Viacom Negotiations: Latest Information

Although we have made it clear to Viacom that their recent offers are neither fair nor reasonable, they continue to seek a significant overall increase in what they’re paid, still at more than 20% and still demanding payment for a new channel with R-rated programming that our customers have not requested and many of them do not want.

In the meantime, customers have asked us: If we lose some Viacom channels, can we keep others? We would certainly like to make that happen, but every Viacom offer so far has demanded payment for their new network with R-rated programming, and they have never made a realistic offer for only some of their channels. For instance:

    • If we wanted to keep only Nickelodeon, the cost of that one channel would be three times more than what Viacom charges today for seven of their channels.

    • If we wanted to keep Nickelodeon, TV Land, MTV, and Comedy Central, the cost of those four channels would be five times more than what Viacom charges today for 20 channels, including their digital channels. (Imagine the price of a gallon of gas increasing five times, from around $2.80 to $14.)

Clearly, Viacom is attempting to leverage its current channels, including its children’s programming, to force a significant increase in what they’re paid and a new network with R-rated programming.

Check here for information on how to contact your Members of Congress, if you wish to communicate with them about your views on this matter.


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  1. Bobbi Huber says

    I just e-mailed my congressman and senators. And now I will pray that God will intervene and stop this nonsense. We can pull the plug and not watch TV but there are many who eat this stuff up. We must stop showing filthy programs and movies!! If Viacom wins, we will pull our subscription to Suddenlink.

      • Tom says

        The Congressmen and Senators could care less either. Better chance getting Supreme Intervention than from them.

    • Nancy Riley says

      It isn’t God that will stop this. It’s up to each individual to watch or not to watch! Thoes with children should always monitor what they watch, to be aware of what they are doing. Adults can do what is legal.

      • Bobbi Huber says

        You’re right Nancy — and the more I think about it if we gave up our TV we’d have than much more time to be in the Word and closer to God who is after all in control of history. This issue has really caused me to do some serious thinking about our how we spend our “free” time.

    • Jaime D says

      I agree. I seem to be one of the few parents that want to keep clean programs in my home. I especially hate how they use their children’s programs to influence their own agenda. I want them off of my tv!

    • Jeremy says

      The only channel I watch is comedy central, and I can watch it on the internet via my home network. … Lower my cable bill!

      I don’t want to pay for a bunch of stupid kids channels anyway!

    • David Ellison says

      I agree with Jim Ashberry, drop all of the Viacom channels, they are not worth the time to turn on the TV to watch. Lower our bills!

      • Tom says

        Dream on. Even if Suddenlink sticks to their guns and refuses the Viacom deal, there will be no significant drop in prices. The statement in their updates suggests that the temporary loss of Viacom channels will result in credit for lost programming, it would be naive to think that would be a permenant drop. Some of the channels noted are junk, but I know my 12 y/o would hate losing Nick.

  2. David says

    In today’s economy where salaries are being frozen, I say discontinue business with Viacom if they can’t see what that would do to consumers.

    • Wanda Darnold says

      I’m with you. I will have to cut back on expenses and this is a luxury not a necessity. So, you better keep prices as low as possible.

    • Candice says

      I’m not paying for cable either, if they have to sharply increase their rates just to keep Viacom channels. This is highway robbery and completely unjustified for Viacom to try this.

      From now on, whenever I see the Viacom logo on a product, I’m putting it down. They won’t see one cent of my money.

  3. Tim Western says

    I am disappointed in Viacomm. My Kids love Nick Jr and the programming that used to be part of the ‘Noggin’ network. Some of the programming on Nick Toons is worth watching too, but Spike? MTV, CMT? Garbage, I’d be happy to be rid of, as they are blocked on my TV anyways. My kids will be sad about Nick Jr, but no biggie, since we have Net Flix, they can watch Dora on TV from the Net now when they want it, there is still PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, and Disney, and lets not forget the new Hub network, with some great new shows, and returns of some older former WB content as well. We have alternatives, Viacomm has clearly overestimated their hand. Oh and while you are at it, Till NBC to bring Sci Fi back to SyFy, instead of Wrestling, and Paranormal Crap. I know my family would love BBC America to be on the expanded Basic instead of stuck on a digital tier, but there are options here. I say stand firm, tell ‘em if they want to deal, they’ll have to have a deal Chuck Norris could live with ha ha ha ;;)

    • Sheeyah says

      You made my point before I could, Tim. Nick Jr. is the only thing we’d personally miss in our house as well. I’m not letting my son watch SpongeBob (or similar shows) yet, so none of those mean much, nor does the general preteen programming on Nick. With alternatives like Disney Jr, PBS Kids and HubBub, there’re plenty of other channels to watch. And, like you said, there’s always the internet. As for the other channels:

      MTV (+alts) – Don’t care for their programming.
      TV Land – Not really interested in the older programming. Also, Hub has some older shows as well like the Adam West Batman series.
      Comedy Central – The Daily Show and Colbert are nice, but can’t carry the whole channel. Plus, again, internet.
      Spike TV – Programming for men, all of which you can find on the internet in one form or another. Also, have you ever seen the Spike Video Game Awards?
      VH1 (+alts) – Not interested.
      CMT (+alts) – Not interested.
      (And, if you do like the music programming, you can find the videos on YouTube w/out the annoying hosts.)
      Logo – Never heard of it.
      Palladia HD – Never heard of it.
      Tr3s – Huh?

      From what I’ve read, most people have maybe one or 2 channes they like but don’t care about the rest. Viacom is hoping people will take all their programming just to keep a couple and force another channel on us just to get it out there. With the amount of alternatives out there, it seems like they’d be happy just to keep their shows on the air. On one hand, I guess Suddenlink couild lose customers if they switch to a provider that has them. (It seems nigh everyone here would rather have a lower bill than those channels, though.) On the other hand, if Suddenlink doesn’t take the channels then they don’t get money for them; less people watch their programming as well.

  4. Joel says

    Way to go Suddenllink! I like the way you stick up for your customers. If Viacom does not come down on price, I say you stick to your guns and lower prices for your customers. I know my 3 children will miss the Nickaloden channel, but I’m sure we can make due. If suddenlink remains loyal to their customers, I for one will remain loyal to Suddenlink.

  5. Jim says

    Dump Viacom and save us some money. Out of all those channels, the only thing I might miss is John Stewart on Comedy Channel – the rest is useless IMO

  6. Jason says

    I frankly don’t care about any of Viacom’s channels. I vote to drop them completely and reduce our outrageous cable bills.

    If cable rates are increased for any reason, not only will I drop cable altogether, I will start selling your competitors’ services. Corporations are ridiculous.

    • Joshua says

      If viacomm is dropped the prices will still probably remain the same. They will just blame the rate staying the same on something else. Suddenlink isn’t much better than viacomm. I paid for Internet last month that wouldn’t even work. After a few repair attempts over the phone they finally came out. Yet it still cuts off.

  7. Terry says

    We’re at the brink of dropping some services because of the cost. The four Viacom channels you list are none that we every watch. Please drop these and reduce our costs.

  8. James says

    If viacom does not wish to make an offer that is fair I do NOT need them or want them. The cost of my cable is high enough already with out an outside compeny like viacom tring to jack up there prices to the point that consumers can’t afford to continue to pay for the service thay offer.

  9. Wendy says

    As long as Suddenlink doesn’t succumb to Viacom’s tactics I’ll be happy either way – we either see those channels go away and live better for it, or Viacom wakes up from their apparent “sucker born every day” dream and negotiates a renewal with no increase or a NOMINAL one..

  10. George Taft says

    These channels I personally do not wish to pay more for. If my bill is increased without the option of droping these channels and lower my bill I would be forced to look for more economical solution.

  11. Isaac says

    Like the others said, if we lose Viacom channels then we will continue to enjoy other channels with Suddenlink. If you succumb to Viacom’s preposterous offer to increase prices, then we may leave.

    • Lance says

      I agree with a lot of the comments but specifically with Isaac. Viacom is obviously not in touch with the majority!

