Don’t Be Fooled by ‘Phishing’ Expeditions

We’ve warned customers about this issue before.

If you receive an email message from someone claiming they’re with Suddenlink and asking you to provide personal information, don’t bite.

Such emails are commonly known as “phishing” emails. They’re sent to the customers of many different companies and organizations by anonymous parties. The presumed goal of these anonymous parties is to steal your personal information.

Suddenlink will never ask you to provide personal information like your username, password, social security number or credit card via an email message. If you receive an email message claiming to be from us and asking for personal information (or encouraging you to visit a Website to enter personal information), do not reply. Instead, forward those emails to — and then immediately delete the forwarded email.

For more information on handling spam messages, visit our Customer Help page.

(Addendum: A recent report by Network World indicates that the biggest phishing crime spree ever may be in the offing.)