‘Project Imagine’ Update

As previously announced, Suddenlink is in the midst of a three-year program — “Project Imagine” — which calls for approximately $350 million in investments, above and beyond traditional capital spending levels.

To date, those investments have increased by nearly 60% the average number of high-definition (HD) TV channels the company offers; boosted the speeds of existing Internet services and enabled new, even faster speeds in a number of areas, using the cable industry’s proprietary DOCSIS 3.0 technology.

Through Project Imagine, the company has also expanded the availability of HD service from 86% of customers last June to 90% of customers last month; video-on-demand service from 48% to 62%; and DOCSIS 3.0 technology from 12% to 66%.


    • FYI Publisher says

      We’ll be in position to be more specific as the local upgrades move forward, but right now, we expect an expanded HD lineup will be available in the early part (first quarter) of 2011.