Suddenlink Offering 3-D Movies on Demand

Suddenlink is now offering a series of 3-D movies through its video-on-demand (VOD) service, where that service is available.

The initial menu of Suddenlink 3-D on-demand titles includes: “Bolt,” “Chicken Little,” “Jonas Brothers,” “The Last Airbender,” and “Scar.” New titles will be introduced each month as movie studios make them available.


Households interested in viewing 3-D movies will need a 3-D TV set and 3-D glasses, which can be purchased from consumer-electronics retailers. They will also need a Suddenlink high-definition (HD) receiver* because most if not all 3-D on-demand movies are in HD format.

Most Suddenlink HD receivers have what is known as an HDMI output and are installed with HDMI cables. These hardware components support 3-D viewing. Households that do not have these components and wish to view 3-D movies will need to contact Suddenlink to make arrangements to have their equipment replaced or rewired.

Additionally, HD receivers must be set to “standard” view rather than “stretch” view in order to watch 3-D programming.