Viacom Negotiations: Share Your Views

As reported, despite a challenging economic environment, Viacom still wants a more than 20% overall increase in what they’re paid, which includes significant payment for a new network (Epix) with R-rated programming, which our customers have not requested and many do not want.

HBO and Showtime also feature R-rated programming, but we and our customers only pay for those networks, when our customers choose to subscribe to them. In contrast, Viacom wants to be paid for Epix regardless of whether or not our customers choose it.

Consider letting your Members of Congress know how you feel about this situation.

Naturally, your message will be the most meaningful if it’s in your own words, but here are a few points to consider …

    Suddenlink is negotiating a contract renewal with Viacom.

    Viacom wants a more than 20% overall increase in what they’re paid – including significant payment for a new network with R-rated programming.

    Unlike other networks with R-rated programming, Viacom wants to be paid whether or not Suddenlink customers want this programming in their homes.

    No company should be allowed to force payment for R-rated programming that isn’t wanted.


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  1. Jennifer Van Brasch says

    This is RIDICULOUS! My family only watches children’s programming. We do NOT watch anything R-rated, nor do we wish to. I think Viacom needs to CUT their fees by 20% instead! The rich just keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer. Sometimes this nation really stinks!

  2. Concerned says

    How Dare Viacom try to extract more money out of viewers, a TWENTY PERCENT Increase in this economy! Viacom channels are on Big Advertising Free For All! I swear the commercials have more airtime on there channels! Turn on Spike and it seems like 10 minutes of actual program for every 15 minutes of commercials! And they want US to pay more to sit through their commercials that make them money? … PLEASE show them the door Suddenlink, tell them to come back in three months and maybe you’ll sit down with them. One of the cable companies needs to stand ip to these bloodthirsty Jackals. Suddenlink, You will become heros for standing up to Viacom. There is outstanding kids content on Disney Channel Cartoon Network, PBS etc. I applause Suddenlink to have the common sense and integrity to stand up to Viacom. I AM contacting my lawmakers and the FCC. Viacom content has always been the lowest common denominator anyway . I watch Vevo HD Music Videos on YouTube not MTV. Suddenlink, JUST SAY NO at anyprice! JUST SAY NO and become heros to your loyal subscribers and the rest of the industry!

    • Greg Horwood says

      Go ahead and time it, and you will be shocked to see how much time you spend watching commercials. Especially on Spike and SyFi, as if their crappy shows are worth more. I highly recommend READING books and magazines, playing video games, and renting movies. DO NOT buy stuff from the advertisers on commercials. You can download a lot of FREE entertainment from the ‘net. TV is going to die.

  3. Smart Cookie says

    Why buy the Cow when you can get the milk for free? Go to or or and get it all for free. Just dump Viacom. In 6 months maybe let them back on YOUR SYSTEM using your costly infrastructure, but tell them you want 30% less than you WERE Paying!! Give your customers a nice decrease in the cable bill. Tell the Old Media that we are ready to cut the cord! With your High Speed Internet who needs them.

  4. Mary says

    I agree with the others. I don’t watch those channels anyway and aren’t worth a rate increase. Dropping them would not affect me at all!

  5. Duh says

    Dump Them! Let Viacom’s next lame reality show be “Journey to the Bottom of The Ratings.” Then we will watch it free on and LOL.

  6. Mary Anne says

    I donot watch any of Viacom channels. Please drop them and get us Fox Business . I only watch a few of the channels anyway.

  7. Edward says

    I agree with the majority of the other posts. The only channel we ever watch in the entire Viacom lineup is TV Land, and we seldom and that is only when the Andy Griffith Show is on. MY VOTE IS TO COMPLETELY DUMP VIACOM and pass the savings onto your customers.

  8. sosg says

    So STOP with Viacon already!
    What part of ‘unacceptable’ is not being understood, better yet who are the idiots who insist to negotiate with the un-negotiable?
    Gosh, guys, when one grocery store is unacceptable, you go to another.
    Maybe you’all need a plain old housewife…
    Thank you,

  9. Howard Brandon says

    I would be more than happy to have the listed Viacom channels removed from my expanded basic lineup. Also, the opportunity to do additional pruning on the expanded basic lineup would be greatly appreciated as long as the cost was reduced as well. I say quality over quanity.

