Suddenlink, Viacom Reach Agreement

Suddenlink and Viacom are pleased to announce that they’ve reached an agreement in principle on a long-term contract. Viacom channels, listed below, will continue to be carried by Suddenlink. In addition, EPIX will be made available to Suddenlink customers in the next few months.

EPIX provides consumers with the latest Hollywood movies, 15,000 films from three of the top motion picture libraries and cutting-edge original programming on television, on demand and online, exclusively in HD and SD.

Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Suddenlink wants to thank its customers for their patience and support during these negotiations and assure them that, as a result of this agreement, there will be no changes to the recently announced rate adjustments for Suddenlink’s most-popular services; the company will absorb any difference and customers will have a choice about whether or not they want EPIX.

In addition to EPIX, the new agreement covers all of the Viacom networks included under the prior agreement. Of those networks, the seven typically featured on Suddenlink’s widely available Expanded Basic service are MTV, Nickelodeon, TV Land, Comedy Central, Spike TV, VH1, CMT. The others are featured on optional digital services and include Logo, Palladia HD, Nick Jr., TeenNick, NickToons, Nick2, MTV Hits, MTV2, MTV Jams, Tr3s, VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, and CMT Pure Country.


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  1. Jennifer says

    I would have been happy if you would have not continued to carry them. It is some of the worst programming on tv.

    • FYI Publisher says

      As a result of this agreement, there will be no changes to the recently announced rate adjustments for Suddenlink’s most-popular services; the company will absorb any difference .

  2. Jeanne Lubey says

    We would sure be appreciative if you added the Hallmark Channel to your list of those available in the basic fee structure. There is not much to watch
    these days, but that channel is wonderful.

  3. Deanne Williams says

    I suppose I’m glad that an agreement with Viacom was reached only because my cable bill was not increased. This entire discussion has made our household reevaluate how much we watch cable programming. We are actively looking into how we can get this content (or even some of it) by streaming.

  4. Lara Hutcheson says

    I have been a long time user of suddenlink for everything; cable, phone and internet. You all have been overthe top great to me! I am glad that you were able to come to an agreement. I find absolutely dumbfounding what this company was trying to do especially having to do with children’s channels. As you had said these “R” channels or movies we never even asked for, we get those on the paid channels if we want them. As great as you all have been to us, I just wish this other company was as good to you!

  5. Lara Hutcheson says

    As i read a little further, which i should have done before making my 1st comment, I am glad to see EPIX stepping in! Viacom, from what i ccan tell may have thought they had more control of Suddenlink than they thought. I guess they should get a little humble and realize that they are not the only company that is out there to use. I am not attacking them, really! I just see companies grow all the time and get so big that they start to feel that they have soooo much power, that can do whatever they want and forget about the viewers. Thank goodness Suddenlink doesn’t do that, they still remember their viewers, and remember the viewers that have little money but would like entertainmet! THANK YOU SUDDENLINK!!!!

  6. crn says

    i see that an agreement was reached contrary to the overwhelming wishes of your subscribers to dump viacom and return the difference. oh well so much for your valiant effort to respond to your customers wishes.

    • FYI Publisher says

      We heard from our customers through a variety of different means, through this blog and otherwise. On balance, they told us that they would like us to reach an agreement that (1) did not affect recently anhnounced rate adjustments for our most popular services, and (2) gave them a choice on whether or not they wanted Epix. Both of those conditions were satisfied.

  7. David Boyette says

    I would be happy for Suddenlink to drop all Viacom related channels. I do no agree with their tactics and will not view their channels in the future.

  8. S. DiRocco says

    My household would not be severely impacted by the loss of the viacom network channels. We only find 2 of them to be of any value. In recent years the former music channels seem to cater to a lower class of person and encourage immoral behavior in between 5 minute commercial breaks. We find most of the Nickelodeon channels to be similarly obnoxious in their programing. Honestly, I’d rather have a lower bill without those channels than to pay more for channels I don’t watch anyway.

  9. Junebug Fugitt says

    So, since we’re going to be losing all of the best channels you offer does this mean that our rates are going to decrease? I highly doubt it.

    • Junebug Fugitt says

      Okay, nevermind… I didn’t read the latest blog entry until after I posted that comment. My bad.