Suddenlink Honors ‘Service Heroes’

Twelve Suddenlink employees recently earned the distinction of “Service Heroes,” based on their extraordinary commitment to serving customers, communities, and colleagues with excellence. Fifteen others earned honorable mentions. Read on to learn about the honorees.

Broadband Technician Rob Acker, Greenville, N.C., for handling a call on his day off to lighten a co-worker’s load and restore service more quickly to customers.

Customer Counter Representative Andrea Benton, Parkersburg, W. Va., for paying a customer’s bill when he was unable.

Construction Technician Armando Grajeda, Truckee, Calif., for camping out in his truck to avoid weather-related delays in order to complete a project on time.

Construction Coordinator Dawn Lahay, Kingwood, Texas, for jumping in wherever she’s needed, even coming in one Saturday to make sales calls.

Regional Headend Manager Michael Miller, Charleston, W. Va., for hiking through two-foot snowdrifts to install equipment needed to keep an upgrade on schedule.

Dispatcher Regina Pierce, Purcell, Okla., for juggling a variety of work responsibilities and taking an active role in civic groups.

Broadband Technician Roland Reyes, Abilene, Texas, for his quick action helping a pedestrian who lost consciousness.

Social Media Customer Experience Administrator Tina Simcox, for advocating on behalf of Suddenlink customers.

Broadband Technician J.D. Terry, Parkersburg, W. Va., for helping rescue a man from an overturned truck.

Broadband Technician Julio Vasques, Andrews, Texas, for calling 911 and helping contain a yard fire until help arrived.

Broadband Technician Paul Yeager, Shrewsbury, W. Va., for changing a co-worker’s tire so he could get home in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Retail Sales Manager Mary Jane Vermillion, Aurora, Mo., for making sure co-workers had lunch during a week of snowstorms, and for dispatching from home when bad weather closed the office.

Honorable mentions included: Michael Atkinson, Georgetown, Texas; Christine Balderas and Bryan Hays, Lubbock, Texas; Adrian Butterworth, St. Louis, Mo.; Ginnie Daniels, El Dorado, Ark.; Paul Day and Jeff Richards, Parkersburg, W. Va.; David Estridge and Robin Pendley, Tyler, Texas; Mark Hayes, Conway, Ark.; Kim LaPoint, Lake Charles, La.; Richard Mays, Prosper, Texas; Michele Schroeder, Osburn, Idaho; Michelle Smith, Carthage, Mo., and Billy Tosh, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.