  10. BReal says

    DROP THEM, in a month they’ll come crawling back on their hands and knees begging for a deal.

    THEN DON’T let them back!

    It will be nice to see the cable bill fall. No one wants EPIX. And any MTV awards show or special event is always on anyways.

    • Greg Horwood says

      And all award shows are a waste of time, anyways. A bunch of overpaid knuckleheads patting each other on the back for doing nothing. Yawn.

  11. BReal says

    PS, You’ll be industry heroes if you drop them. Suddenlink will be front page news in Time Magazine and all the history books as the First Cable Company to actual have the balls to say NO! You would be making a Historic Decision that could signal the turning point from old media to the new media.

  12. Vince says

    Hello, people want more channels, not LESS. Take the channels, and pay the money. Suddenlink can afford it.

    • Nater says

      Uhh, the Customers pay, NOT Suddenlink, those Viacom Cost increases are passed on to the Subscribers! If you can’t live without “Spongebob” watch him online for free.

      • Greg Horwood says

        No, really, I suspect that this is a done deal, and Suddenlink is setting us up for a big … rate increase. It isn’t just Viacom. These entities have been “frenemies” for years. DON”T BE FOOLED.

      • Andrew says

        So are our cable bills going to be reduced for the time we don’t have the Viacom channels? Don’t count on it.

    • Clem Burroughs says

      Do you really believe that Suddenlink, not their customers will be paying this huge increase?

      It would mean that ALL Suddenlink customers would be paying for this blackmail, paying for so many channels that most of us do not even want even if they were free.

    • Lisa and Larry says


    • er dulaney says

      If it were just Suddenlink paying, I’d consider 20% outrageous. And to be fair, they have to pass that on. $100 to $120 … you think this is fair? For substandard programming? You go on ahead. Suddenlink thinks of its customers first.

  13. Salhoff says

    Oh this makes me SO mad. I already pay for a bizillion channels I NEVER watch! It’ll hurt to lose Comedy Central and my kiddos will be sad if they can’t watch Nick… but I can find the content elsewhere. I say yank ‘em – and don’t raise rates – it already hurts to pay the bill as it is!!
    I DO LOVE that SuddenLink has an HD TIVO box for the same monthly cost as the HD/DVR! I’m getting mine installed next week. :)

  14. Nater says

    You should drop Viacom ASAP and send out a questionairre to all your cable customers asking if they really want them back.

    That new cable bill will be a few dollars cheaper and ask the question, “To get back these channels it will cost $XX more than this new lower bill, are you willing to pay it.”

    What do you think the results will be? Viacom should be paying us for all the income they get from the avalanche of commercials and licensed Spongebob and Dora stuff.

    Cut them loose.

    • Vince says

      Hello, Suddenlink makes money from ads placed on all the Viacom networks. While some ads may be sold “nationally,” Suddenlink sells local inventory on almost all Viacom channels in almost all of its markets and Suddenlink makes the profit, not Viacom. As a media buyer, I can tell you Suddenlink makes a bundle off of local insertion.

      • Wascally Wabbit says

        Ohhhhhhhhhh, Vince the ” Media Buyer.” Hummmm. It’s Viacom’s BFF! No wonder you were begging for “more channels” earlier, “not less.”

      • er dulaney says

        Which is why the ongoing talks. Of course, Suddenlink doesnt want to lose – but 20% increase??? Consider: That’s not just us watchers, but those buying commercial time, too. It would be nice if Suddenlink could pass on those rate hikes to those paying for commercials, but they can’t. Commercials are bought and paid for up front; future commercials might be a problem. But the deal is this: Suddenlink has to pay channels to begin with, and customers like us will pay the extra so suddenlink can recoup their losses. And commercials – where Suddenlink makes their money – would flounder. Ask tubbs would they be willing to pay an extra 20% and keep same commercials on, whenever their contract comes around? My guess is no.