  12. John Terry says

    There are a number of viable family-friendly programming options to Viacom, and I’m not personally interested in R-rated programming coming into my home. Consider your alternatives and look elsewhere to replace the Viacom channels. MTV, Comedy Central and some of their current offerings are raunchy enough…we don’t need more smut on the airwaves and coming into our homes.

    If cable rates keep rising, families will be forced to go either to satellite, Internet or subscription services like Netflix for their news and viewing entertainment.

    I for one would like to see “a la carte”, as we now have the technology in place to allow customers to select only the channels they would like to have in their home, and pay accordingly, either on a per-channel or a block of channel basis.

    If Viacom wins, and Suddenlink raises rates again, subscriptions will suffer as a result.

    • Robert says

      I agree completely. If Viacom wins, Suddenlink should allow customers to opt out of Viacom programming and decrease their bills accordingly. Having that option alone might be enough for Viacom to wake up, though at this point I wish Suddenlink would just tell them “Nevermind. Negotiations are over. We’re dropping Viacom.” My kid likes Nickelodeon, but I SERIOUSLY doubt he’ll grow up scarred if he had to live without it. It would never happen, but I’ve wished for the “a la carte” option for a long time.

    • Tracy says

      I agree with John Terry. I think we should be able to select only the channels we want & pay a per channel rate or have a rate for a select number of channels that you pick yourself like 10 channels for a set fee or 20 channels for a set fee. There are numerous channels that I dont watch and would like to be rid of. I say drop Viacom if they dont want to deal, the world isnt going to come to an end if we dont have their channels.

  13. Tina says

    I say dump them. The channels are not channels that we watch regularly and I don’t want my cable bill going up any more! Dump the greedy company!

  14. Jeff says

    I rarely watch any of these, and certainly don’t want to be charged extra for them. The entire notion of Viacom charging extra to support channels like MTV makes me want to puke. Teen Mom, Jershey Shore, the new show Skins (which seems to promote underage sex, drugs and drinking while lying to parents), are only examples of the garbage these execs want us to pay for. If Suddenlink gives in, I’m likely to leave. I won’t pay more for these crappy channels.

  15. Kim says

    If Viacom insists, I will drop Suddenlink. With the exception of TV Land and Nick, I don’t watch the channels. Besides I can catch the shows I enjoy on the web site. I can’t believe Viacom uses such dirty tactics and is unwilling to budge. It will come back to haunt them.

    • Joyce Phipps says

      Drop these channels. I don’t know of anyone that watches them. I am fighting like crazy just to keep Suddenlink. My husband wants to go with a competitor.

      • Jess says

        We’ll switch to another provider if the prices go up more than what we are already paying. This is crazy.

  16. Bruce says

    We don’t have all the facts. You mention an R-rated channel. What would be offered? Movies? Most adult programming is rated “MA”, so I don’t think you’re talking about potentially offensive material. Another movie channel would be welcome. Frankly, I don’t care if your drop Viacom programming, because, like other, I don’t watch it either. On the other hand, does anyone really think your cable bill is going down if the Viacom contract is dropped…I hardly think so.

    • FYI Publisher says

      Epix is the new channel and it features R-rated programming. Granted, HBO and Showtime also feature R-rated programming, but we and our customers only pay for those networks, when our customers choose to subscribe to them. In contrast, Viacom wants to be paid for Epix regardless of whether or not our customers choose it. And yes, if the Viacom channels are lost, we will reduce customer bills by the cost of the affected channels for however long they’re not available.

      • Tina says

        … From reading the comments, it looks like not many people care about losing the Viacom channels. I find that hard to believe. My family watches tons of programming on the Nick channels and TV Land. If those channels are lost, we will be looking for other TV services.

        I think most TV viewers are savvy enough to understand that Viacom is trying to promote its new premium channel and using its other channels as bait. Looks like Suddenlink will lose customers either way, but I don’t see Suddenlink hurting for money. Our rates were raised last year and it had nothing to do with negotiations with a company. If you want the TV service, you pay for it either way. You just have to choose who you are going to pay. Suddenlink or some other company.

        Keep the Viacom channels. How much would our bill be reduced if those channels were lost? A few dollars? I am willing to bet it would not be a significant reduction at all.

  17. Ken Wilson says

    Typical left wing progressive, Marxist,liberal,socialist,communist propaganda. Only thing worth watching is Fox news and old Andy Griffith re-runs.

    • Michael says

      Muched agreed! I think its funny that all the people on here say let it go. I watch some of that programming and think I may have to go in another direction. Oh wait Suddenlink has a monopoly in my town (no other cable choice) so the only way to go is satilite.

  18. Beatrice says

    Stick to your opposition. Although I would miss Nickelodeon and TVLand, I don’t watch them enough to counterbalance the ridiculous price increase suggested. And I don’t like the idea of them trying to force an R rated channel on us. There are enough now. If someone wants to watch R rated product, they can subscribe to HBO and the other premium channels. If Viacom wants to sell it, they should offer it on a similar, separate viewer choice & contract option. Drop Viacom if they don’t drop their price.

  19. Harold says

    Just drop them and let their advertisers suffer for Viacomm’s greedy tactics. We watch CMT and some of the other but they advertise so much it is hard to follow. Most of their channels are not fit to watch anyway.

  20. Theresa says

    We’ll miss Comedy Central, but we don’t watch any of the other Viacom channels in our house, and we do have the internet. I say dump ‘em. Based on the comments I’ve read on this issue, no one will miss them.

  21. Eric says

    No offense to Suddenlink, but there are more important things in my families lives then what channels are going to be available between the negotiations between the two companies.

    Frankily, Viacom does not appear to have much business sense and does not appear to keep up with technology, as more shows are available through the internet, not to mention childrens shows that can be viewed on DVD/Blue Ray. (I have never noticed a Nielson Ratings group in the 1-12 age bracket).

    Viacom. . . who cares. I hope Suddenlink holds there ground and Viacom loses their leverage. They are destined to lose this battle, because everyone in our economy has a lot more to worry about than occasionally viewed television stations. Just don’t mess with my Food Network.

    If Suddenlink does give in and my rates go up, I will cancel my cable service and go to internet TV!!

    • Drop Viacom says

      Right on!!! Netflix has an enormous amount of kids programming and they watch it at their convenience without commercials and Suddenlink has the best Internet service in our area. Therefore, if Viacom wants to hold Suddenlink hostage over kids programming, they really need to wake up to the fact they are becoming a dinosaur and they will be extinct before too long!

  22. Kip Stiles says

    Hmm, let’s see. Is this the same Viacom that broadcasts ‘South Park’ in which Jesus is depicted as a loser while they are afaid of retaliation from Islamic extremists if they portray Mohammed? Is this the same Viacom that plans an animated show about Jesus coming back to Earth because ‘…his Father is just to full of Himself to live with…’ and his adventures in modern-day New York City? Is this the same Viacom that gives us commercials for condoms and massage oils DURING Prime Time? Dear programmer at Suddenlink, if I have to give up Comedy Central, and all the disgusting sewage they broadcast, please replace it with Turner Classic Movies, Hallmark Movie Network, and something that’s uplifting instead. Thank you.

    • Pamela says

      I completely agree. This is for the birds. My children do on occasion watch Nick but even that is starting to go too far. I LOVE your suggestion. We could use a good palette cleansing as far as TV goes. I’m tired of blocking/changing these ridiculous programs and still paying for them.

  23. Poor Suddenlink says

    Oh, please. I’ve been paying for Suddenlink cable too long. I also don’t watch these channels but my children do watch them. If I lose more channels, I guess it is finally time to drop Suddenlink and go with another provider.

    • Ron says

      How many other providers are available in your area? Over the air high definition TV is looking better everyday. If not for the excellent internet service from Suddenlink, I could do without cable TV.

  24. Cindy says

    Let them go. My grandkids will not be happy. They watch Nick, but you know what, in tough economic times like these, sometimes we need to make hard choices that are not always what we want. We can not afford to have our bill increased yet again.

