TiVo Premiere From Suddenlink Launched

Suddenlink and TiVo today announced the launch of the TiVo® Premiere DVR from Suddenlink in Lubbock, Midland, Floydada, and Plainview, Texas. Suddenlink is the only multichannel TV service provider in these communities to offer TiVo Premiere.

The TiVo Premiere combines Suddenlink’s service with TiVo’s best-in-class user interface to offer access to thousands of hours of entertainment choices, including content from Suddenlink’s video-on-demand library and the Web (e.g., YouTube videos), all accessible through TiVo’s advanced search and discovery features.

Suddenlink plans to expand the availability of the device to additional markets in 2011.


  1. Rob says

    Is there going to be any extra charges for the TiVo Premiere features or will it only be the HD/DVR charge that is charged for regular SA/Moto boxes?


    • FYI Publisher says

      There will be no extra charge for the listed features. We’re leasing the TiVo devices for $15 per month, which is the same lease price as our standard HD/DVR devices. There’s also a one-time nominal installation/set-up charge of approx. $30. And a 10 Mbps Internet service is required, which most of our customers already have.

      • FYI Publisher says

        Our high-speed Internet service is required to support communication between the TiVo devices and our equipment, including our video-on-demand servers. That communication cannot be implemented through other ISPs.

  2. Erik says

    So sad it’s not in Amarillo quite yet! Why’s there a setup fee of $30? Can’t I just pick it up from the office and plug it in myself?

    • FYI Publisher says

      Installation of the Suddenlink-TiVo device is more involved than a standard digital cable box, requiring additional materials, CableCARD pairing, Internet connectivity, etc.

    • FYI Publisher says

      While we don’t have a specific roll out schedule at this time, we do intend to expand availability in 2011. We will announce additional launches as they are confirmed.