  15. Kevin Stevens says

    Your pricing is way to high for what you offer. If you had more offerings, you would have more subscribers and be able to afford to pay for decent programming.

  16. Nater says

    oh, All the SouthPark episodes are free online on the official Viacom South Park Site with hardly any commercials at all in Full HD

  17. dwyane watson says

    Let viacom keep all their channels and don’t give into these people. Once they don’t get any money at all they will change their tune.

  18. crn says

    suddenlink would be remiss to continue with these thugs. why negotiate for junk. very few, if any subscribers, watch that garbage anyway. do us a favor and get rid of viacom, please!!!!!!!!! pretty please!!!!!!!!!

  19. James says

    I don’t watch any of the Viacom channels which are subject of current negotiations, and personally would rather not have them and have resultant lower rates than to have them at the same rates. And, as others have said, if they remain or go away but rates increase, I fear I will have to seek other means of means of tv access.

  20. Alice says

    So bye bye Viacom, we watched TV Land sometimes, but will not be upset if its gone. We love Hallmark and GMC more. Don’t let them get you. Good bye good ridence. We don’t need more R-rated junk. Stand your ground – you’ll keep more customers that way!


    Just drop them. I do not want any more R-rated stations. Please make Suddenlink a family-friendly service. When I changed from another provider to Suddenlink, I was disappointed in the lack of church-type channels that my previous provider offered and I am considering going back.

    • Nelson says

      I agree, some other cable providers offer more Christian networks than Suddenlink. They should offer more.

  22. Marty Tressell says

    Hold you ground…do without…if consumers don’t take a stand we see the consequences…if we stop buying high priced vehicles, gas and diesel for a period of time what do you think would happen to the prices?

    Thank you for Taking a stand against the “BIG” Guys …

  23. Catherine says

    Good for you Suddenlink. I won’t miss Viacom and will be glad to pay a lower monthly bill. Viacom is acting like a thug and doesn’t deserve to be on the lineup. Most of their channels are crappy anyway and have wayyyy too many commercials.

  24. Wascally Wabbit says

    Get rid of these channels now! Don’t let those negotiaters from Viacom back in. These channels are a snooze fest no one watching. Ever kid that likes Spongebob has a jillion spongebob DVDs WITHOUT 10 minutes of Commercials for sugary PopTarts and Sugar Frosted cereals. And Spongebob is loaded with Sexual References for pre-schoolers? Search on Google “Spongebob hidden Sexual”! … Suddenlink you don’t want to be associated with these people! Kids should be learning from Sesame Street and Elmo and the wonderful ”
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. Don’t make any deals every with these extortionists that used CHILDREN to coerce deals in the past with other cable companies. It was reprehensible to run full page ads in newspapers with teary eyed
    Dora and Spongebob pictures imploring children to beg parents to call the cable company. Anyone that uses children to achieve a business deal should be banned from the children’s television industry. And these Viacom Monsters are playing ” Hard Ball” with Suddenlink? I want them off my Cable Lineup permanently! You should have polled your customers months ago and saved all this negotiation trouble. We don’t want any of these Viacom Channels at ANY Price! Suddenlink, please take our advice and say Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

  25. William FitzGerald says

    It is our opinion that Suddenlink should drop Viacom. Based on a poll within our family, the channels listed would not be missed. Also, from my family’s perspective, the availability of R-rated programming will lead to parents and most adults blocking those channels. We do not want to be paying for R-rated programming comming into our home.

    From our perspective, Suddenlink should tell Viacom to come back when they have something to offer that makes sense to the Suddenlink viewing customers.

  26. David H says

    I say drop them like a rock! Give it 6 months and they’ll be lobbying Suddenlink to play ball. I can’t recall ever watching 1 minute of any of their channels. It’s a shame for folks that enjoy some of the channels and I’m a firm believer in volume discounts; however, I wouldn’t give ViaScam the satisfaction!