  25. Dave D from WV says

    We’ll be glad to forego the children’s channels. I do not intend to contact my congresspeople as Viacom has the right to do this – as unsavory as it is. I support SuddenLink not being blackmailed, however, and again am willing to do without. I don’t think Viacom’s business model works very well if there’s NO income!

  26. David Lippe says

    Everyone else is having to tighten their financial belts. I really do not care for Viacom’s programming personally. Do not renew the contract with them and let them figure how to make up the income they just lost from Suddenlink!

    If Suddenlink does not sign up for any increase, that will be a loss in gross revenue Viacom will have to make up for by squeezing their other cable retailer businesses. Let Viacom put the squeeze on everyone else.

    If I had a vote in this, I would vote for dropping Viacom and reduce our bills with cost reduction / savings!

  27. East Texas says

    There’s very little variety and very little value in the Viacom channels carried by Suddenlink. Seriously! 5 MTV’s? 3 VH1’s? 2 CMT’s? 5 Nickelodeon’s? There’s only a marginal difference between each channel within each group.

    Drop Viacom and lower my rates, Suddenlink. And please drop this silly request to get Congress involved. They’ve got more important issues to address than TV Land re-runs.

    • Drop Viacom says

      I agree with east Texas about dropping the request to get congress involved. Suddenlink and it’s customers will send a message to viacom and other multi billion dollar companies that they will not be allowed to push anybody around!

      • jjd_87 says

        This is the thing: Your rates won’t drop. No where in these articles does it say Suddenlink will be losing channels so your bill will go down. While 70-80 people who check this blog wouldn’t be upset, the majority of people do watch Comedy Central, MTV, and how many parents would drop Suddenlink in a heart beat if their kids can’t watch Spongebob. They will sign because if they don’t, it’s bad for everyone involved.

    • er dulaney says

      If it were just programming, I would agree with you. But to force payment for an R-rated Epix on everybody – EVERYONE – when HBO and Showtime have to wait for subscribers? That changes everything. It’s time to let the law of the land put up or shut up.

  28. Tiffany says

    I DO NOT want any more programming that is geared with an Adult maturity rating. Comedy Central is vial enough to me. MY kids do enjoy Nick and I like TV land here and there but I refuse to pay more for them or pay more for a channel that is designed to allow R rated material. Viacom can go bye bye for all I am concerned. I would rather my bill be reduced than to allow them to bully us subscribers into paying more for what we don’t want. Thank you Suddenlink for sticking your ground!!! Makes me happy to have you as my cable provider!

    • Stan says

      I do not want to pay for something I do not want. If they have a financial issue for adding R rated content that no one wants, they need to review their service model. Music and kids channels are what they provided and people are willing to pay for. In todays economy they need to satisfy their customers. These costs are getting out of hand. Some of us cannot continue to afford these cable services.

  29. Dennis Hammock says

    Dump Viacom and add channels like Retro Television Network. It’s what TV Land use to be. I am sure that there are other channels SuddenLink could add to replace Viacom channels.

    • Nicole Falcon says

      Sprout is a better alternative to Nick and Nick Jr anyway in my opinion. My kids are more Disney Chanel focused and the hardest part in my recent decision to change from [satellite] to Suddenlink was losing Sprout for my baby. I personally don’t pay for movie channels for a reason – I don’t have the funds and movie channels are a luxury. I would be very angry to see my rates go up to support a movie channel I don’t want anyway.

  30. David says

    Viacom may be bluffing. But if they are not, do not succumb to their demands. Suddenlink and its customers will be better off.

  31. Trevor says

    I for one happen to watch those channels and don’t believe they should be taken away. I understand everyone wants a smaller bill, but really, losing 7 channels, how big do you think the discount would be? And either view on this, why would you even bother any of our state officials with this? Put in their position I for one would laugh if I saw this come across my desk or show up in my email, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

  32. Andy says

    My wife loves to watch Hot in Cleveland on TV Land. But as long as they show the episodes online, please Suddenlink, stick with your guns and continue to listen to your customers. I hope we can keep them, but not at the cost Viacom wants.

  33. Ron says

    Give Viacom a taste of their own medicine. Advise them you will cancel their service if they increase prices. There are far too many channels on my cable anyway. A reduction in my cable bill would be welcomed.

  34. Jessica says

    I’d like to step up and disagree with what the majority of posters are saying here. God gave us the right to exercise free-will and make choices. If you choose to not want “R-Rated programming” on your tv, choose not to watch that channel. It is NOT Suddenlink’s responsibility to censor our television viewing choices, but rather personal responsibility. I respect the business side of the debate regarding the rate hikes, but feel there are alternatives to this “all or nothing” philosophy and stance that Suddenlink has taken. I would also like to point out that I find it interesting that Suddenlink waited until two days before the deadline to notify its customers of this update. This tells me that Suddenlink really does not care about the opinions of all their consumers.

  35. Shawn says

    Let the economics of supply and demand run their course,,,if Suddenlink drops Viacom, maybe other cable networks would be embolded to do the same. Viacom loses many customers, their supply is then greater than our demand. They will drop prices or go out of business. I say hold the line. Don’t give in at all because we are behind you!

  36. Doug says

    Hold the line Suddenlink! Show Viacom that we can and will do without their programming! The price increase requested by Viacom is ridiculous and unjustified particularly in view of the current economic situation. If Viacom desires to add a new R rated channel it should be a la carte as Suddenlink has proposed. Keep up the good work for your subscribers!

  37. Todd says

    Just let them go! My bill went up $8 in December because of the new charges other stations are coming up with to mug us. DROP THEM!

  38. Louis says

    I like Suddenlink and have them for phone and internet as well. You never see the satellite services getting into contract problems. It’s like the NFL network problem 2 years ago. I would hate to see the channels go cause I have young children in the house but another increase would force us to change our subscription around or drop SuddenLink and go with a cheaper TV option.

  39. Eric Harkness says

    I don’t care for Suddenlink, but don’t want to go dish and you’re the only internet provider out here. Interesting that your complaints of Viacom are very similar to our complaints of Suddenlink… You have a monopoly here where we live and have not been / still aren’t happy with the service. Up our rates and pay them / don’t? We don’t care – we would and will drop your service when we can…

  40. PC Williams says

    Drop viacom. Those demanding the channels will go another route such as other satelite companies but there will be MANY that prefer paying less money since they really enjoy only about 10-20 of the many channels they already get anyway. I may miss a channel or two but it really is no deal breaker.

  41. Betty Handlin says

    I hope you can manage not to accept their over-aggressive pricing strategies. I would rather do without than to encourage others to take advantage.

    My salary has not gone up so 20% seems to be a big jump.

  42. Carol Hammons says

    I will have to cut back on expenses and this is a luxury not a necessity. So, you better keep prices as low as possible. You can be sure I will cancel my cable services if the prices go up. I can live without it. I cannot live without food .

  43. LUXURY says

    i would like to point out that while everyone that CABLE IS A LUXURY!!!!!! if you can not afford it then there is no reason to purchase it. i understand through certain changes in the economy that people were used to living one way and now cant but refuse to let go. my grandfather taught me a long time ago, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. again stop crying about the programming, there are parental controls to block this stuff, and please leave our government officials alone they have real issues to deal with

  44. LUXURY says


  45. Mike says

    My current cable bill is too high and I don’t watch the Viacom channels. Don’t worry about getting congress involved. Just drop Viacom and reduce my bill.

  46. Pam says

    I would rather lose channels than let some company control what comes into our home. As far as the cable bill going up or down, we will have to make any future decision on what is wholesome and better serves our family.

  47. Karen says

    Although I will miss several of those channels, I understand your reasoning. I also assume that the loss of that many channels, which in turn, reduces your cost, will result in the reduction in our monthly charges also!

  48. Robin says

    NickJr is on in my house most of the day. If it is removed I will most likely cancel our Suddenlink account or at least the tv portion. As it is we pay a ridiculous amount of money each month to Suddenlink and without NickJr is would be pointless. My husband watches Comedy central but as for the others, I don’t really care. With 3 small children in the house, Nick Jr is a must for us.

