Computers and the iPhone

Nick Bilton wants computers (both PCs and Macs) to learn a thing or two from the iPhone:

The iPhone … is the epitome of simplicity. You control it by touching the screen — an intuitive interface that even a toddler can figure out. It’s virtually impossible to change key settings by accident. And if you do somehow mess things up, it’s a cinch to reset the machine back to its pristine, out-of-the-box state.

Why can’t PCs work that way?


  1. Ryan says

    I like being able to install applications on my PC without having to go through a manufacturer’s App store. Especially one that bans applications without rhyme or reason. That’s just me though.

  2. cbdc says

    Because there is a tradeoff between simplicity and functionality. I agree the iPhone’s interface is very clean and intuitive, but if you did that on a computer the functionality would be very limited. Only being able to run one application at a time, not being able to install software outside of the App Store, etc.
    It’s ok for a phone, not ok for a full fledged computer.