  27. Greg Horwood says

    Cable companies ROUTINELY force unwanted channels on customers every day. Most of the channels I get, I don’t watch, don’t want and don’t want to pay for, but you force me to so I can receive channels I DO watch. Instead of giving us a package with “200 channels”, most of which we CANNOT EVEN RECEIVE IN VIDEO, why don’t you give us 200 channels that THE CUSTOMER CHOOSES? I could care less if Viacom deletes these few channels from my line up. I would rather have the credit to my account. I suspect that you are setting us up for a rate increase. Delete these useless channels, and Viacom can go sell product to someone else.

    • crn says

      interesting. u might b right. we can see what happens by suddenlink’s response to their customer’s overwhelming wishes. film at 11.

  28. Sandra says

    Viacom should reconsider the age and viewing tastes of their fastest-growing customer audience — Baby Boomers with grandchildren. We occasionally watch Nickelodeon at our house, but never watch the others. Our family wouldn’t miss them and will applaud Suddenlink for saying NO to more R-rated viewing.

  29. Rose says

    5 different MTV channels aren’t worth a dime. 5 different VH-1 channels aren’t worth a dime either. The kids like Nick, but all MTV and VH-1 channels are blocked at my house. At least with the R rated channel you know what you’re getting, not so with MTV and VH-1. They’re terrible and getting worse, they’re not fit for kids to watch, yet that’s how they are marketed.

    It’s too bad, MTV was once great.

    Drop ‘em.

  30. Rocky says

    I’m a firm believer in the economics of “price and demand”. Based on what I’m reading, the demand is low; price is high. No brainer; dump them and reduce my monthly bill.

  31. nathan mccreery says

    As far as I’m concerned, tell them to stick it. Apparently, they weren’t paying attention during the November election. We the people are tired of huge corporations and huge government entities that try to control our lives and “shove” stuff down our throats we don’t want. If they’re so in love with the new “R” channel let them enjoy by themselves. If that channel is on regular programming and not premium, I will unsubscribe myself from this network. I have enough Hollywood sewer that gets through on regular programming at this point. No need to add more.

  32. William says

    I won’t miss Viacom programming & I certainly don’t want any R-rated channels. Would appreciate if it you would consider adding the RFD channel.

  33. Johnny says

    Suddenlink…stick to your guns…tell Viacom to take a long walk off of a short bridge. There are shows that I watch on these channels but them being gone will not affect my life one way or the other. Tell Viacom if they want to make more money they should start paying actors a reasonable salary instead of the ridiculous wages they have been demanding and quit trying to stick it to us.

  34. Lynda Anderson says

    I would prefer you let Viacom keep all their stations. I’m not interested in any of them.

  35. Landon says

    Viacom has good programming. I watch several of their channels. Suddenlink is already the most expensive cable service in town losing those channels or a price increase would give me the final straw to drop them and go with dish. I mean I pay an extra $30 a month for the cable boxes already please drop viacom and watch me walk out the door.

  36. Joan says

    Dump Viacom we dont need them and reduce our monthly bill. I dont watch what they have anyway so why have them. Its a waist of our money for I work hard for that money and I cant afford paying extra for something I dont need.

  37. J.P.Mirisciotta says


    Personaly, I will miss Palladia HD.
    There must be a workaround…….There are assorted digital Birds up there. Someone will appriciate our Business!

  38. Clem Burroughs says

    After reading through all the comments here, I think Suddenlink will likely lose a lot of their current customers if you choose to submit to Viacom’s blackmail.

    From what I read in these comments, it appears to me that a majority of your customers would choose to have you drop ALL Viacom programming even if there were NO increase. That reflects my choice as well. I would not miss ANY of them. Suddenlink could then reduce their prices and keep most of your customers and make them very happy as well.

    Thanks for listening.

    My choice would be for you to cut off ALL Viacom programming and reduce our costs accordingly.

  39. Mud says

    I say that rather than deal with these clowns, we should be able to select our channels “ala cart.” I know this is not what Suddenlink wants to hear, but the truth be told, that’s what we all want. This way, if we don’t want to watch or pay for a particular provider, then we ALL do not have to. Those that want to are free to pay whatever VIACOM wants, if that is their wish. Freedom of choice, that’s what we want. Demonizing a provider falls on deaf ears Suddenlink. So, stop it and provide a service as you should.