  49. Kay says

    Everyone else has already said it. Let’s just say I agree with the other commenters. Drop Viacom and lower my bill. I would miss TVLand because I like to watch the old shows like Andy Griffith and MASH, but I do own all seasons of both on dvd and can watch them anytime I please, so no big deal. I do agree with Eric, don’t touch my Food Network (90% of my viewing). A BBC channel, Turner Classic Movies, or Hallmark Movies would be a nice additin in place of Viacom. Please consider them if you drop, and I pray you do, Viacom.

  50. M. D. Byers says

    What is there to negotiate? The consensus among subscribers appears to be “DROP VIACOM” so why don’t you just drop them & let it go?? It seems to me that you protest too much considering that your customers don’t want their bill increased and are willing to drop these channels to avoid paying more. If you’re planning to raise our rates and make Viacom the scapegoat, think again. The buck stops with you Suddenlink.

  51. Thomas says

    We will be dropping Suddenlink services (phone, cable, internet) if you end up losing Nick Jr. We’re already looking at alternate providers…this would be the final straw for us. I don’t think that making these negotiations public is really helping with Viacom at all…the situation has a very bitter ex-girlfriend vibe. Parents who are concerned about additional adult channels simply need to block access to these channels…it’s not hard.

    I also think it’s hilarious that Suddenlink is taking the position about fighting for keeping our prices low, when generally speaking they don’t hesitate to jack up rates at any other given time while claiming to add value through additional channels and tiers of service. Suddenlink is just trying to position itself as the “good guy” in a fight between two pretty loathsome entities, IMHO.


  52. Laurie Connell says

    Looks like there is much support for axing viacom. I join the crowd…i rarely to never watch teh channels they offer, though i regret families with children will miss out of Nick. Are they the only ones who show that channel? Ditch Viacom.

  53. Dave in West Texas. says

    Most of these channels are just trash channels that clutter up my TV. I don’t watch these channels, they just get in the way of my channel surfing. I wish WE could choose the channels we pay for. Most of this trash would disappear overnight if they had to stand on their own. Dump them and lower my bill!

  54. John says

    Please offer us a method to selectively include/exclude all of Viacomm. Then Viacom may charge as much as they desire and be paid by those subscribing to the Viacom services.

    I place no value on anything I have seen from Viacomm.

  55. Mike says

    And we wonder why our country is in the mess we are in. Let Viacom here what we have to think, drop the channels.

  56. Betty Jo Santin says

    I really don’t watch these channels, so I wouldn’t want to pay any more than I already do. In this economy company’s shouldn’t be demanding high increases when nothing has changed. I DO NOT want to pay for Adult programing.
    Drop Viacom and reduce my cable bill or offer Outdoor Life
    Don’t give in the blackmail

  57. Don't Mess with Texas says


  58. Melissa says

    Please just drop Viacom. Don’t let Us and your company be held hostage by these robbers. Drop them! The channels are not worth all the effort that is being made to keep them. Thanks

  59. Rick says

    First let me say that we’re very happy with Suddenlink. We have cable, Internet, and phone, and Suddenlink’s Customer Service is simply outstanding. We watch several of the Viacom Channels regularly (especially Nick, with a 4-year-old in the house), and would hate to lose those channels. The Viacom tactics, trying to force the pay-increase is nothing short of blackmail!
    HOWEVER, one part of the statement in the most recent update email bothers me. It says (quote) “…demanding payment for a new channel with R-rated programming that our customers have not requested and many of them do not want.” (end quote).
    I’m sorry to say, but to me this sounds somewhat hypocritical. What about the numerous other channels that we, as Suddenlink customers, are forced to pay for even though we may not have requested them and many of us may not want them? Even if many customers may not watch (or want) the Viacom channels, or the R-rated network, isn’t this the same as forcing those of us who don’t watch (nor want) for example the Spanish channels to pay for them, simply because they are part of our “programming package”?????

  60. Barbara says

    I hope Suddenlink will drop all the Viacom channels and reduce our bill. I don’t watch these channels and would rather NOT have to pay for so many channels I don’t watch. I’d rather save some money!!!

  61. John Adkins says

    While I would miss Comedy Central I could care less about the other channels. I am a bit offended by the extremely heavy handed approach that Suddenlink is taking. They are obviously trying to elicit a knee jerk fundamentalist reaction through the repeated use of the phrase “R-rated programming”. Obviously it appears successful.

  62. Terry says

    Cancel negotiations with Viacom. Cancel the channels & repace them with something else more family friendly. TV Land is the only one I would miss, but it would be worth it to show greedy that we CAN make a choice . . . and we choose NOT to pay more for their channels. In fact, during these times, they should be offering a DISCOUNT!

  63. Mark Rutherford says

    Reading the comments, it seems that we customers are over whelmingly in support of dumping Viacom if they hodl to any price increase whatsoever. So, tell them that we, as the customers, are unwilling to pay more. If they insist, then good ridence to them. If other cable providers do the same, they will either go out of business, or come crawling back, asking to get back on our TV’s.

  64. Kris says

    TV Land, Comedy Central, Spike TV, VH1 Classic, and Palladia are some of my most watched channels. If Suddenlink drops these channels, I will drop Suddenlink. Please Suddenlink, don’t make me switch to satellite. Keep in mind you’re going to have thousands of parents of whining kids who can no longer watch Icarly beating down your doors.

    I was so pleased earlier this month when you guys added all the new HD channels to my area’s lineup. And now you’re going to take some of them back? Come on. Settle this thing with Viacom and let us keep our channels.

  65. Dax says

    My vote is simple.. Drop all the Viacom channels, and stop negotiations, until they come back on their own with NO increase.

    There is NOTHING in Viacoms channel set that I would pay a single dime extra per month to get. If Suddenlink start charging more because of increased cost from Viacom channels, I’d rather stop buying my cable channels and find alternate means of entertainment.

    And a 20%+ increase is extortion in this financial consumer environment, where their own consumer customers are certainly not getting any increases. Something the owner couple of kiddy- and music channels should not be allowed to do.

  66. Ting's Mom says

    I like some of the Nick Jr shows for my toddler, but she only watches about an hour a month. So, no big loss for me. Drop them!

  67. Brent says

    While I appear to be in the minority as far as this list is concerned (I actually do like VH1 Classic, Comedy Central, and a couple of the others), and I do hope that an agreement to keep these channels can be reached, I feel pretty good about subscribing to a company that actually stands up for it’s customer’s best interests.

  68. Darren says

    TV Land and Comedy Central are two of my favorite channels…if the service increases and these and other channels are dropped…I will make the move to [satellite]

  69. Bill says

    Charge an additional fee for the Viacom programs as a separate tier. I personally do not watch any of the programs they offer and would drop them quickly if I had to pay an additional fee. If folks want to watch them let them pay the extra fees. Any saving should be used for more HD programing at the basic digital level and available without set-top boxes to digital rteadty TV’s.

  70. Wendy says

    I say don’t negotiate at all; cancel Viacom altogether. Kids won’t survive w/out the Nicks? Here’s a thought: go to your local library and rent a DVD for free or better yet, borrow a book and READ to your kids! Or horrors, send them outside for some exercise! None of the TV channels we’ll lose is worth watching. I’d prefer to take the money that Suddenlink promises to return if Viacom gets what’s coming to them–NOTHING (and perhaps a good swift kick in their back pocket.) I’m sick to death over greedy hungry corporations that use little kids to tell their parents what to do and how far to jump! For shame, Viacom, and thanks for sticking to your principals, Suddenlink.

  71. Paul says

    I agree do not agree to higher cost viacom wants.

    I only watch Nick and I can watch the shows I like on Nick on my Computer. There are only two.

    It would not be any lose if Suddenlink did not carry viacom channels.

    Viacom is in a weak bargining postion. They need you more than you need them.

    If Viacom loses Millions of viewers they will have to reduce what they charge for advertising on there networks.
    (Ad cost is determed by number of viewers.)

    Suddenlink is the only comm provider I have had that has stuck up for its customers.

    Stand your ground don’t give in to Viacom.

