Stephen Hawking Kicks Off ‘Curiosity’ Series

Famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking will help launch the Discovery Channel’s new “Curiosity” series, which debuts Sunday, Aug. 8. He’ll host the episode entitled, “Did God Create the Universe?”

The weekly series will bring together individuals from assorted walks of life to tackle fundamental questions facing the world today. Each episode will focus on a single question in science, technology, and society.

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  1. Tim Cox says

    Dear Dr. Hawking,
    As I watched the Curiosity program about “Did God Create the Universe?” Your conclusion was that sence there was only a black hole at the begining of the universe and there was no time, then there was no God. I did not understand how time and God are related. Humans made time. We understand time as fixed. Does this mean Gods time is the same as our. What is time? Does this mean that 24 hours in a day for us is 24 hours to God, or the creation of time means there was nothing before it. If the black hole has no time then does’nt this mean God has no time. If God created the universe in one day as it says in the Bible, how long was that day.

  2. Christie says

    Tim, he also said there is no need for a god currently because there is no evidence for one. You have to take what he said in context. That is what he meant when he talked about time. He meant the time that we currently have evidence of was created at the Big Bang. If your suggesting some kind of time without evidence that would be jumping to conclusions before anything can be verified to suggest that conclusion. The only honest answer is to say “I don’t know”

    When we don’t have evidence of something one can’t just put a god there because that is what they want. When we don’t have evidence it can be anything in the unknown, which has all sorts of possibilities, because it includes things we haven’t discovered, or can’t even comprehend.