Create and Share a ‘Hard/Easy’ Video

UPDATE AUG. 25, 2010

This friendly competition is now closed. The response was … less than overwhelming. Maybe next time we should offer prizes. Since there was only one entrant who followed the contest rules — see the first comment with link, at the end of this post — we’ll declare that person’s entry the winner. Congratulations!




If you live in an area that Suddenlink serves, you’ve probably seen commercials from our “Hard/Easy” series. For instance …



That and other commercials in the series have sparked a creative bug in some of our customers. Here’s an example …



And another …



We’ve enjoyed discovering these and similar videos; we’re impressed with the creativity of our customers; and we’d love to see more. So if you think you can match – or one-up – the examples posted above, or others available at YouTube, give it a try. If you do, please keep the following in mind

(1) Exercise common sense and common courtesy in your video – i.e., nothing dangerous; don’t put yourselves or others at risk; nothing X-rated; no foul language; no offensive comments; don’t borrow or use someone else’s owned material (a.k.a., “intellectual property”). You get the idea.

(2) Make sure all people in your video are at least 18 years old OR they have a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to participate.

(3) We’ll assume all of the people in each submitted video are granting us permission to recognize and publicize that video without compensation. We won’t be doling out cash prizes, nor do we plan to turn any of these videos into actual commercials. We will, however, ask an employee panel of judges to occasionally review and rank appropriate videos submitted to us. We’ll then follow-up with a post at this blog, showcasing their three favorites. Your odds of making the list of favorites at any given time will depend on the judges’ discretion and the number of eligible entries submitted prior to judging.

(4) Submissions can be made by leaving a link to your video in the comments section of this post. All comments are subject to review before publication.

(5) If you’re unhappy with us for some reason, you’re certainly free to make a critical video, but rather than showcase that video, we’d prefer to address the root cause of your concern. Please contact us for help, through any of the options (email, phone, or chat) listed at our main Web site when you enter a zip code. If the problem persists, you can find contact information for the senior executive in your region at the top of this page after you enter a zip code.


  1. Ginnie Daniels says

    I think inorder to reach alot of our customers, family & friends of this exciting offer to get involved & have fun with our commercials, we need to post this site to Facebook. That is where I am when not at work and alot of coworkers, friends & family that subscriber to Suddenlink and those that aren’t like my Army soldier son. I would love to involve him in a commercial before he leaves for Iraq at the end of June for his 2nd deployment while his pregnate wife is waiting. We keep in touch on Facebook via Suddenlink internet! It ROCKS! Thank you & hopefully you are able to post this on Facebook♥

    • FYI Editor says

      Thank you for your comment. We have previously posted this information on Facebook. Please feel free to upload your video to either your YouTube or Facebook account and then provide a link in the comments section of this blog post. We look forward to seeing your submission.