Suddenlink Tech Director Takes Extreme ‘Vacation’

Tyler, Texas, Call Center Technology Director John Speaker (pictured on the right, in the photo above) recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime called Extreme SEAL Experience (ESE). The seven-day course aims to replicate some of the training Navy SEALs endure. The intense week includes “Hell Night,” a shorter version of the actual SEAL training regimen’s “Hell Week.”

“They’re not there to try to beat guys down and make them quit,” said John. “They make the course very physically and mentally demanding, but they give you the tools to overcome and push past your own limits. I can honestly say I learned as much about myself as I did about the Navy SEALs.”

How will John apply the experience to his job at Suddenlink?

“I now have a mindset of just ‘Get it done,’” he said. “It doesn’t matter what your hurdle is, there’s a way around it. You can make things work.”