Suddenlink to Offer NFL Network, NFL RedZone

Suddenlink will offer NFL Network and NFL RedZone as part of the agreement that NFL Network reached with the National Cable Television Cooperative, of which Suddenlink is a member.

Suddenlink has already started to launch these channels in certain areas and expects substantially all of the launches to be completed by or well before the first Sunday of the NFL regular season, Sept. 12.

Suddenlink will notify customers when the channels are available in their community and how to subscribe to them. As NFL Network and NFL RedZone are launched, the company will also update the local channel listings published on its Web site. (Suddenlink customers can view their local lineup at when they enter a valid street address, city, state, and zip code.)

More information about NFL Network available here. More information about NFL RedZone available here.


  1. Craig says

    I would like to be one of the first to say “Thank You” Suddenlink for finally bringing us the NFL Network. It has been a long time coming, but you now have a loyal customer for a long time to come.

  2. Billy says


    Thank you, Suddenlink. I woke up this morning and noticed 527. I’m currently watching the Rams vs Patriots pre-season game.

    Thank you for buying Cox Communications, thank you for the upgraded internet connection, and thank you for bringing this humble West Texan the NFL Network.

    Mega Props!

  3. David says

    I see that in Alexandria/PIneville, La we have NFL Network, but only in SD, why don’t we get the NFL Channel in HD in this market? I am simply not watching it in SD, this is why I paid $2000 for a 50″ HDTV.

    It amazes me that we also still don’t have the Weather Channel in HD. I would love to know who makes these decisions in our local market.

    • FYI Publisher says

      We are investing in you area to expand the capacity of the local cable system so that we can add more HD services.  As soon as we’re able to complete that work in your area, we’ll notify all local customers.

    • FYI Publisher says

      We are regularly investing in our cable systems to expand their capacity so we can add more HD services such as the NFL services you mention.  As soon as we’re able to complete that work in your area, we will notify all local customers.

  4. jl says

    appreciate the NFL Network update, i just orded the sports package today.

    i waited a long time for Charter to get it before Suddenlink came to our area, but thanks for finally coming through with it, Suddenlink.

    BTW, great customer service.