Suddenlink Launches 107 Meg Download Speed

Suddenlink today started offering residential customers in several, suburban-Austin communities (Georgetown, Pflugerville, and Leander) its new “High Speed Internet MAX 107.0” service, featuring a download speed up to 107 megabits per second (Mbps) and an upload speed up to 5 Mbps.

Georgetown and nearby communities are the first in the country to receive this new service.

“Among the major service providers, we believe this residential download speed is the fastest in the nation,” said Suddenlink CEO Jerry Kent.

In a related report published earlier today, Jeff Baumgartner at Light Reading noted …

That’s what our research tells us, too, when it comes to domestic Docsis 3.0 services. Suddenlink’s new tier, dubbed High Speed Internet Max 107.0, is the fastest cable wideband tier in the US, in terms of downstream speeds, slightly outpacing Mediacom Communications Corp. (Nasdaq: MCCC)’s 105-Mbit/s service.

The MAX 107.0 service is the result of “Project Imagine,” a new Suddenlink program that calls for approximately $350 million of capital investments nationwide through 2012, above and beyond the company’s traditional capital spending levels. Through “Project Imagine,” the company aims to expand to substantially all Suddenlink communities: video-on-demand service; the capability for up to 200 high-definition (HD) TV channels; and industry-leading DOCSIS 3.0 technology, which enables Internet download speeds of 20, 50, and more than 100 Mbps.

Suddenlink is preparing to launch either MAX 107.0 or MAX 50.0 Internet service in a number of other communities this year, with details to be announced later. (MAX 50.0 service will feature a download speed of up to 50 Mbps.)


  1. Ian L says

    1. What upload speed does MAX 50 support? 5 Mbps like MAX 107?
    2. Will MAX 50 be priced lower than MAX 107 (so, two very high speed DOCSIS 3 tiers in areas like Pflugerville) or will MAX 50 be priced the same as MAX 107, the difference being market availability?

    Nice job, guys. Upload speed could be better but right now you can’t get above 15/2 inside Austin on cable (Time Warner) yet outside the city 107 Mbps is possible. Heh, city slickers.

    • FYI Editor says

      I don’t yet have information about MAX 50 upload speed or price or launch plans, though I think it’s fair to assume MAX 50 will be priced lower than MAX 107.

  2. Sam says

    Looks really cool. Question: When this finally creeps into the Enid, OK area, will my cheap plan get another bump like it did when the 20 meg came around?

    • FYI Editor says

      I don’t have specific information to answer your question, Sam, but we are obviously making major investments and we continue to look for ways to enhance our service offerings.

      • Ian L says

        From what I’ve seen the page never has a full listing of offers available in any given area. MAX 20 and MAX 107 aren’t visible when you put in 78628 as the zip, for example.

      • FYI Editor says

        Ian — With apologies for my delay in getting back to you, I’m told that the team responsible for our primary Web site ( is planning an upgrade this summer. When that upgrade is complete, the site should present offers available at the zip code and household level. I had thought that functionality was already available at, but obviously, I was wrong. Thanks again for raising this question.

  3. Joshua says

    Yesterday, I just got this service installed at my home in Pflugerville, TX. I was the first install for the technician but he was very helpful. He gave me a list of minimum system requirements and hardware in order to achieve the maximum speeds, but also said that internet speed websites like were not properly reflecting the speeds. I asked him, and would ask you, to consider sponsoring a speed test so that I can validate that I am getting the exceptional speeds for which I am paying. This is way faster than DSL, but it would be nice to have validation that it gets higher than the 50MB/s Down and 4MB/s Up speeds I have been getting from the various tests. Also, I would recommend posting the minimum specs in order for people to make sure they can get the highest speeds before they pay for it. Thanks for making this forum available for feedback and thanks for bringing super fast internet access to Pflugerville, TX.

    • FYI Editor says

      Suddenlink engineers are developing a test site capable of measuring download speeds above 100 Mbps and working with the programmers behind third-party, speed-test sites to determine if and how they might measure download speeds above 100 Mbps. I will share further news on this as it’s confirmed.

      Re: your other suggestion: Suddenlink engineers have tested and verified the 107 Mbps download speed on computers that are wired to a Suddenlink-certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem and that have …
      • More than 3 gigabytes (Gb) of random access memory (RAM)
      • Dual core processer at 2.8 gigahertz (Ghz) or greater
      • Gig E network interface card (NIC)
      • Windows 7 operating system (or OS 10 for Macs)
      • Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

      We have instructed all sales agents to share that information with customers prior to orders being finalized.

      Thanks for writing.

  4. Jeremy says

    Please get rid of the analog channels and bring clear picture tv tired of my basic cable having static everyone cant afford digital cable. I have digital and high speed internet and basic cable with suddenlink please add boomerang to basic cable and some more basic HD channel with out have to pay extra

  5. Julia says


    Also…how much is this baby gonna cost?

    • FYI Publisher says

      We launched an up to 50 meg service in Bryan/College Station last month. We’ll announce launches of other advanced services as they are confirmed. Bundled and stand-alone pricing information is available by contacting one of our customer service agents. Contact information is available at when you enter a zip code.

  6. Matthew says

    When will MAX 107 be available in Saint Albans, WV.
    And is there some way to get more than 5Mbps upload?

    • FYI Publisher says

      We’ll announce future deployments of the 107 service as they’re confirmed. We are working on enhancing upload as well as download speeds.

  7. Yobany Mayen says

    I have had the 107 service in Pflugerville since it’s launch and it is roaring fast. But,why have you chosen not to offer other High Speeds in my area. such as your Internet MAX 50.0 as an alternative? It’s a tough economy and paying $107 a month for internet is a luxury not many people have. I would like to have another option besides the basic 20MB download and 2MB up. There is a huge gap between the 107 product and the next fastest (20):