  72. Janie A says

    I don’t care for any of those stations Viacom offers. I say drop them! I refuse to watch filth on TV & I hate the fact that they are offering an R-Rated station. Sudden LInk stay strong! You may be surprised at the support from your customers.

  73. Wayne Maruna says

    I think it shows Major Media’s disdain for the family when they hold children’s programming ransom to force an R-rated channel down our throat. I say let’s let them take their programming and walk. I will miss some of Comedy Central but that is it. The rest of their offerings are seldom of interest. With everything else going up in price but income flat, I’m good with a reduction in channels and a commensurate reduction in our bills. Let the Viacoms of the world understand that their livelihood depends on us, and not vice-versa.

  74. joe says

    I bet you Suddenlink has NO intention of `dropping` the rates even when they drop more channels. Here`s a thought: Make LESS profit like the rest of us during this recession.

  75. Dax says

    Here is an alternate negotiation option.
    Simply make Viacom’s set of channels a “package” selectable by your customers at a price, accept what price you can get from Viacom, and reduce the base monthly price for non- Viacom subscribers by its current cost.

    Then allow us (the actual consumers paying the bills) to determine whether we want to buy TV products from Viacom.

    We will also then in the end see whether Viacom think they would would make more money staying at the current pricing while being an automatic inclusion on my cable, or by become a stand-alone package service like HBO et al, but only selling to actually interested consumers.

    I for one would not pay a dime for that channel set. With or without Epix.

  76. Rene' says

    Kudos to Suddenlink for standing their ground and not giving in to Viacom’s bully tactics. My household also rarely frequents the Viacom channels. But, even if we did, I would still say drop the Viacom channels if they maintain this ridiculous position.

  77. Pamela says

    We’re already on the brink of having to start canceling “luxury” utilities. I hate to see the tv go but my family could probably use a little more “mom” time anyway. My bill is already outrageous and I’m in no position to go higher. I wish Ala carte was an option. How it can’t be in today’s day and age is beyond me. Buh-Bye Viacom. You can keep your high prices and trashy programming.

  78. Turboguilly says

    I have no premium channels & my bill is $140.00. I have been debating on dropping Suddenlink because I already think its expensive. I’m not gonna pay $140.00 for less channels. In this area I think Suddenlink is a monopoly. The only options to switch to [satellite], which is looking good right now.

  79. Ellen917 says

    My daughter watches Nickelodeon all the time, and would really miss it. We don’t care about the other channels, but if you drop Viacom probramming entirely I would like to see a reduction in my cable bill. If not, guess it really is time to go with another provider.

  80. LarryW says

    Drop ‘em. the only one of those I watch is spike and that’s only when UFC is on. But I’m not an addict for the fights, especially when someone like VIAcomm is trying to hold us hostage over it. Give ‘em the boot.

  81. Tbaker says

    I say drop viacom – don’t even haggle. We have all felt cuts during these times – but they want major increases!? Just say NO to all viacom channels!!!

  82. Anne says

    I agree with the other postings. I don’t watch these channels anyway. I say to treat Viacom like any other playground bully–ban them from playing with others altogether. We don’t need their kind and we DO need to save the money. My Suddenlink bill has just gone up, so has insurance, while income (Social Security) has remained the same. I’d rather eat than watch TV.

  83. Kim says

    I agree with the majority here. DROP Viacom!!! I do enjoy TV Land and my kids like some of the Nickolodeon programming, but the rest is pure junk. I would rather have my bill go down and do without these additional channels. Teach Viacom a lesson and tell them to go packing. Your customers will appreciate the drop in their cable bill!!!

  84. Richard D says

    Drop them or maybe we will drop Suddenlink. I have already downsize some tiers because of the last rate increase. Any more and I will most likely have to drop your cable TV service.

  85. lennie g says

    i watch some of these channels daily, but i’m not getting a raise this year, and viacom is asking for too much. i will find my shows with my suddenlink high speed internet.

  86. Dawn says

    I say tell Viacom to stuff it! These are hard times for everyone and I hope Suddenlink does what most customers want, and that’s NOT give in to them and lower our bill.

  87. Kim says

    I wanted to add that I hope that these blog entries regarding the Viacom negotiations are not Suddenlink’s attempt to #1: get their customers to fight their battle for them by asking us to contact our Congress people or #2: give us fair warning that our prices are about to go up and make Viacom look like the culprit. I am a little bit suspect as to the intentions of these posts.

    Your customers have spoken. Now, Suddenlink, if you are truly interested in your customer’s views & feedback then you need to drop Viacom if they do not offer a reasonable alternative that won’t increase your customers’ cable bills. I truly hope that your intentions with these posts has been to listen to your customers’ feedback & act on their behalf. If so, then thank you!

  88. Dave says

    Drop Viacom! We don’t watch any of it, won’t watch any of it and greatly would prefer to lower our current high monthly payment. We absolutely don’t want to be forced to pay a much higher rate for their channels. This is just another example of us being forced to subscribe to and pay for completely unwanted tv options. Bring on free choice subscription service.

  89. East Texas Viewer says

    Hmm, I find all of this amusing. You realize that regardless of what happens one side will relent December 31st at the last possible minute. It ALWAYS happens. Look at every other cable vs. company issue that has happened over the last 5 years. I can’t believe Suddenlink is wanting viewers to get Congress involved. Hello, they are on break.

    I find it funny that no one mentioned that Suddenlink just recently raised its rates across the board for all cable services starting in the December bills. … For those of you who think “get rid of those channels so I can get a discount”, don’t wait for the dollar signs to come rolling in. It won’t be much, if anything. Suddenlink is only mentioning that to allow consumers think they (Suddenlink) are innocent. Cable companies have fought hard to not get “a la carte” programming instituted. By refunding that portion back, they are saying “yes, we will let you pick what channels you want.”

  90. Doyle Driver says

    Suddenlink, I for one hope that you just tell Viacom to peddle their filthy wares somewhere else. I don’t watch them and don’t intend to. In fact if you bend tho their blackmail ways and raise our prices, I will sever my relation with Suddenlink.

    Don’t back down!

    Doyle Driver

  91. John says

    Honestly, is this not the kettle calling the pot black? I pay suddenlink for dozens of channels i don’t want. There are really only three cable channels I watch, but I need to purchase packages of dozens of other channels to get these. Why is suddenlink surprised by the economics of viacom’s demands?

  92. Joshua says

    Would love to know the actual prices yet suddenlink is probably comparing some channels no one watches to Nick or MTV in there great price comparison. I wish they listed the channels and not just say 3 times the price of 4 channels. That’s like saying solve X Y=Z….. What’s X??

  93. Sherry says

    I agree! Let Viacom go. I may watch a few shows on one or two of those channels but my life will not end without them. If they are pulling this with Suddenlink they are pulling it with the other cable companies as well. They can’t freeze everyone out if they wish to stay afloat!

  94. Josh says

    I feel sorry for the idiots that think suddenlink is standing up against the r rated channel…. They are arguing over the price, if the price remained the same and the r rated channel were added they wouldn’t have any of this going on. I think its stupid to try to get congress to step in to keep their prices the same. Get congress involved with something like the gas prices that are steadily increasing.

  95. Michael says

    I WILL NOT pay that increase in price. Is there an alternative to Viacom? I’d rather drop Viacom and those channels. If this goes through and we have to pay this increase, my family and I will drop the Suddenlink service we now have and explore other options of our own.

  96. Evan in MO says

    Don’t cave in Suddenlink! I wouldn’t pay more than a 2-3% increase. If it is more than that drop Viacom channels. Someone else mentioned this but I would only miss Jon Stewart which I could watch online. If Suddenlink does cave in and take a 10% increase instead of the 20% and come back with “look at our great negotiating” then I will probably drop the service. We as consumers have to stand up and say enough is enough and if they drop channels so be it. If Suddenlink would drop the Viacom channels will our bill go down? It better.

  97. Sherry says

    Drop Viacom! We can do without their programming. Maybe if more cable providers stood their ground like Suddenlink, subscribers wouldn’t be forced to buy channels they dislike just to get a channel or two they want in a package. I would cheer for a reduction in my bill!