  40. Debbie says

    Please permanently remove these channels and charge me less forever. Seems to be the consensus of most of your viewers. Suddenlink offers enough other channels that there is no need to be held hostage to their demands. We support NO VIACOM!!!!!!!

  41. Franklin says

    Price increase = no more me as a customer
    Losing Spike also = no more me
    I am considering satellite even though cable is better

  42. Lane says

    All these other channels they are wanting you to buy.. are they the ones with all the infomercials? Could be the big price difference.

  43. Chris says

    Dump them I don’t want to pay more, and I really don’t want
    a R rated show my kids can get. Please don’t make me dump you.

  44. Wyle says

    Drop the channels. Don’t watch them enough to miss them. With food and gasoline prices going out of site My Social security has been frozen for 2 yrs., I DON’T need an increase in my cable bill at this time. Suddenlink might be able to substitute some other channels to replace those and hold it’s prices the same. Sure don’t need an X rated channel.

  45. marc says

    i say let via com rot. i watch cmt and comedy central occasionally, but if it’s between my cable bill going up or removing them…yank ‘em. not worth an increase in my bill. three tv’s, three computers, internet, cable and phone….all via suddenlink. i think we’re connected well enough to get along without some old shows, music shows, a couple of quality comedy shows and some loopy new r rated network. JUST SAY NO!!!!!

  46. Les Sears says

    If I were Suddenlink, I would not pay the price…find some alternative channels to replace them…Viacom will miss the revenue, especially if other systems refuse as well…They will come around to negotiate. Be prepared to show the new stations even if on a temporary , trial basis. We do NOT want a rate increase!…You guys are the best, especially as you are undergoing expensive upgrading to digital programming which requires expenses for all the analog tv.s . Stick to your guns Suddenlink…we will hang with ya!

  47. Royce Engler says

    Tell Viacom to take a hike. We don’t want to pay extra for their trash. Given the list of programs they provide, we could do very nicely without them. Hang in there.

  48. Lisa and Larry says

    Although we do not care at all about the R rated programming, we love the Viacom channels in discussion, ie; Nickolodean snd mtv. We currently pay for the premium channels, HBO,etc. But we would prefer the Viacom channels to those and intend to stop the premium channels and may search for other options,ie. direct tv, etc, if this is not settled satisfactorily soon,

    NEGOTIATE in good faith here and get things done for your consumers.

    Intesely interested,

  49. Laura says

    I have e-mailed our representative and our senators to let them know how we feel. Let’s just hope they can do something.

  50. Joe says

    I say dump Viacom and don’t give into a rate increase for their sake. I do watch Comedy Central some, but a bunch of its programing can be viewed on its website. Why charge me more for what I can watch for free?

  51. Michael says

    Personally, I don’t care to contact my representatives in DC for anything, the less governmental intrusion the better. As for VIACOM, we don’t watch ANY of their channels, none, zilch, zip, nada! We couldn’t care less if SuddenLink cut all of VIACOM’s programming and lowered our bill accordingly. You will never see any of their channels on the TV at our house, even if I were paid 20% of my bill to watch them!

  52. Charlie Bean says

    Look for other providers – Viacom can find others to pay the higher fees. I am sure if you looked better can be found, and of not, oh well.

  53. Kwwagnon says

    If suddenlink is not going to pay them then why did my rates go up 7%? suddenlink need to just pay up. Customers have no room to negotiate, we just have to bend over and take it. Bend over suddenlink and take it just like your customers!!!

  54. Ron says

    The best of America seldom voice there opinion but I think many are doing so now. This is a no brainer, stand up America and wave bye to Viacom.

  55. Judy Merrell says

    I don’t think it is neither fair nor right for Viacom to force Suddenlink
    to take on yet another R rated movie channel. I don’t want even want any R rated channels that we already have. I don’t EVER WATCH any of them. I think we should be able to keep the ones we want without being forced to pay more for something we
    didn’ t even ask for. I would hate to lose TV LAND that’s about the only viacom channel I watch anyway.

