the right way to see football.

  7. Jordan says

    The author references Suddenlink getting the NFL Network last year. While I applaud the fact that Suddenlink customers finally got the network, it was way too late. Suddenlink is based in Texas and should carry LHN. Give the people what they want! You have done some good things to improve the company over the last eighteen months. Now step up and make your customers happy.

  8. Morris Reese says

    Both parties have now had more than sufficient time to puff their chests and it is time for them to get this matter resolved.