  98. William says

    oh and here’s a thought….instead of having your kids sit in front of a TV watching nickelodeon for 5 hours a day while they scarf down mcdonalds and coke products, turn the TV off and go outside and get some exercise.

    in fact, viacom raising their rates might be a good thing. you don’t pay for cable (saves you money) and your kids go outside and get exercise (they don’t get fat).

  99. Ron says

    I need my cable bill lowered anyway and can’t think of a better way than standing up to a bully. Please bye bye Viacom !!! When Chase bank and Bank of America tried to bully me, I dropped them fast. I draw pleasure in this everyday.

  100. Shana says

    Let the market decide how much the channels are worth. Your customers are overwhelmingly saying it’s not worth the extra 20 percent so drop them! Viacom will regret it and life will go on. Hold your ground and make us proud suddenlink!!

  101. Terry says

    Cry, cry, cry!! Now you know how we the customer feels. We have to select packages of channels we don’t want just so we can get the one channel we do want. And I bet if you come to terms with Viacom, the increased cost will just be passed onto us the customer. However, should you not come to terms with them, will this savings be passed onto the customer? Will get a lower rate now that we’re getting less channels? I think not!!

  102. Roule Lowe says

    I say, kick the curs to the curb and lets have the savings instead. Not much there I would watch anyway.

  103. Perry says

    Tell Viacom to keep their MTV and suddenlink can pass down the savings. It’s just T.V. I remember when it was free. I even remember when radio was free. Everyone’s looking for that easy dollar and the people are so fed up that they would rather give it up instead of taking the time to moan and groan. Me, well I moan and groan as much as it takes until you get fed up and give it up to me. You would be surprised at what a little bit of complaining can accomplish.

  104. Byron says

    Drop Viacom. How much will FOX Business cost? Make it available before I have to switch to satellite.

  105. Jon P says

    Drop Viacomm and see how they deal with less money. Suddenlink has the upper hand here. It’s either less than they want or nothing at all. She should take something rather than nothing. If you have to drop those channels, then drop them. These are not necessities. … There are also DVD’s and other shows my child can watch besides Dora.

    I also don’t think Viacomm realizes that having these channels on cable is a luxury. We don’t need them, especially with most shows being available online. I will miss Comedy Central, but my favorite shows from it are online.

    Push them to the brink and if they don’t budge, drop them. Don’t cave in to them. We’ll see how quickly they come crawling back. If it takes a couple weeks or a couple months, Viacomm will see what they’re losing. I have been very happy with Suddenlink so far and I’m completely on your side.

    Heck, if it makes my cable bill smaller, so be it.

  106. Dahl Gerberick says

    Please tell Viacom to take all their channels and go jump in a very cold lake. We don’t want them or any of their channels unless they are willing to take a 20% CUT in fees.



  107. Sharon Tipton says

    I am fed up with these price gouging, money hungry company big shots to don’t give a darn about comsumers but only care about bulking up their wallets. To heck with Viacom!!!!!!! I will miss TV Land and my husband watches Spike once in a while but we can live without them. Cable already cost way to much in my opinion and I’m not interested in paying a penny more on top of the $6 increase we were just hit with. Sorry Suddenlink but that recent increase makes me wonder if you did that in anticipation of knowing you might have to refund a few dollars if Viacom negotiations fail. Hummmmm.

  108. Baxter says

    Suddenlink, don’t do this. They want to charge up to 15 for those channels, they must be crazy. Let them go, maybe some other time they will see you all are serious and drop it back down to a reasonable rate, but 15 more is ridiculous.

  109. Dan T. Garrett says

    Please, please, please do not give into these tactics. Tell Viacom to take their R-rated junk and take a hike. We can and will do without the channels they wish to pull. God bless you. Stick to your guns.

  110. J R Cutler says

    Drop all Viacom stations. There are too many already and you might as well play their game their way. Cost for non-air TV is already too high.

  111. Betty Short says

    Suffice it to say, in our case, we are senior citizens totally dependent on Social Security. We certainly can’t afford a rate increase as there is already too much month left at the end of the money, with no cost-of-living increase in 3-4 years (although Congress never has any second thoughts about voting themselves
    a raise, and usually “hefty” at that).

    Bottom line, Suddenlink, agree with all the other comments that suggest you stand firm. Let it be their loss and our gain, assuming rates will at least stay the same & at best perhaps even be lowered. That would certainly be welcome! I’m confident we’ll ALL anxiously be awaiting your decision. Looking forward to your next e-mail informing us of your decision.

  112. elizabeth says

    As far as I am concerned I can’t afford to add any more expenses. So, lose the channels. If our monthly fees are going up…we will discontinue

  113. Jason Scott says

    Viacom knows full well what it’s doing, which is to force viewers to switch to online viewing, ultimately affording them tighter controls regarding the ease of tracking who views what. It’s basically extortion. However, due to a mass increase in bandwidth due to streaming content services (eg. Netflix) there’s already rumblings that bandwidth costs could ultimately go up in various ways. While it may seem counterintuitive and counterproductive for Viacom, they actually don’t want their price increases met. If they were really money hungry, they would charge for their online content. It’s not about money. This is about slaying cable TV and satellite altogether in favor of online viewing.

  114. Susan Graham says

    I appreciate your fight to keep out R rated shows. May God bless you for that. I say drop Viacom if possible but do whatever is necessary to keep out the R rated shows. They don’t matter to me because I don’t watch them but the USA is in bad enough shape now with violence and such. Don’t encourage more. If R-rated shows appear on Suddenlink, I will be forced to change providers.

  115. Roger Randolph says

    I say just drop the Viacom lineup and contact other cable companies around the nation to stand together and do the same. They will soon realize that a fair portion of income is better than NONE.

  116. Lara says

    I agree with most everyone else–GET RID OF VIACOM and lower our rates! Who needs them? In fact, give us FitTV instead so we can get up off our cabooses and workout to the TV instead of vegging out in front of it watching garbage from Viacom!

    In fact, even if Viacom were to give Suddenlink its programming, I still say get rid of them. Their programming is part of what is helping to destroy our youth.

    Cable companies need to understand that they aren’t the monopoly they used to be. With choices like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, etc., cable companies don’t need to make such ridiculous monetary demands. I think Viacom is sealing its fate.

  117. Michael Crawford Sr says

    We are tired of having this R rated crap shoved down our throats. We can only hope Suddenlink stands their ground and fights against the unjust tactics of such a desperate company such as Viacom! Let them go! We are raising a grandchild and , she may watch Nick, rarely but I would rather pay for the DVD’s on certain shows than to have more crap brought into our home! If Viacom wins with their tactics, we will no longer be a customer of Suddenlink! It is sad that Suddenlink will pay the price in the end because they will lose customers. If Viacom wins, they will push garbage on people who don’t want it! All we can do is hope for the best and pray Suddenlink stays strong through this matter! As of NOW, Suddenlink has been the best cable provider for us!

  118. Tom Johnson says

    This situation lends credence to the argument for letting customers choose the channels they want and pay only for them. I for one would have none of the existing Viacom channels and certainly would not take the R-rated offering.

    I will not involve Congress in this. My observation is that whatever Congress and government in general touch quickly turns into dog do-do. Let the marketplace decide. If Viacom sticks to its guns, then you do the same and remove them from the Suddenlink system.

  119. Mary says

    Drop ‘em like a hot rock! We never watch any of those channels. It irks me that Viacom wants to require me to finacially support programming that is offensive to me. They may have a right to program it, but I also have a right to not only not view it, but not to pay for it. If our bill goes up we will drop cable. We can’t afford to pay for junk we won’t watch.

  120. David says

    The large majority of the comments here are for dumping VIACOM and their worthless programming. DON’T NEGOTIATE!

  121. William says

    I will NOT miss the Viacom programming noted in your email, and I certainly do NOT want to pay for R-rated material. I would, however, like to see Suddenlink air RFD-TV. Thanks.