  56. bill r says

    … Sudden Link will NOT accumulate any loss of profits through the deal that they are pushing, it is a manipulation of numbers to shaft the end user and retain the profits that Sudden Link has decided that they are “entitled to.”

    For the record, the only ViaCom station I care about is MTV, and even so, I only watch two shows: Bully Beatdown and Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (frankly I can live without these, as well as ViaCom pressing their desire for a bigger paycheck down our throats.)

    If you wish for change, look towards a fully on-demand service and when one comes
    about this kind of purely customer based service, embrace it with open arms.

  57. Randy says

    I agree with many of the other posters. Call their bluff and drop their channels.

    On another note, this is a business issue, not a political issue. If you make a bad business decision and cause my costs to increase, I may stop doing business with you. But in any case, I will not be inviting congress into the fray.

  58. Maria Prater says

    I have a little boy who sometimes channel surfs when Mommy’s not looking.I in no shape or form want an R rated channel on my TV. Viacom can go. We can watch PBS and Disney more

  59. Jason says

    Viacom makes more than enough on all the ad revenue from the commercials shown on their channels. This is just pure greed on their part. That’s how television was free once upon a time.

  60. Nelson says

    I am happy with Suddenlink services at this time. I could careless if they pull Viacom off their line up. If there is a big increase, although I have been happy with my service, I will cancel. I do want to thank Suddenlink for its stand.

  61. Earl says

    We don’t watch any of those Viacom channels. So why pay for something we don’t want. Especially if it includes R rated programs. Viacom has stuped to a new low! Shame on those greedy, dirtry minded people who run that company.

  62. Laura Robertson says

    Let Viacom keep their channels. TV is entertainment, not a necessity. The cost of everything is going to drastically increase next year and people will have to scale back on things. The price increase we will be looking at if you keep Viacom will result in subscribers cutting back on services from Suddenlink.

  63. Walter Wilson says

    Fight the battle
    If Viacom gets their way or adds R rated programs..
    you can be SURE I AM SWITCHING –
    I like Suddenlink the way it is
    thats my vote

  64. darrell says

    Drop them. We watch a lot of TV Land but can live without it! Lower my bill! With the savings, I`ll be able to keep my HD! GOOOOOOOOOOOO Suddenlink!

  65. Martha Appleget says

    I could care less if we lose viacom stations. Like some other subscribers, the only channel I watch is TV Land and that is only occassionally. I do not want to pay a higher bill and I do not want R-rated channels.

  66. Edna says

    Do society a favor and drop them. Only 1 or 2 or two kids channels are worth anything here and the world would be a much better place without the rest. Sure a savings would be nice but saving our children the exposure to junk would be even better.

  67. paul says

    Don’t watch them, Don’t want to pay for them.
    We already have too many channels that are bundled so that we have to pay for what we don’t want. Get rid of them.
    Do not raise our rates again!!!!

  68. Clyde Mollette says

    Drop Viacom. They should pay you to broadcast their channels instead of you paying them. I think all their channels are poor quality and certainly don’t deserve a hike in fees. My household never watches those channels anyway.

  69. Mary says

    Why not sell the Viacom channels as a separate package, i.e. extended basic, premium or pay for view packages? That way your customers can decide if they want the filth of another “R” rated channel. As for me, you could get rid of them all and I’d not miss them, with the possible exception of the Comedy Channel, which b tw, I rarely look at.

    I too opt for getting rid of the Viacom channels, lowering our rates so people such as I can continue with Suddenlink. I too am on the brink of having to cancel my TV viewing with Suddenlink and have been looking into possible alternatives including phone TV selections, etc.

    I love Suddenlink service, but my budget simply cannot extend one cent more and certainly not to include payment for channels I never or rarely watch. Stick to your guns, Suddenlink. Frankly, I hope Viacom will not negotiate and you have to drop their channels, therefore dropping our charges for TV services from you company.

    Thank you and hopefully our rates will go down when you drop Viacom!!!

  70. Neil Frederick says

    After reading most of these comments, it is obvious these channels are not that well liked. I totally agree let them go and challenge them. I would like a price decrease myself or we may be forced to find something else. I watch mostly the HD channels and we are paying for things we never watch. This is getting ridiculous. Be creative and offer some packages that we can afford.

