Seven Principles

In a recent letter to the Federal Communications Commission, the cable industry’s national trade group listed “seven ‘consumer principles’ its members were committed to in order to achieve the [FCC’s] goal of a competitive retail market in video devices.” Those princples are as follows

1. Consumers should have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can access their multichannel provider’s video services without a set-top box supplied by that provider.

2. Consumers should also have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can access any multichannel provider’s video services through an interface solution offered by that provider.

3. Consumers should have the option to access video content from the Internet through their multichannel provider’s video devices and retail video devices.

4. Consumers should have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can search for video content across multiple content sources, including content from their multichannel provider, the Internet, or other sources.

5. Consumers should have the option to easily and securely move video content between and among devices in their homes.

6. Consumers should be assured the benefits of continuous innovation and variety in video products, devices and services provided by multichannel providers and at retail.

7. To maximize consumer benefits and to ensure competitive neutrality in a highly dynamic marketplace, these principles should be embraced by all video providers, implemented flexibly to accommodate different network architectures and diverse equipment options, and, to the maximum extent possible, serve as the basis for private sector solutions, not government technology mandates.


  1. James Harper says

    If Suddenlink agrees with this, why don’t they already offer the purchase of their set top boxes?

    • FYI Editor says

      Probably because the price points on the boxes we purchase (from Motorola, Pace, and Scientific Atlanta) would not be very attractive to most customers. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. In fact, I’m told, customers can purchase (today) a retail Moxi box or TiVo box. If you purchase one of those, it’s probably wise to get one with CableCARD slots, because you’ll need a Suddenlink CableCARD (installed by us) to view certain programming. Currently, the CableCARD is the “interface solution” referenced in the second principle listed in this post.