  122. Dale says

    Why bother with Congress? Can’t Suddenlink tell Viacom to buzz off without Congress? Why is Suddenlink negotiating with them? Let ‘em go find another cable provider to rob. Is there something Suddenlink isn’t telling us? Just curious. The vast majority of people don’t care about the Viacom channels you speak of. (Are you listening to your customers, Suddenlink?)

  123. James L. Shatzsall says

    Costs are already high. Having no children in the house, I say drop all of these chanels and reduce our cost. As a retired person, a close watch on all expenses is required. If cable costs increase, I will have to select the programs I have to delete.

  124. Jennifer says

    My first instinct is to say: Drop Viacom. What they are doing should not be tolerated. However, I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old that watch Nick Jr pretty much exclusively. So, if Suddenlink and Viacom can’t come to some kind of agreement, I’m afraid I might have to go with another provider.

  125. Terry says

    Send Viacom packing! I don’t agree with having to choose packages of channels that you don’t want. We are already paying an extremely high price and having channels shoved down our throats. When you contact your congressman, also suggest new legislation that would allow customers to only pay for the channels they actually wish to receive, and to do away with the so called packages.

  126. Rich Kinast says

    I, for one, will not miss any of the listed Viacom channels if they go away. Furthermore, I could list several channels that would make better replacements for them if necessary. G4TV, NatGeoTV, and Bio TV are three that come to mind right off, and I am sure there are other good candidates that would actually improve programming if they replaced the Viacom channels.

    If everything you said is really true, I would tell them to not let the door hit them on the way out!

  127. Ernie Stevens says

    I am with some of the others on here. I feel like I am on the “LOST” series. Hehe. But seriously, if cable goes any higher and remains to where I can not customize my personal channel lineup, getting only the channels I want and not having to pay an outrageous price, I am switching … I recently started an account with Hulu Plus which allows me to watch most of my programs from across all networks and basically do the same thing as personalizing my own channel lineup watching only what I want when I want. So, all that is needed is a good Internet connection.

  128. William says

    We DO NOT want the R-rated channel. I say DUMP VIACOM! Viacom’s other channels (MTV & Comedy Central) sneak enough inappropriate material to our children as it is, and it’s a constant battle. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that Suddenlink offer an a la carte cable package where the consumer can select pay for only the channels they want, through the cable box. If that were implemented, a lot of the crap channels out there who only stay alive due to the fact that subscribers are forced to subsidize them, would go away as a result of the free market. And that would be a good thing.

  129. susan says

    I find it very interesting that all the comments on this blog are agreeing with Suddenlink on this issue because this is not what I’m hearing out here. Most people that I’ve talked to said they will switch providers if we lose these channels. A lot of these channels are watched by children and the elderly. Suddenlink is also trying to make out like Viacom is greedy but I think they’re both greedy.

  130. Lane Mckinney says

    I would prefer that Suddenlink drop these channels. I only watch 2 of them and very little at that. I sure don’t want to pay higher fees for channels that I will not watch. Probably there are only 20 channels out of the whole bunch worth watching anyway of your regular lineup.

  131. Z. G. Clark says

    Viacom wants a raise? Seniors on social security do too, but they haven’t had one in over two years, and I suspect those seniors can not afford a rate increase and will have to fold rather than see that raise.

  132. Jennifer says

    If Viacom wins, I will have no choice but to drop Suddenlink cable. Those are the channels we watch most. I have small children that love Nickeldeon.

  133. Drop Viacom says

    Drop Viacom!!!! I have asked several of my friends and neighbors and nobody watches viacom channels. I say drop them altogether! I bet if you call their bluff they will wake up and become more reasonable.

  134. hlong says

    Let the Viacom channels go. Don’t need them; dont’ want them. Maybe other responsible providers will do likewise. Could turn out to be a worth while referendum.

  135. MIke Matney says

    I won’t tolerate a rate increase since I don’t watch but about 5% of the channels now. I don’t care anything about any of these except Nick and only marginally at that.

    Just drop them and let them feel the sting of their stupidity!

  136. er dulaney says

    I will drop Suddenlink like a hot potato, including Internet, if you persist in communications with disgusting Viacom and their “Epix.” I dont let R-rated content into my home, period. I have spent over a dozen years battling the magazines, the nudie channels on Internet, the freaking music coming in under wraps. I will NOT pay for instant access to the garbage on TV.

  137. Hobbs says

    I have a totally different take on this compared to everyone else. I say suck it up and secure the deal! I have been with cable all of my life and would hate to switch to [satellite] to get the channels my family likes to watch. I am already charged too much for cable and internet and I know you will charge me a ridiculous amount regardless of what happens. It will come in the way of some franchise fee increase or something like that. Just make the deal and get on with it. …

  138. Benny Lopez says

    Drop them. I am tired of being bullied by these companies that are so greedy and just want more money. If they want to save money, maybe some of their high paid executives should take a paycut. Funny thing is, in these hard economic times, people are learning to do without. I think we should show these big companies that they are replaceable and not worth what they think they are. If my children spend less time in front of a television, no big deal. I VOTE TO DROP THEM.

  139. David Moss says

    We do not watch any of the Viacom channels, however, we know many people do. This is a tough decision for you. You just have to decide if the cost of doing business with Viacom is worth the end result. Easy for people like me to say “no” but many may say “yes. ”

    Do not be held hostage to them but please remember , we have your full cable package . It cost a great deal and I am afraid that I cannot handle the addition of another amount of money to watch any of these channels or any channels. This is not the time to lean on your customers for money.

    As far as the R-rated channels they may have, there are plenty of channels available that may be watched without theirs.

  140. Marie B says

    My house does watch several of the Viacomm networks but if I have to forego them I will. My son will be very disappointed but we will all survive without them. Its very sad to think that Viacomm has such a self centered business practice. I guess they forgot that the viewers are thier customers as well, not just Suddenlink’s. Therefore they don’t care about thier customers. They need to seriously rethink thier business platform before its to late. I hope Suddenlink sticks to thier guns and if need be let the channels go black even if its just if its for a short period time. Viacomm needs to get the point. They can’t bully people around to get the outragous rate hikes. If they start losing money they might open thier eyes to the poor business practices.

  141. Michael says

    We watch Comedy Central every day and the kids watch Nick daily, too. If these channels are gone, then it’s time to switch to another provider.

  142. Phil Smith says

    I am thankful that we live in a fairly free-market, capitalist society and I support Viacom’s attempt at growing their business. I also appreciate Suddenlink’s attempt to maximize their profit. Is there much elasticity in the pricing of cable TV services? We shall see. I, for one, personally believe the value is less than the price paid, and will look for alternatives if the price increases. My $0.02.

  143. Scott McCune says

    The channels involved are few. Although there are som I like I could do without them. If Viacom will not negotiate, then drop their channels. I for one would like to see the BBC and more Discovery and History channels put into the regular lineup. If nothing else, set Viacom channels as premium channels.

  144. Joyce says

    Dump Viacom. Don’t let their strong arm tactics scare you. I wouldn’t do business with them now if they said it was all free. Joyce

  145. Joseph Birchman says

    I am not willing to pay extra for these channels and if they are forced upon me, I want the ability to opt out of them or I will have to find another source of video intertainment.

  146. KSMoody says

    Our household of five do not watch any of these channels and we all agree it would be best to let them go, even if our rates stay the same.

  147. Brian Sims says

    I agree with many of the other subscribers that we should not be forced to have this type of filth forced upon us and at a significant cost increase! The my family could easily do without the current Viacom channels. A message needs to be sent to Viacom that consumers will not put up with their tactics. We do not need the force of the government behind this, let the free market speak.

  148. Carla W says

    I think it’s time to tell them “No thanks.” We don’t need to be held hostage by Viacom. We can do without those channels and especially without their “R” rated channel.

  149. ohio says

    Dump Viacom. I will miss comedy central but I will survive. Being that we live in an area with no alternative…..antenna would give us only 3 channels here….I would prefer they drop Viacom and our bill by the 3 or 4 dollars stated on the commercial regarding this situation. Maybe Suddenlink could replace all of those with say FSN-Ohio instead of, or in addition to FSN-Pittsburgh around here. As much as we have to pay for cable, I prefer that suddenlink look out for our interests AND provide programming we want.