  71. jon says

    Let them keep the channels. They’re not that great. Thank you suddenlink for not toleratimg the bullying by a greedy corporation. Walk away and look for quality programming.

  72. Susan says

    I have to agree even though I might miss their programming, DUMP Viacom. We as viewers only have one control, the DUMP says it all. If they want us back only accept them at a smaller rate than the current. By then, they will have had to DUMP their employees due to lack of subscriptions. We as viewers need to stand up and fight the corporations that have forgotten who really is in control. I work too hard for my money to support the person at the top who has many homes over the world, many cars, big expense accounts, and is full of GREED. I have also contacted Senator Barbara Boxer.

  73. melanie says

    I have two children and that is all they watch. that is all the cartoon channels. I wonder if suddenlink has thought about the millions of other people who have children that adore their cartoons and will just switch to someone else to get them. I think this will hurt suddenlink. If u have small children u know what I’m talking about. also i wonder if our bill will drop if we are loosing all these channels?

    • Duh says

      Your Kids don’t like Disney Channel? Cartoon Network? PBS with Sesame Street and Elmo? You are not losing those.

  74. BottomLineBoys says

    The bottom line is that I pay Suddenlink to supply a service. If that service is of inferior quality to another supplier I will use another supplier. All the rest of this is rhetoric. Especially where the companies request the customers contact politicians and ask them to intercede. If a company sets its service to be inferior to another, then they need to improve or take their earned place in line.

    • Duh says

      Suddenlink asking customers to contact legislators is out if line? Viacom has a history of taking out full page ads and Commercials with Dora and Spongebob crying traumatizing little 5 year olds to scream and cry to parents. If negotiations are not going their way, they harass little kids. Tell be WHY that is not Child Abuse. Absolute child abuse. If a neighbor DARED play some mind game on my kid I’d call the police. If they pull that stunt on us like the did so many times it the past I’m filing s Police Report. They are in town for these negotitions. Viacom thinks that playing mind games with kids is just fine. But contacting law makers is wrong? That’s what makes our country great is that we can contact our legislators and complain.

  75. Edward L Gall, Jr says

    i would not pay for more on the cable. i would not have these things on my cable. i dont like to see r-rated, comdy show, put on my cable. i dont even like to see it. i only like the tv-land show, and its a show to remember the tv star. i say no to the cost of the r-rated show and comdy show, i say no …………

  76. crn says

    SUDDENLINK: from reading the blog concerning viacom, it appears overwhelmingly that you drop viacom, case closed! to do otherwise is gonna make your subscribers very unhappy with you and possibly drop your service for not doing the right thing. i don’t think i have to write the “self-righteous” in DC to force viacom to do anything. you know what you should do as per your subscriber’s request – drop them!! BTW, any chance you could drop those spanish channels that i can’t interpret anyway? do you/we have pay for them also?

  77. Rich says

    Drop all their channels. There are plenty of others out there with similar content. I don’t understand why we have to pay for MTV trash now and it wouldn’t be missed.
    We already have enough BIG BROTHER in our lives. Settle it without more government control by dropping them. I for one am tired of Government running my choices and life.

  78. Janalee Zubi says

    I agree with everyone who says drop Viacom and reduce our rates accordingly. We already have other children’s channels and the other Viacom channels are basically worthless. Plus, with so much trash already on tv nowadays, we certainly don’t need a totally R-rated channel. It is hard enough to continue having cable tv in our home right now and any increase, especially in the 20% range, would render that option for entertainment null.

  79. William Stuart says

    Take Viacom channels off the air. We got along without them before we had them, gonna get along without them now.

  80. Spider says

    I agree with most of these posts. Forget Viacom and reduce our bills. Most customers don’t watch these channels that are affected.

  81. BigM says

    Use the same strategy the USA has been using with al Qaeda, “…we will NOT negotiate with terrorists!” Besides, the last thing we need is more profanity, nudity, and r-rated junk on tv. Any questions, go back to my first sentence!