  150. W Price says

    Stop negotiations with Viacom. Just drop them and don’t look back. I have no interest in what they have to offer

  151. Doug says

    Drop Viacom. I never watch any of their channels and never will. Give us a discount for the difference. I will not pay for an R rated channel and if my monthly fee goes up to cover the cost of an R rated channel I WILL DROP Suddenlink immediately.

    Don’t get Congress involved. They have bigger things to worry about. Let the market place drive what Viacom provides. If enough carriers drop them because of stupid moves like this they will get the picture.

  152. sadler says


  153. Tim Western says

    I understand why some are saying if they lose these channels they’ll drop Suddenlink. Understand that VIacom can do this to any provider, it is just that right now their contract with Suddenlink is the one in question. If Suddenlink blinks, then Viacom wins. If Suddenlink calls their bluff, then one of 2 things happens. Yes we lose channels, Viacomm loses profits, but Viacomm then has to decide, come back with a better offer, a reasonable offer, or due with less. If they are as need of this cash as they say, they can’t afford to lose the potential customers in the suddenlink Family. They will HAVE to renegotiate, and on more favorable terms to us as Suddenlink Subscribers.

    Yes there is a risk that we could lose those channels forever, but In this economy, I’m willing to call the Tyrants at Viacom’s bluff.

  154. Doug says

    I don’t watch any of these channels, and as for an R rated channel, no thanks. Let’s dump Viacom and let them peddle their stuff some where else!

  155. Karen W. says

    I say who needs Viacom. Drop all their channels. I will miss TV Land but I will get over it, not the end of the world. I don’t want to pay more for television.

  156. Chase says

    Yeah my kid loves all the nick channels too but losing Comedy Central and Spike is devastating. Any fan of the MMA will be looking for a new cable provider if this problem isn’t resolved. And no John Stewart? Let’s not pretend that losing Viacom isn’t a huge deal. Work it out or I’m gone.

  157. Rick Campbell says

    of all of the viacom channels listed, i only occasionally watch tvland, but would not miss it if it wasn’t available. i would like to see suddenlink just create a new grouping of these channels and then those customers that wanted them could simply pay the additional cost and those of us that don’t want them would not have to subscribe to them. this is called freedom of choice.. as for writing to congress, the last thing we need is for congress to become involved in what is a free market negotiation. more and more, our local, state and federal governments are limiting what is one of the great hallmarks of a democracy and a free society, our right to choose.

  158. Rick W says

    Please dump those channels anyway and reduce my bill. Most of those channels are garbage or of little or no value. Mindless TV watching. If I could pick up local channels with an antenna I would stop paying for TV all together.

  159. Darrell Veyon says

    To the folks at Suddenlink, stand your ground. I know there has been some doubt expressed as to whether or not you will decrease your charges if a Viacom contract is not obtained. I for one am trusting you will do as you have spoken.

    Viacom will have their own business model they will need to follow, if it works for them, more power to them. With the negotiating points identified in your memo, if they succeed, I am hopeful it is without us – the customers and buyers in the Suddenlink family. I personnally do not watch most of the identified channels that might be affected, so dropping Viacom is no big issue for me.

    Suddenlink, thank you for being thoughtful enough to share the information on these negotiations with us, particularly in how this might impact us (your customers). I pray that the members, staff, and the Suddenlink customer family will enjoy a safe and Happy New Year.


  160. john hitchcock says

    Dont watch their junk and never have. If you cave in to them and raise my cable rates, I will cancel my cable. It is now almost a wasteland.

  161. Rosanne says

    I am a Suddenlink customer, and have “liked” the Epix page on Facebook. If you look at it, it’s just another movie channel, equivalent to HBO or Showtime. Have you ever seen HBO’s TrueBlood? Talk about RAUNCHY! Take a quick look at the Epix home page ( and you’ll see that it’s just movies – good and bad, raunchy and okay.

    What I object to is Viacom’s blackmail attempt. I don’t WANT to pay for Epix, just as I don’t want to pay for Showtime or HBO (and I don’t). The rating is not the issue. Forcing premium content and prices on me, is. Epix belongs in the same subscription system as HBO and Showtime.

  162. Shonna Smith says

    Well, from the sound of it… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, SUDDENLINK! My TV is full of FILTH enough without the ‘freedom-of-speech’ that is practiced by most viacom channels.

    Frankly, I’d like to see someone stand-up for family values and knock these guys to their knees!!!!

    And like another person posted: with times the way they are…. ‘pay-television’ is a luxury we’ve chosen during our adulthood….. most of the people posting here are old enough to remember 2 or 3 channels…. ANY reductions you could provide us to HELP THE AMERICAN FAMILY have luxuries on a cheaper scale, WOULD BE VERY WELCOMED!!!

  163. Crystal W says

    So because these people are wanting more money they plan on taking it out on our children? I can live without MTV and VH1 Channels but to take away channels that our children love and learn from is down right ridiculous. Let’s continue to keep taking away good channels for our children to watch leaving them with nothing but the violent shows that adults tend to watch. Taking away their childhood is not only not right but it’s not fair. My children Love Nickolodeon and have learned from this channel with Nick Jr shows. Those shows helped prepare them for school. I am glad that these shows are on air for them to watch. But why, oh why must they be taken away from them and future children to come who would not get this knowledge from anywhere else. Yes it is sad to say but there are some parents who are not like myself who do not care about their children being prepared for school. They do not sit down and do work books and help them learn their “ABC’s” and “123’s”. Simple things that any parent should be able to do but do not and these shows help them learn this stuff. Thankfully my children not only were able to learn from me and my family but from these shows.

  164. victor m says

    the discount if these channels that will vanish to 3 to 4 $. that’s not very much for all these missing channels. I probably will look into satellite if this problem lasts much longer.

  165. toya says

    i understand your point of view on this but we will not be pulling our subscribtion because we understand that viacom holds thoes stations on all network including [satellite] so im sure when there contracts become available for renegotiation there will be additional increases

  166. Robert H. says

    Get a clue people. Viacom provides some of the very best family and children’s programming available. Nickelodeon and TV Land have no viable alternatives. Those who are concerned about “R” rated programming should wake up and look at the garbage that is already out there, including the major networks. Good grief. How can it get any worse? This is a major blow if Suddenlink loses these channels. Satellite TV will become a real alternative. What type of price reduction is Suddenlink proposing to give all of us if they lose Viacom? They didn’t mention that one did they?

  167. Kathryn W says

    I dont mind if those channels are not on the lineup,,I dont watch them anyway and reducing my cable bill will be ok.

  168. Renee says

    I would pay Suddenlink to ban MTV. It really sucks that in order to have Nick you have to also have MTV… and parental blocks are a joke when you have teenagers who are smarter than you are… I hope they don’t reach an agreement.

  169. Ray says

    Why not just drop Viacom progrming and add stations we can use. For example, Fox Business News would be a great addition to basic service. So would ESPNU. Please hold your ground on R-rated programing. and continue to offer wholesome viewing choices. I for one would not miss MTV or Comedy Central.

  170. D. Pace says

    We don’t need Viacom!! As for children’s programming, they watch too much TV as it is. Need to encourges books and playing outside.anyway. None of us need “Jersey Shore”. Although I love the old programs aired on TVLand, there are videos and some other non Viacom stations air some of them too. So LET THEM GO!!!

  171. It's reality says

    People need to understand you may not like all these channels but the majority of all people do want them or at least like to watch one of the channels owned by viacom. They can not drop the channels because a small percentage of the consumers do not like them. I guarantee at least one person in each household watches one of them. Canceling service will not work because each company goes through it. May not be not be same company suddenlink is dealing with. I have another provider and we lost fox sports for a full month because fox sports was trying to increase rates. I read in the newspaper that in west texas that as of Jan 1st another company’s customers will be losing NBC. That is a local channel. If an increase happens its not a big one but suddenlink is sticking up for customers to make it where not even a small increase will happen.