  82. Mark says

    Ever here about “Less is More”? Everyone thinks of Cable TV as 100 channels of “Nothing to Watch”. These Viacom channels are part of the ” Nothing to Watch” Genre. Quality, NOT Quantity! And it’s a bad economy. It’s belt tightening time. You cut out the extra expenses of things you can ” Do Without”. These Viacom channels are Garbage we can all do without. It would be a different story if we were losing Quality Programming. Tell those thieves to Hell. And never return, even for free! I don’t see any outpouring of love and affection here for these Viacom channels. I don’t see customers lamenting the loss of “Road Rules” or ” The Surreal Life” . “Quality not Quantity” , stop scraping the bottom of the barrel, there’s only rotten, dead wood there.


  83. Tom Coulson says

    If Viacom is in any way going to further affect my already too high monthly bill from Suddenlink, tell Viacom to go pound sand. I am at the point of looking for other options. Well over $200 a month [bundled services] is crazy. I don’t expect to be a Suddenlink customer in six months.

  84. JD says

    Why would anyone want to involve the government in private negotiations!??? The only thing they will do is create legislation that will benefit nobody. Keep them out of it! If you can’t work out a deal with Viacom then drop their channels. Period. The last thing I want is for the government to be anymore involved in the channels I watch!

  85. RJ says

    My family would miss TV Land and the upcoming season of “Hot in Cleveland” with Betty White. But our child is older now and has outgrown Nick. MTV, Comedy Central, etc. are equally useless to us. I agree with Suddenlink, tell Viacom to stick it! Greed is the downfall of this country.

  86. Gerald Tyner says

    Regarding the R rated channel, we have enough trash on tv already. As far as the other Viacom channels listed, I don’t watch them anyway. Any price increase by Suddenlink and I cancel TV, Internet and phone I have with them. Drop Viacom and cut our cost.

  87. Jim Jones says

    This is miss representation.. The R rated channel that Suddenlink is talking about is a movie channel called “Epix”. There is nothing R rated about it unless a movies being shown is R rated. Already Suddenlink charges too much for their programming and force us to by their DVR and other equipment. Try to be more realistic and understand that people do want these channels.

    I cant imagine missing the Daily show and Colbert for this stupid feud.. Suddenlink thinks only they have the right to change people exorbitantly. Shed off the money you make to the real contributors. Give me the Channels… I have a right to those channels because you said I can watch them.. It is up to you now to make it possible.

  88. EurekaBC says

    This is funny. I hear people all the time complain about the government forcing them to pay for services that they do not like or use and here were are with private industry doing precisely the same thing. Unfortunately, this is much more pervasive in the private sector than it is with the government and tends to go virtually unnoticed with little, if any, public anger. Perhaps it is time for the public to direct their anger at the appropriate entities this time.
    There are plenty of cable channels that I pay for and NEVER watch. Of those that Viacom owns, shown through Suddenlink, I only watch Comedy Central. I would miss the Daily Show but hey, I can watch it online. So if Viacom is going to force a channel the people do not want down their throats, then Suddenlink should drop them. Perhaps, Viacom will come around after they lose all of Suddenlink’s customers.

  89. Mike says

    If you have Internet access watch Viacom programs online for FREE! it’s free online why should they want some ridiculous amount if money? And online it’s watch whenever you want at the push if a button with about 80% less advertising to sit through. Notice that you never see any complaints here about the outstanding High Speed Internet that Suddenlink offers! Viacom’s online offerings are unsurpassed for quality and quantity. Watch online and save a bundle. Lest we not forget, All the new TV sets stream Internet content now. Face it Viacom! The party is OVER! With all the alternative media out there on the Internet chipping away at your viewership your business model of blackmailing cable companies is over and your repugnant thug-like behavior will no longer be tolerated by the consumer! Suddenlink, don’t buy what Viacom is peddling, you don’t need it and the consumers don’t want it.

  90. Judy says

    My husband and I do not watch any of their programs. As Americans we should have a choice and not be pressured into paying for objectionable programing when all we want to watch are family friendly programs.